On Monday 3rd, October, 1988, “The Traincrew Concept” a new line of promotion to the Driver’s grade was brought into 

use. This did away with the traditional line of promotion within the Motive Power grades. The Secondman’s grade was now to 

be known as a Trainman (D) mixing Secondman’s work with freight guard’s work and making the position more versatile. 

Trainman (D) where now being recruited up to the age of 45, rather than the previous age of 25. A new aptitude test was now 

being introduced to enable the railway company to recruit the right type of person to become a Driver. All eligible guards who 

were under the age of 45 would be allowed to apply to become a Driver subject to them passing this new test. Those 

successful enough would have a common seniority date (03.10.88) with the guard’s seniority date being the deciding factor.

All the Brighton secondmen were soon to be promoted to Driver. A number of Brighton guards found themselves moving to the 

London area depots to get their promotion to Driving jobs quicker rather than waiting for a vacancy to become available at 

Brighton at the time there was little chance of getting a Drivers job at Brighton due to loss of work and also the amalgamation 

of the two depots.

Just as with the end of Steam those who moved away for their promotion now found themselves away from Brighton for at 

least four years or more. This was due to at least twelve months driver training followed by having to now complete three 

years productive work at their depot before they where eligible to register their move back to Brighton. Whilst those Drivers 

who moved away to get promotion found that during their required three years productive work vacancies started to appear at 

Brighton due to retirements allowing other guards/trainmen to get their promotion to Drivers at Brighton.

Also during the early - mid 1990’s mass retirements started to take place with the old steam Drivers and Motormen reaching 

retirement age. The turn over of Drivers at Brighton and throughout the railway network at this time was massive and Driver 

shortage was common practice. This was due to the industry failing to recruit and retain footplate staff over many years (This 

will be repeated within the railway industry in about 2020).





Members present A. Light, G. Hatcher, I. Ailes, A. Rickets, C. Horlock, W. Mackenzie, C. Newton, P. Edwards,

T. Farmer, G. Hussey, D. Morgan, L. Osman, I. Osborne, D. Knight, & P. Plaine.

LDC & Branch Nominations

The following have been nominated for LDC

P. Plaine, Proposed A. Light and Seconded L. Osman

W. Mackenzie, Proposed A. Ricketts and Seconded G. Hussey

T. Fielding, Proposed P. Edwards and Seconded L. Osman

F. Locke, Proposed A. Light and Seconded P. Plaine

M. Hawkins, Proposed I. Osborne and Seconded L. Osman

G. Hussey, Proposed A. Ricketts and Seconded D. Knight

C. Newton Proposed G. Hatcher and Seconded C. Horlock

Branch Officers

Proposed A. Ricketts, seconded G. Hussey “That all previous officer be re-elected to server another term in office”. Assist 

Secretary’s position to be raised, owing to present member’s position regarding being placed on same shift as Secretary.

Any Other Business

Matter about article in N.U.R. paper about ASLE&F poaching members was raised by A. Light, but Chairman explained the 

policy adopted by both trade unions over recruiting of members.

LDC Report

Present link structure explained about how the links were formed, also that the main form of traction for Brighton was 

E.M.U.T. wit M.T. secondary.

Listing was now under Vanessa and it was felt that some progress had been made now that Mr. Smith had been allocated other 


Holiday list, all change over and application for vacant positions were now complete and list will now be posted.

The long a waited meeting with Mr. Eccles, Regional Operating Manager, LDC put forward all outstanding matters 

concerning Brighton, and felt that some head way was made although there was still areas where we are hoping for 


Bro. A. Ricketts, brought up the issue of non smoking on units particularly areas behind driving cabs, a letter from this branch 

will now be forwarded to the Regional Safety Committee in the hope changes would take place.



Left ~ Right: Ron French, Bill Lipscombe, Les Smith & Freddie Bell





Members present J. Long, W. Mackenzie, M. Hawkins, F. Locke, B. Noakes, J. Parks, B. Pegg, C. Newton,

J. Osborne, I. Osborne, P. Edwards, S. Fortune, P. Haward, R Swetman, M. Hunter, P. Plaine, A. Flowers

& M. Thompson

LDC & Branch Nominations.

In addition to those members proposed at the meeting held on the 6th October. The following were proposed.

J. Osborne, Proposed M. Hawkins and Seconded M. Hunter

P. Edwards, Proposed M. Hunter and Seconded M. Thompson

No other candidates proposed.

LDC (West Worthing)

J. Parks, Proposed B. Noakes and Seconded B. Pegg


Proposed B. Noakes seconded A. Flowers. “That this branch meeting adopt Bro A. Ricketts’s proposal that all officers of the 

Branch be re-elected, also that Bro. S. Fortune be elected to committee in place of Bro. D. Morgan.”

This Branch wishes it to be placed on record it’s thank and appreciation to Bro. D. Morgan. Proposed P. Plaine & Seconded B. 


Any Other Business

Branch resolution “8 Hour Sundays” after much discussion and in the light of information received, resolution to be rescinded. 

Proposed M. Hawkins & I. Osborne.

Social Fund. Owing to the fact that the Treasurer Jim Sayers was retiring a new Treasure was proposed. Bro. W. Mackenzie 

proposed P. Plaine and seconded C. Newton. A report on future proposal was made and was of raising cash, also on the 

present balance.


As before the meeting with Mr. Eccles, R.O. manager was explained by P. Plaine at length and new information regarding 

E.M.U.T. courses were also now beginning November 21st. Bro. B. Noakes, said the Fareham line electrification would affect 

Central Depots as it was proposed a Southampton to Gatwick service, but plans were at an early stage and no one could say 

what effect this would have on this depot.


Preston Park sidings lights still not done, and dissatisfaction was felt about progress. Also members were told about work in 

the L.W.S. area and to be aware when working in this area, concerns over the berthing of engines in Mont. Sidings etc., was 

raised, this will be referred to Area Manager.




Members present C. Newton, W. Mackenzie, P. Plaine, N. Light, W. Kenchington, R. Sheehan, W. Jones,

J. Carney, A. Ricketts, G. Hatcher, A. Edwards, G. Hussey, T. Fielding, P. Edwards, N. Wallhead, A. Farmer,

F. Maskell, L. Osman, C. Aiello, G. Aggett, C. Horlock & S. Neal.


Bro. P. Plaine read out the report of the Council items discussed were

The lowering of vision standards, Train Crew Concept, Driver Minders, Driver’s Assessment review, pay negotiations, sick 

leave, and welfare. Concern over the different standards being used in areas when dealing with Form One’s and passing

Items for AAD

One item put forward was for Sunday’s to be kept to 8 hours this and others will be raised at the AGM in December.

Voting for LDC

Procedure for voting papers given to members and placed in a envelope and sealed for counting after voting at the next 


The last group of Brighton M.T. driver's learning the juice, in November 1988.

Left - Right: Maurice Hunter (Dougal), John Osborne & Trevor Fielding




Members present A. Bell, F. Goff, R. Swetman, M. Gray, W. Mackenzie, M. Hawkins, C. Newton, C. Horlock, 

B. Brown, M. Bloomfield, M. Bullen, P. Horan, F. Gething, C. Debenham, F. Locke, I. Osborne, J. Osborne, 

P. Osborne, M. Thompson, R. Abell, I. Munro, D. Knight, P. Hayward, V. Francis, M. Hunter, P. Plaine, 

A. Flowers & M. Styles.


Bro. P. Plaine elected chairman for District Council, gave a full and frank report on items like eye sight standards, welfare, 

pay, train crew concept, minder drivers, driver assessments review, etc.


As on the previous meeting voting procedure was explained and voting papers were issued to member who had not voted.

Members elected to are as follows P. Edwards, W. Mackenzie, J. Osborne & P. Plaine.

A vote of thanks for all members who stood as LDC members was called this voted all in favour.


As on the previous branch meeting, a call for branch resolution 1/88 to be implemented i.e. “Rest Day Working” was called 

for. Voted all in favour.

Concern over the safety at level crossing and stations was aired and after debate this branch voted on the following resolution. 

“That a fail-safe system protecting the public using level crossing at stations where trains are allowed to run on to red signals 

be installed.” Proposed I. Munro & seconded A. Bell, voted all in favour.


Chairman and Bro. P. Plaine explained the new workings and alterations to No. 3 link and to regret over altering one rest day 

in the link.

Sunday work and the allocation to the depot. New diesel training courses were announced concerning class 56 and 33s. 

berthing of locos in Lover’s walk and of proposed new walk-ways in Mont. Sidings and No. 2 L.W.S.





Members present F. Locke, R. Swetman, M. Thompson, J. Parks, M. Hawkins, B. Pegg, A. Bell, A. Flowers, 

T. Janes, P. Plaine, M. Hunter, I. Osborne, J. Osborne, C. Newton & P. Hayward.


As there was no A.G.M., items put forward were deferred and owing to the lack of time before they can be forwarded to head 

office it was hoped that these items are accepted.


Proposed J. Osborne and seconded by M. Hunter. “That the four candidates for LDC who would have been elected next to the 

four members already elected, that these members be elected as co-opted members, these members are as follows;- M. 

Hawkins, T. Fielding, F. Locke, C. Newton. Voted all in favour.


As new proposals for the fund were being made, Bro. P. Plaine explained how the old fund was set up and run, and also its 

present balance. It was then proposed after much discussion that following be accepted. Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded R. 

Swetman. “That meetings of those interested party’s to be set up of the proposal social fund.”


Bro. Jim Parks has asked to be put forward as Health & Safety Rep for West Worthing and requested to go on a course run by 

the T.U.C. New set of L.D.C. minutes to be made and posted for members proposed by A. Flowers.

Also that a review of the LDC minutes takes place to see if they need amending. Proposed m. Hawkins & seconded R. 


L.D.C Report

Bro. P. Plaine gave a report on Health & Safety, Bro. F. Gething’s signal incident, preparing 319 stock in mont. Sidings, Rest 

Day agreements, notice to staff of weather condition and booking agreements, car park re-security arrangements.



Members present A. Ricketts, V. Clarke, T. Farmer, M. Hawkins, J. Carney, C. Horlock, W. Mackenzie,

C. Newton, S. Neal, P. Edwards, T. Janes, M. Hunter, J. Osborne R. Abell.

Proposed item for A.A.D. “That a central fund be set up by Head Office for members killed whilst in service.”

Resolution 05/1989

“That no Trainmen (D) or (G) be allowed into cabs for the purpose of route learning.” Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded A. 

Ricketts. Voted all in favour. Bro. M. Hawkins explained the reason behind this resolution.

Bro. A. Ricketts raised the matter over the removing of smoking compartments behind driver cabs of E.M.U. Trains.

Resolution 6/1989

“Those men who are sick not recorded with having worked rest days.” Voted all in favour.

Proposed A. Ricketts & seconded P. Edwards

Resolution 7/1989

“That unless an improvement of lighting and walk ways at Preston Park is forthcoming this forthcoming this branch will black 

these sidings.” Vote all in favour.

LDC Report

Changes to diagrams and if possible alteration to train services in the further, also train course update.




Members present M. Thompson, C. Horlock, M. Hunter, P. Hayward, R. Swetman, M. Hawkins, W. Mackenzie, A. Bell, 

B. Noakes, I. Osborne, J. Osborne & P. Plaine.

W. Mackenzie gave a full report on a strong delegation from Brighton. Matter discussed included the removal of L.D.C.’s 

break up of the B.R. board, 6 – 12 hour flexible rostering, end of paid P.N.B.’s, and union membership under train crew 

agreement. It was reported that it is now open for ASLEF to recruit all trainmen (D).

“Unless the British Rail Board are prepared to negotiate a settlement with the trade unions on the machinery of negotiation, 

this branch calls on the executive Committee to call a complete national ban on rest day working and overtime work. 

Proposed P. Plaine & seconded B. Noakes. Voted al in favour.

“That the Executive Committee reconsider its position in respect of resolution 154/363 on Minder Drivers and take it upon 

themselves to understand that the monetary position that a driver avail himself to when taking the position and the 

consequences which could befall him.” Proposed A. Bell & seconded J. Osborne, voted all in favour.

“That this branch will support any driver who is disciplined in association with the training problems on the Southern 

Region.” Proposed I. Osborne & seconded C. Horlock, voted all in favour.

“That this branch calls on the General Secretary to stand down immediately and in any event that the negotiations on the 

machinery of negation be handed over to the present Assistant General Secretary. Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded C. 

Horlock, voted all in favour. All resolutions to go to the Executive Committee, with a copy to the Southern Region Liaison 


A letter was from the Croydon Area Manager was read, which asked Selhurst drivers to reconsider their position on minder 

drivers, threatening that otherwise trainmen would do their driver training away from the depot, as would minder drivers, and 

those not complying would be disciplined. One result would be that Selhurst would lose work, particularly Thameslink. Bro. 

Mackenzie reported that Brighton LDC would not accept this work. Brighton drivers had now been offered extra Thameslink 

work in No.2 link. There was a long discussion on the merits of accepting extra route learning without discussion in the LDC.

P. Plaine moved next business & seconded M. Thompson.

Other Business

P. Plaine reported on Brighton Train Crew Social Fund, and proposed the following motion for the March meeting. “That this 

March meeting dissolve the Brighton Nos. 1 + 2 social Fund, and the remaining funds and assets be handed over to the 

Brighton Train Crew social Fund.” Proposed m. Hawkins & seconded B. Noakes. W. Mackenzie reported that the new Train 

Crew manager had vetoed the proposal for a fruit machine; further attempts would be made to change his mind.


P. Plaine had surveyed Lover’s Walk Sidings, concerning lighting and boarding points, and the lighting in Preston Park 

sidings, which was felt to be inadequate.



Members present W. Mackenzie, M. Thompson, P. Edwards, A. Ricketts, D. Pumphrey, R. Sheehan, J. Carney, 

S. Neal, W. Jones, A. Farmer & W. Kenchington.

“Questions were asked about J. Parks, and LDC member taking on minder drivers duties. It was felt that as minder driving 

involved a supervisory role, any member taking up such a position should relinquish all LDC and union positions.2 Proposed 

A. Ricketts & seconded D. Pumphrey, agreed unanimously.

W. Mackenzie reported that he had met the new A.T.C.M. (Donnelly), who had said that his priority would be safety and 

therefore would no propelling onto buffers in Brighton station (and the pilot would be retained), and all walking routes would 

be the official ones. Although doubts were raised about the safety of signalling, Donnelly said his budget was limited and 

there would be no major improvements.

Resolution 12/89 was passed unanimously proposed A. Ricketts & seconded W. Jones.

Questions were raised on the availability of a union notice case, it was said this would be in the new accommodation, but there 

was no certainty that new accommodation would arrive.

Res13/89 “That from April 1st 1989 Brighton will no longer consider a P.N. point unless

1 New accommodation available.

2 Emergency lighting down fire escape.

3 Water leaks in the kitchen repaired.

Proposed W. Jones & seconded A. Ricketts.

It was also pointed out that the display screens in Brighton station were distracting to incoming drivers, that on some D.O.O. 

trains buffet staff and drivers were being booked pass in cabs and that E.P.B slam door stock was being sent D.O.O. from 

Brighton to Victoria.


HELD ON MARCH 2nd 1989

Members present M. Hunter, F. Gething, W. Mackenzie, D. Hill,C. Newton, A. Flowers, P. Plaine, M. Hawkins, 

F. Locke, S. Fortune, P. Hayward, J. Osborne, G. Hoad, G. Tew, I. Osborne, I. Munro, M. Styles, A. Bell 

& A. Ricketts.

New branch members were accepted by all members present. Chairman then presented Bro. P. Paine with his 45 years 

membership badge and expressed his and this branch’s thanks and congratulations for his loyal service to the union.

“Rest day working” under a joint branch/L.D.C. matter the issue over managements decision to end rest day agreement, Bro. 

P. Plaine as L.D.C. Chairman explained to the branch, meetings held with the Area Manager and his decision to end the 

guarantee rest day agreement, and after much discussion the following resolution was passed.

“That this branch instructs the Brighton M.T. L.D.C. to inform management that we rescind the existing rest agreement minute 

Item 11, and also inform management adhere strictly to national and local rostering agreements.” Proposed F. Locke & 

seconded A. Bell. Voted 17 for, 1 abstained& 1 against.

L.D.C. Report

Bro. P. Plaine gave a full report, items raised

Proposed changes with May diagrams and the possible increase in D.O.O work, proposed new accommodation for staff 

position of temporary accommodation, rest day working this matter has already been raised, new P.A. System fitted to 455 

units, late night services and management’s decision to stop trains to and from Seaford due to violence etc., 

relieving/departure times, sickness certificate and pay issue, and Health & Safety (Walkways and lighting at Preston Park, lack 

of phones in L.W.S., detonators being incorrectly sealed, medicals of drivers, poor lighting of M..L.V.s)

Brighton Social Fund

Brighton Social Fund to be closed and any monies donated to the new Social Fund set up in Brighton. Resolution passed 

“That Brighton A.S.L.E. & F. Social Fund be disbanded and closed down, and funds transferred to the new independent Social 

Fund.” Voted all in favour.




Branch Chairman opened the meeting by introducing the two speakers, Bro A. Stanton, District Organiser, and Bro. J. Davis, 

E.C. Member of A.S.L.E. &F.

Bro. A. Stanton was given the floor as owing to the weekend rail accident at Purley he need to get away to oversee events. He 

began by explaining the purpose of the meeting, having been called and the two issues being discussed, the machinery of 

negotiation and the labour supply South East Area. He gave a breakdown of the present machinery system and then on the 

proposed new system, and went on to the fact that B.R. Board was about to be broken up into new sections also the ending of 

L.D.C.s and Sectional Council’s as we know them and ending up with possibility of only one area representative. One 

example of the new machinery, was that if failing to reach an agreement, management would implement their decision after 14 

days, he went on to explain the importance of L.D.C.s and Sectional Councils, and that some senior management have said 

there was a need for L.D.C.s but still they are going ahead with their plans, he continued by asking members to talk to others 

and that we were never so strong as we are today, a call for one week rest day and overtime ban area by area, but within 

national and local rostering agreements. This campaign is a national federation campaign and meetings were taking place up 

and down the country to advise members of the situation. Thanking us for our time, he allowed time for questions before 

having to leave.

Then Bro. J. Davis stood and began by firstly talking on the meeting that took place between the unions and B.R., the various 

levels of discussion and A.S.L.E & F. reply’s, it was noted that Bro. Davis is on record as being opposed to any agreements, 

and the lack of leadership, he urged us to lobby the E.C. into doing something more positive.

He then went on to the Labour Supply problem, here in the South and how management seam prepared to have deals done in 

secret with individual depots in particular minder drivers, and that deals like these will become the norm in the future, and 

depots would be against other depots because of the earning powers they have. Bro. Davis urged members to go away and 

seriously consider the long term effects of the B.R. proposals. He then answered questions. Having answered many questions 

the meeting was closed.


HELD ON MARCH 9th 1989 

Members present G. Hatcher, R. Sheehan, W. Kenchington, A. Light, P. Edwards, C. Horlock, A. Farmer, 

A. Ricketts, G. Hussey, R. Abell, M. Gray, B. Overton, W. Mackenzie, N. Wallhead, C. Aiello, S. Neal, 

M. Hawkins, R. Jarrett, D. Pumphrey, M. McCabe, C. Debenham, L. Osman, M. Thompson, E. Janes, 

R. Bollingboke, J. Osborne, C. Newton & M. Hunter.

As with pervious meeting, branch voted to except new members, with one exception, J. Bedford cannot be a member because he is not a trainman.

Branch Resolution, “Rest Day Agreement”. Having explained to members the reason for calling for action, this meeting voted 

on the resolution. Voted 26 in favour, total branch members voting 43 for, 1 against. As from 00:01 Monday 15th March, 

resolution will be carried out.

L.D.C. Report

Bro. W. Mackenzie gave a report on the outstanding issues, and of progress matters still outstanding were Preston Park 


Extra Ordinary Business

Concern was express by members due to the “Purley Rail Accident.” Management were making statements to the media, and 

yet we could not make any statements, it was decided to adopted the following resolution should events allow.

“That this branch contacts the radio and press media to refute statements made by managements representatives made about 

the “Purley Rail Accident.” Proposed A. Ricketts and seconded N. Wallhead.

In light of the proposed new machinery of negotations and the fact that we may not have a proper L.D.C. Committee, it was 

decided to raise this issue at the next meeting with the view to forming a Committee to act for members.



HELD ON MARCH 9th 1989

Members present G. Hatcher, S. Neal, I. Osborne, J. Osborne, M. Hunter, D. Knight, P. Edwards, M. Hawkins,

G. Hussey, R. Abell, R. Sheehan, A. Ricketts, T. Fielding, D. Pumphrey, T. Farmer, C. Newton, W. Mackenzie

& M. Thompson.

Donation towards election expenses of Brighton Labour Party, having considered this appeal a proposal by M. Thompson and 

seconded by M. Hawkins. “That we give £30 towards the funds.” Voted all in favour.

Election of General Secretary, this was brought to the attention of members, and the 5 candidates were read out explaining 

their election appeals and after this, the branch voted to nominate Bro. D.F. Fullick as our candidate, voted all in favour (18)

Exchange Delegation to German Democratic Railway. Bro. M. Thompson has asked to be put forward as a delegate, members 

voted all in favour.

Other Business.

New Members:- This branch has voted all in favour of Railman D. J. Green becoming a member if A.S.L.E. & F. Brother 

Green has been accepted to become a driver through the new manning agreement.

Car Park Security:- concern over the increase in vehicles and bikes being stolen and broken into, a call for special compound 

for staff.

Eyesight charges, a call for assistance with meeting the cost of charges soon to be levied against people by D.H.S.S.

L.W.S. Working Practices

Members express concern that working practices in L.W.S. were not being fully implement by management and that the 

following resolution was adopted. “That from 00:01 Monday 17th April, no propelling movements etc. in or out of L.W.S. 

unless management agrees to meet the L.D.C. and to clarify the position over propelling of trains and locos in the Brighton 

area.” Proposed R. Abell and seconded D. Pumphrey, voted all in favour.

District Council Report

A full account of the District Council was given and of the proposed action requested by Council, following the reading of the 

proposal this branch proposed the following resolution.

“That this branch instructs the L.D.C. to inform management of the withdrawal of rest day and voluntary overtime for two weeks commencing May 8th 1989, and that all national and local rostering conditions will be strictly adhered too.” Voted in 

favour (18) and abstained one.


HELD ON MAY 4th 1989 

Members present S. Neal, N. Wallhead, C. Horlock, P. Edwards, R. Lewis, G. Hatcher, T. Farmer, T. Fielding, 

C. Newton, A. Ricketts, T. Janes, J. Osborne, A. Flowers & M. Hunter

L.D.C. Matters

New diagrams, the May diagrams were now being agreed upon, position over L211 Link learning Purley/Smitham as we’ve 

only one duty with work over that line.

Items raised for L.D.C. action.

Bank Holiday Rotation, how did management come by their rotation and what of further Bank Holiday

Depot Establishment, latest review

Sundays, Why trainman are getting in on Sunday additional duties and extra Sunday men are being booked off.

Smoking on all units, what response is there on introducing a no smoking area immediately behind driving cabs on all units.


HELD ON June 1st 1989

Members present L. Osman, S. Neal, M. Thompson, F. Goff, T. Janes, G. Hussey, D. Gillam, P. Edwards, 

T. Farmer, F. Maskell, R. Sheehan, W. Jones, D. Pumphrey, V. Clarke, A. Light, W. Kenchington, A. Ricketts, 

W. Mackenzie, C. Newton, J. Carney, J. Osborne & I. Osborne.

New members 

Proposed S. Neal and seconded D. Pumphrey. “That Miss B. Hallett be accepted as a new member of A.S.L.E. & F.” voted all in favour.

Matter regarding eyesight charges, who is be expected to pay for company glasses.

“That this branch instructs the Chairman or Secretary to write to the General Manager of Southern Region over the lack of 

effective management in the Brighton Area.” Proposed A. Light and seconded L. Osman. Voted all in favour.

There were many complaints made about local management.

1 Reports being sent by other managers of departments not directly connected to the Train Crew section.

2 Refusing Comp. Leave

3 Delay in replying to drivers letters

4 Training programme

5 Route Learning

These and other matters were to be placed before management.

Resolution, “That if by June 12th there was no improvement by management over managements approach to members, that a 

one day withdrawal of labour be called for.” Vote carried by all members.

A letter of thanks to the Branch of the T.G.W.U. at Southdown Bus Company for the support by members in refusing to 

operate bus service’s covering train cancellations.

Letter to union Head Office, “That this branch will not work Bank holidays, unless L.D.C. scrutinise Holidays.” Proposed L. 

Osman and seconded F .Maskell.

Men who work rest days. Proposed F. Goff and seconded T. Janes. “That any man who works whilst this depot is in dispute, 

be credited with working two days for every one worked.” 2 for, 20 against.

Retirement of Bro P. Plaine. “That this branch give a gift to Bro. Plaine for the good service he has provided to this branch 

over the many years he has been a member, both union and L.D.C. wise.” Proposed P. Edwards and seconded F. Maskell. 

Voted all in favour.


HELD ON June 8th 1989 

Members present none recorded

Withdrawal of labour. In view of developments by L.D.C. with management it was agreed to defer any such action. Branch 

agreed to presenting Bro. Phil Plaine with a gift on his retirement.

District Council Report

Chairman gave a report on meeting highlighting some studies made by management in the Anglia region on cost initiatives.

A.A.D Report, re –reason for postponing ballot, because the wording, branches would be kept informed of any new ballot 

would be called in about three weeks.

It was also reported that the files on the Purley Train Crash were now being sent to the D.P.P. for possible court case, and it 

was stressed once again for drivers to take union advice before making any statements, reports or just comments to both B.R. 

or police.

L.D.C. matters

Temporary accommodation, moving date had been set for 1st July, and time expected to be in temporary rooms was minimum 

six months was posted in messroom.


HELD ON July 6th 1989 

Members present F. Locke, G. Reynolds, J. Osborne, M. Bloomfield, I. Osborne, A. Bell, M. Hawkins, S. Fortune, C. Newton, 

W. Mackenzie & B. Brown.

M. Hawkins who is now the H&S Rep reported on Preston Park sidings, Mont. Sidings and on Hove sidings, and the general 

lack of clearance of line side foliage.

L.D.C. Report.

Report on the temporary accommodation and this branch instructs the L.D.C, to tell management that the proposed 

accommodation is not acceptable without changes.


HELD ON July 13th 1989 

Members present V. Clarke, S. Neal, G. Hussy, P. Edwards, C. Newton, C. Newton, R. Jones, A. Ricketts, 

C. Horlock, D. Pumphrey, T. Fielding & T. Farmer.

A letter was sent to Head Office asking whether we as members are in breach of contract by being in dispute with B.R., and 

what happens about pay if we are locked out. 

Also a letter to Bro. D. Fullick asking that he guards against rash and ill prepared remarks to the press and television.

L.D.C. Report 

Referring to previous branch meetings H&S on sidings, at Preston Park, Hove & Mont sidings. 

A list of complaints were given to the L.D.C. and after much discussion proposed the following resolution. “That if by August the 14th the complaints about sidings at Hove, Mont sidings, Preston Park have not been dealt with this branch instructs the 

L.D.C. to inform management that the sidings will be blacked.” Vote all in favour.

“Smoking compartments on 421 class type E.M.U.s at what date will removal of smoking compartments on these units be 





At the August Branch meeting held on the 3rd August 1989, the Brighton Branch made a special presentation to recently 

retired branch member Phil Plaine who had taken early retirement a few months earlier.

All through Phil's footplate career was spent at one of the Brighton Motive power Depots. Phil had entered the footplate 

grades as a engine cleaner at Brighton on 11.10.1943. Phil gained his be promotion through the footplate grades at Brighton 

to Engine driver. Phil later decided to opt to go into the "Dual Link" at Brighton, which would see him later transferring to 

Brighton Motorman's depot (E.M.U.T.) in 1962.

During Phil's time at Brighton E.M.U.T. Phil served as 

Brighton No.2 Branch Secretary 1965 ~ 1972 and Brighton 

No. 2 Chairman. During the 1970s and up until 1988 was 

the L.D.C. Secretary, H&S Rep 1971 ~ 1988 and Chairman 

of the A.S.L.E.F. Southern Region District Council No.1. 

With the amalgamation of the two depots Phil was re-

elected back on to the L.D.C. and to the position of H&S 

rep. up until his retirement in the same year.

It was also claimed by a number of Brighton drivers, that 

Phil could "walk on water" because he won almost all of his 

cases when representing fellow ASLEF members. Phil was 

also known by some members as "Petrocelli" (a popular 

American lawyer on the television of that time, Petrocelli 

too won all of his cases).

At the 2011 Brighton & Sussex A.S.L.E.F. reunion, I asked 

Phil, if the claim that he could walk on water was true or 

not? Phil just smiled and and started to chuckle to himself, 

and there was no answer forth coming to my question. This 

claim will just become another a myth of Brighton Branch 


Right Phil Plaine at the Brighton 2011 reunion

During Phil's period of time on the Brighton E.M.U.T., L.D.C. was to become known as the P.L.O., being named after the 

terrorist organisation the Palestine Liberation Organization. (the L.D.C. was formed of Phil Plaine, Norman Light, 

Freddie Locke & Laurie Osman)..

When Phil retired, he was to be the last member of his family to work on the railway within the Brighton area. This ending 

a long family connection to the railway industry which can traced back to the 1860s when the Plaine family had moved into 

the town.



Members present R. Swetman, M. Hawkins, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, W. Mackenzie, P. Hayward, M. Bloomfield

& Retired member P. Plaine

Any Other business

“Failure to sign sick forums.” Discussion on failure by T.C.S. to sign sick notes, no further action will be taken at the 


Presentation made to Bro. P. Plaine.

This branch wishes to thank Bro. Phil Plaine for all his years of service to A.S.L.E.& F. and Brighton L.D.C. we wish all the 

best on his retirement from the railway.



Retirement & Long Service Awards 1989

Back row left to right John Osborne*, Bill MacKenzie*, Tony Luff (Horsham), Mike Donnelly (Area Opperation Manager), 

Bob Morgan (Littllehampton), Mick Gillam* (Littllehampton), Stewart Fuller* (Seaford).

Front; Stan Walters, George Hever, Charlie Evans, Phil Plaine*, Harry Vincent, John MacNeil* (Littllehampton), 

& Bob Trann (Non Clerical Timekeeper).

* Served as L.D.C. reps




HELD ON August 10th 1989

Members present M. Hunter, D.J. Green, D. Punphrey, S. Neal, A. Ricketts, W. Mackenzie, C. Newton,

P. Edwards, T. Farmer, G. Hussey, T. Janes, W. Jones, & M. Thompson

Letter from Hither Green “Manning of Ballast Trains” was discussed and members made aware of the “Manning of Ballast 

Trains,” a copy will be posted on the notice board.

Members asked for the up to date position on the removal of smoking compartments of VEPs, CIGs & BIGs, also the general 

state of the cabs.

LDC Report

Preston Park sidings, survey surgery’s under Health and Safety. Branch resolution (re blacking of Preston Park, Hove & Mont. Sdgs) will be implemented on August 14th from 00:01 until work had been completed on the Preston Park sidings. On Survey 

Surgery’s, the L.D.C. warned of attending such meetings.


The West Worthing A.S.L.E.F. members remained apart of the Brighton branch after the amalgamation. In August 1989 West 

Worthing A.S.L.E.F. members decided that it would be more beneficial for them to amalgamate with another branch. This was 

due to the on going problems that the Brighton Branch was facing with the newly amalgamated Brighton depot. This move 

was to end West Worthing's association with the Brighton Branches of the past fifty years.

The West Worthing A.S.L.E.F. members then became part of the Littlehampton Branch of A.S.L.E.F. in October 1989, where 

they remained members of until the Littlehampton Branch due to the closure of both West Worthing and Littlehampton depots 

in 1995 when the depots moved to the new depot at Barnham.



Members present R. Sheehan, P. Edwards, S. Neal, G. Hussey, M. Hawkins, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, F. Maskell, 

N. Wallhead, P. Bradford, A. Ricketts, J. Parks, T. Fielding, T. Fielding, C. Newton, L. Osman, B. Noakes

& W. Mackenzie.

Health & Safety Report

H&S rep. reported on the painting of the messroom at Brighton, on the work being carried out regarding sidings at Preston 

Park & Hove.

L.D.C. Report

Chairman gave a report on October Diagrams and on roster scrutiny, other matter raised “L.D.C. Resignation.” Chairman 

explained why the decision to resign was taken, after giving the Branch their chance to comment, the following resolution was 

proposed by A. Ricketts and seconded by G. Hussey. 

That this Branch proposed, that the L.D.C. withdrawal its decision to resign forthwith.” 

Voted all in favour, also further resolution was put forward to the branch. 

That if annual leave and Bank Holiday roster are published, and do not comply with national and local agreements, 

that this Branch instructs members that these are illegal rosters.” 

Proposed L. Osman and seconded I. Osborne, voted all in favour.

Chairman informed branch of the decision to charge Bro. Morgan of Littlehampton with manslaughter, and that we wait and 

see the outcome before taking any action.



Members present W. Mackenzie, J. Osborne, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, R. Swetman, A. Flowers, M. Thompson, 

P. Hayward, S. Fortune & M. Bloomfield.

L.D.C. Report

Chairman gave a report on new diagrams, then Bro. W. Mackenzie explained reasons why the L.D.C. had taken the decision 

to resign, the branch resolution (from previous meeting) was read out and noted, also resolution (re annual leave & Bank 

holiday) was read and voted on, voted all in favour.

The decision by the D.P.P. to charge Bro Morgan of Littlehampton with manslaughter was mentioned, and we have decided to 

await the outcome of any trial before taking action.




Left ~ Right: Ron Lifford (Battersea, Sectional Council Secretary) & Bernie Noakes (Sectional Council, Brighton No.2 Branch).

Ron Lifford is presenting Bernie Noakes with a plaque on his retirement in October/November 1989 at his last Full Council 

meeting on 15th November 1989. Bernie was a driver West Worthing E.M.U.T. for many years of his driving career. Bernie 

had previously been at depots in the London area (Norwood/New Cross Gate?) and transferred to West Worthing 1958





Members present S. Neal, T. Farmer, P. Edwards, A. Ricketts, N. Wallhead, T. Janes, C. Newton, W. Mackenzie, M. Hawkins, 

M. Thompson & B. Brown.


Acknowledgements:- Pass on D.O.O. non passenger trains, re-signal failure letters regarding signal irregularities “Arundel 

Junction area.” Disciplinary action rule 30 union rules, Sectional Council “B” nomination.

Proposed M. Hawkins and seconded T. Janes. “That this branch supports Bro. W. Eames for Sectional Council “B.” voted all 

in favour.

Proposed M. Hawkins and seconded A. Ricketts. “That this branch supports K. Harrison for South East TUC Regional 

Council 1990/93.” Voted all in favour.

Nomination for sectional council “B” casual vacancy, proposed A. Ricketts and seconded M. Hawkins. “That Bro W. 

Mackenzie be nominated for the posted.” Voted all in favour.

Any Other Business

Matter raised over the issue of exhaust emissions from diesel engines and the possible link to throat cancer.

Health & Safety

Bro M. Hawkins gave a report on the meeting held with management and the way Brighton area was run and the total 

shambles of administration. Incident which involved Bro. Mantell’s accident was highlighted with regards to protection and 


L.D.C. Report

Bro. W. Mackenzie explained the latest on new diagrams and the up to date position on our accommodation.


L.D.C. proposed A. Ricketts and seconded T. Janes “That M. Hawkins be nominated.” Proposed M. Hawkins and seconded B. 

Brown. “That J. Osborne be nominated.” Voted all in favour.


Proposed P. Edwards and seconded T. Farmer. “That Bro. A. Ricketts to be nominated vice chairman.”

Proposed A. Ricketts and seconded N. Wallhead. “That Bro. T. Farmer to be nominated for the branch committee.”

Proposed M. Hawkins and seconded P. Edwards. “That Bro. N. Wallhead to be nominated for the branch committee.”

Proposed M. Hawkins and seconded S. Neal. “That the present chairman, secretary and present branch committee be 

nominated for office.” Branch voted all in favour of the nominations.


HELD ON OCTOBER 12th 1989 

Members present D. Pumphrey, M. Bloomfield, C. Newton, W. Mackenzie, M. Hawkins, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, R. Swetman 

& P. Hayward.


Sectional Council “B” nomination , Bro. W. Eames. “This branch voted all in favour, nomination papers forwarded to Head 


S.E. T.U.C. Regional Council vacancy 1990/93. “This branch voted all in favour for K. Harrison to be nominated, papers 

forwarded to Head Office.”

Casual Vacancy Sectional Council “B” nomination , “Bro. W. Mackenzie nomination.” That this branch voted all in favour of 

branches nomination, papers forwarded to Head Office, also support for nomination is being sort from other branches.

Health & Safety

Lighting Preston Park, management have asked for a costing etc. for improving the lights. Bro. M. Hawkins summarised on 

the Regional Safety meeting, smoking compartments, matter is now at Regional level, awaiting decision.


Bro W. Mackenzie explained the present position regarding the new accommodation and on a proposal depot ballot on “Non 

Smoking Area” in the new accommodation.

New depot minutes were drawn up and Annual Leave change overs were dealt with.


Proposal that M. Hawkins and J. Osborne be elected for L.D.C. was carried, no other nominations forthcoming


Proposed that A. Ricketts be nominated for vice chairman, nomination carried, no other nominations.

Proposed M. Hawkins and seconded D. Pumphrey. “That Bro. M. Bloomfield be nominated as auditor vice C. Horlock.” Voted 

all in favour.

Proposed J. Osborne and seconded R. Swetman. “That Bro. D. Pumphrey be nominated as a trustee.” Voted all in favour.



Members present G. Hussey, S. Neal, P. Edwards, A. Edwards, T. Farmer, N. Wallhead, A. Ricketts, 

W. Mackenzie, C. Newton & M. Hunter.

District Council Report

Bro. W. Mackenzie gave a report on Council meeting on a proposes new move under P.T.&R. Arrangements, on the latest 

depot closures proposed by B.R.. use of non qualified staff to cut in or out rolling stock. A proposal by management to buy off 

men’s transfer moves. District Council’s resolution on the E.C.’s efforts to come to an agreement on the machinery of 

negotiation talks.

Branch resolution. “That the branch supports the District Council and its decision to urge the E.C. to reach an agreement on 

the machinery of negotiation.” Proposed A. Ricketts and seconded T. Farmer. voted all in favour.



Mac McCabe second manning on a Crompton (Class 33 loco).



Members present W. Mackenzie, M. Hawkins, M. Styles, I. Osborne, A. Flowers, M. Bloomfield, P. Hayward, 

F. Locke, J. Osborne, M. Hunter & guest speaker Bro. Tony West.

Health & Safety

Preston Park Sidings improvements, and new messroom completion date reported on.

LDC Report

New establishment figure for Brighton to be 148 men. Anticipate new work in May diagrams to Southampton. Discussion on 

new link structures, and new route norms to be discussed with management.

District Council Report

District Council has endorsed our branch resolution and passed the following. “For the E.C. to convene a meeting with B.R.B. 

to protect interests of membership under the present machinery and under no circumstances should the E.C. allow the 

machinery to be undermind to the detriment of the machinery."




Members present A. Rickets, C. Newton, W. Jones, G. Hussey, F. Locke, T. Fielding, L. Osman & M. Hunter.


All letters and circulars were read and debated. Voting for casual vacancy Sectional Council “B”. “This branch has voted in 

favour for Bro. W. Mackenzie.”

New member Bro. M. Fielding’s application to become a member of ASLE&F was accepted.

Ambulance men’s dispute, this branch has voted in favour of £25 donation towards their hardship fund.

Any Other Business

Items for A.A.D. Proposed A. rickets & seconded L. Osman. “That this branch instructs the E.C. to negotiate with the 

B.R.B./L.U.L. for a reduction in the guaranteed week to 35 hours.”

Proposed P. Edwards & seconded G. Hussey. “That this A.A.D. instructs the E.C. to arrange educational courses for its B.R. 

L.D.C. Reps. Similar to those arranged for members of the L.D.C on the L.U.L.”

L.D.C. Report

No new items except an update on the Clause 12 meeting (Joint LDC meeting) held on the 14th December with management.




Above Mick Pullinger, Vic Sexton & Gerry Aggett





Members present G. Hards, B. Brown, M. Hunter, W. Mackenzie, C. Newton, B. Hallett, A. Ricketts, F. Goff,

F. Maskell, G. Hussey, S. Neal, P. Edwards, T. Farmer, M. Thompson & W. Jones

Health and Safety Report

Chairman W. Mackenzie informed members that the area covered by Brighton’s rep. has now been extended to cover Three 

Bridges & Crawley New Yard.

L.D.C. Report

Chairman explained the Clause 12 meeting called by all the Coastal LDCs and of the latest response, W. Mackenzie the put 

before the branch outline proposals for new link structures within Brighton, these would consist of 4 links made up in all 

traction/ route link, a Bedford/ electric link, a electric link and a starter link. Chairman then called for comments and a very 

lively debate followed two resolutions followed

First proposed by G. Hussy & seconded F. Goff. “That the L.D.C. progress a new link structure as outline to this branch by the 

L.D.C.” Voting 12 for, 3 against.

Second proposed by A. Ricketts & seconded by M. Hunter. “That a status quo remains as towards any new link structures at 

this depot until management decides on new link structures.” Voting 3 for, 12 against.

W. Mackenzie explained about the loss of M.L.V. work and the proposed Southampton work, also raised was the continuing 

problem in Crawley New Yard and members were asked to comply with previous instructions of the manning of trains.



Members present M. Hawkins, I. Osborne, G. Postance, B. Hallett, P. Hayward, M. Bloomfield, S. Fortune, 

F. Locke & J. Osborne.

LDC Report

A brief report as there was not a lot to report on. At a meeting on 31/1/90,diagrams informed Brighton of the loss one turn in the Thameslink service, but we’ve gained extra mileage on another turn.

Any Other Business

Branch resolution re Sick Pay. “That the L.D.C. progress with other L.D.C.s in the South coast Area, and that any action they deem necessary to rectify the situation with regards to sick pay and the way management are implementing it will be taken.”


HELD ON MARCH 1st 1990

Members present W. Mackenzie, M. Hawkins, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, T. Fielding, B. Brown, M. Bloomfield 

& B. Hallett.

Health & Safety/LDC Reports

On Health & Safety other than a walk about taking place no other matters to report.

On L.D.C., management are looking at L.D.C.’s proposal for new link structure as stated at previous branch meeting and were 

very impressed with the proposal.

Branch resolution proposed by T. Fielding & seconded by M. Bloomfield. “That the L.D.C. are instructed to inform 

management, that unless they give a firm date for improvements in Mont. Sidings Preston Park Sidings an embargo will be 

placed at the L.D.C.s discretion.

Society School in March 1990 at Blackpool

Front row, third from the left Chris Newton Brighton Branch

At the April 1990 Branch proposed link structures where explained to the members, this was due to the reduction of diesel 

work. To overcome this problem it was decided that the number 1 link would increase to 56 cover the diesel work as well as 

covering all electrical routes and traction.

The L211 link would combine with the old number two link and be increased to 32 drivers in size. The link would cover all 

electrical routes only. There was a number of drivers from the former top two links given the option to move into the new 

number 2 link and become non progressive similar to the remaining L211 drivers. This would then allow those displaced 

drivers to stay within the diesel link. Some drivers decided to go into the new number 2 link and remain non progressive in 

that link. This option was also given to senior drivers who originally opted not to go into the diesel links or qualified for the 

L211 link, when the depots originally amalgamated.

The pilot link had been done away through retirements and the remainder of the station pilot work was covered within the top 


After all these years there still major problems within Brighton Southern depot which can be trace back to the rationalisation 

of the two Brighton Motive Power Depot.

By 1993 the links structure would once again change due to more diesel working being lost, The links would be Link 1 of 36, 

Link 2 & 3 at 40 and Link 4 of 16.

The link structure within the depot would alter with changes to route and traction knowledge being introduced into the depot.


Brian Young




HELD ON APRIL 5th 1990

Members present M. Thompson, G. Hussey, S. Neal, W. Jones, T. Janes, R. Abell, M. Hunter, T. Farmer,

F. Maskell, A. Ricketts, C. Newton, W. Mackenzie, J. Osborne, M. Hawkins, B. Overton & P. Edwards

Health & Safety Report

Bro. M. Hawkins gave a full depth report on H&S matters, complaints over the washing of trains and the use of “X” remover, 

certain roads within L.W.S. will only be used and all h/rails will be washed cleaned before trains are shunted.

Mont. Sidings are now to be up graded and improved, Preston Park Sidings – lighting, problems over how to improve lighting 

matter still to be resolved.

Messroom accommodation – sunblinds, heating, installation of hob units.

The wearing of hard hats, and H.V. vest by train crew staff.

Additional fire training.

L.D.C. Report

Bro. W. Mackenzie gave a report on sick pay payments, taxis, delay in the introduction of “Black Box” recorders. Opening of St. Pauls in May.

New Link structures

No. 1 Link = All routes & tractions knowledge

No. 2 Link = L211/No. 2 link – Bedford electrical

No. 3 Link = Electrical as present

No. 4 Link = Starter link

No. 5 Link = Restricted Link

No. 6 Link = L.W.S. Shunting Link.

Closing date for men options to remain electrical is April 20th 1990. these men will remain non-progressive.

Any Other Business

“Previous Branch Meeting”

“That minutes of previous branch meeting up to Any Other Business Resolution 5/1990 to be recorded as correct.” Proposed 

A. Ricketts & seconded by A. Farmer, 7 for, 4 against, and 5 abstained, and therefore resolution carried. All other minutes to 

be deleted, and not recorded. Resolutions proposed at meeting 8/3/90 relating to L.D.C are therefore withdrawn.

Further discussion over the meeting of 8/3/90 took place ad questions raised on the conduct of the members present, it was felt 

that with positions having been explained by all concerned and fact that previous resolutions were now defeated, there was no 

point continuing the debate. The Chairman explained that L.D.C.’s could or should not be restricted by the branch resolutions, 

branches can only guide, advise or place suggestions for L.D.C. to pursue with management. With everybody having had a 

chance to speaking for or against the meeting closed.



Members present T. Janes, T. Farmer, N. Wallhead, G. Hussey, F. Maskell, P. Edwards, M. Hunter & C. Newton.

Proposed that this branch recommends ASLEF accepts two new applications. Proposed F. Maskell & seconded N. Wallhead. 

“That J. Edisbury is accepted by this branch as a new member.”

Proposed P. Edwards & seconded G. Hussey “That M. Brown is accepted by this branch as a new member.” Voted unan.

L.D.C. Report.

Bro. P. Edwards gave a report on management’s agreement to the new link structures, also that the L.D.C. were now to be 

draw up a route and traction learning programme.

A report on the “Clause 12” meeting held 2nd May regarding many issues including D.O.O., Trainmen duties etc.

Additional L.D.C. item, Wilsden/Mitre Bridge/Acton Wells Junction.

A programme of 9 men to be given special training and route knowledge for this area, these drivers will be used for 

conducting and duties over routes. Branch Secretary posted some information regarding this matter in union/L.D.C cases.


HELD ON MAY 10th 1990

Members present W. Mackenzie, M. Bloomfield, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, D. Hill, B. Hallett, F. Locke, M. Hawkins 

& R. Jones.

L.D.C. Report

As per branch meeting 3rd May, branch heard of latest developments. In addition a “Clause 12” meeting was to be held on Sunday 13th May, over problems with D.O.O. on Thameslink services in various places along with other issues.


HELD ON JUNE 6th 1990

Members present M. Bloomfield, C. Newton, W. Mackenzie, T. Janes, I. Osborne, M. Hawkins, J. Osborne,

M. Styles, D. Knight & T. Fielding.

Membership Applications

Steve Hole, proposed M. Hawkins & seconded M. Styles.

Mark Evans proposed I. Osborne & M. Bloomfield

Edward Shrubb proposed D. Knight & seconded M. Hawkins

Voted all in favour.

District Secretary Nomination

Proposed T. Fielding & seconded I. Osborne. “That Bro. Len Worboys of Portsmouth Branch be selected as our nomination.” 

Voted all in favour.

Nomination to the Labour Party.

Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded T. Janes. “That Mr. David Lepper of Brighton is selected as our nomination as Parliament 

Candidate.” Voted all in favour.




Members present P. Edwards, T. Farmer, G. Hussey, F. Maskell, T. Janes, A. Rickets, B. Brown, W. Mackenzie, C. Newton, 

& M. Thompson.

L.D.C. Report

District Council Resolution, having previous commented on branch proposed to adopt a policy of waiting the outcome of the 

next meeting to determine what action should be used.

Bro. W. Mackenzie then gave a detailed report on loss of Mixed Traction work.

1 Ardingly – work by Western Region and Class 60s.

2 Lavant – Drayton to be worked by Eastleigh.

3 Inter-City work under review.

4 Crawley – Newhaven Class 56 worked retained.

In all some twenty turns affected by the loss of work, and also the possibility of reduction in Sunday work.





HELD ON SEPTEMBER 13th 1990 AT 18:45

Members present M. Bloomfield, M. Hawkins, I. Osborne, M. Hunter, B. Brown, S. Fortune, J. Osborne

& W. Mackenzie

Proposed I. Osborne & seconded M. Hunter. “That G.R. Wilkinson be accepted as a member of A.S.L.E.F.” Voted Unan.

Health & Safety

Mont Sidings Nos. 4, 5 & 6 restored to use, 1,2, & 3 still blacked.

L.D.C. Report

West Coast Re-signalling, Clause 12 meeting with management declined.

Rest Day Agreement, management wants to alter present agreement to an as required. L.D.C. to seek meeting over this issue.




Members present P. Edwards, G. Hussey, N. Wallhead, C. Debenham, F. Maskell, T. Fielding, A. Ricketts

& M. Hunter.

Nominations for Branch Officers 1991

Chairman W. Mackenzie - Proposed T. Fielding & seconded C. Debenham

Vice Chairman P. Edwards - Proposed N. Wallhead & seconded G. Hussey

Secretary C. Newton - Proposed T. Fielding & seconded G. Hussey

Assistant Secretary - No nominations

Trustees J. Carney & D. Pumphrey - Proposed F. Maskell & seconded N. Wallhead

Auditors R. Matthews & M. Bloomfield - Proposed P. Edwards & seconded M. Hunter

Committee Members G. Hussey, M. Hunter, & T. Fielding - Proposed C. Debenham & seconded N. Wallhead. Five vacancies 

not filled.

L.D.C Nominations W. Mackenzie & P. Edwards – Proposed T. Fielding & seconded N. Wallhead. No further nominations

L.D.C Report

Bro. P. Edwards gave a report on the latest issues Preston Park sidings blacked over poor lighting, Mont Sidings Nos. 2 & 3 

sidings now back in use, but not No.1.

Rest Day Working, L.D.C., and Area Manager looking at ways of other areas or departments paying for men to work.

Route Learning, present quota still maintained.

Questions. A member working one turn on late shift on domestic grounds, can L.D.C. report on agreement under which this is 

being done.

Staff trains, look at taxis, petrol or own van/minibus or staff trains returned.

Crews available on 00:30 turn liaise with London Area L.D.C.s.



Ian Dove 1990/91





Members present W. Mackenzie, S. fortune, D. Knight, M. Styles, M. Hawkins, I. Osborne, M. Bloomfield,

A. Flowers, T. Fielding & J. Osborne.

Nominations for Branch & L.D.C. Officers

Assistant Secretary M. Bloomfield – Proposed I. Osborne & seconded D. Knight

Branch Auditor T. Fielding – Proposed I. Osborne & seconded M. Styles

Trades Council Delegates A. Flowers & M. Thompson – Proposed T. Fielding & seconded M. Styles.

District Council Delegate W. Mackenzie – Proposed I. Osborne & seconded J. Osborne.

Committee Members D. Knight – Proposed S. Fortune & seconded M. Bloomfield.

No further branch nominations put forward, no other L.D.C. nominations proposed.

L.D.C Report

Rest Day Working, matter put to management and position explained, men will be rostered to do London Area work when not 

used for Coastal duties.

Fire Training cost of courses to be paid by other department and not Brighton. Both these agreements seem to work.

At this point Chairman left the chair to make an statement as L.D.C. Secretary. It follows.

In the years I have been a member of this society have attended and chaired many branch meetings. At no time even after the 

strike of 1982, and disastrous agreements that we have been forced to conclude have I been ashamed to be a member of 

A.S.L.E.& F. and the Brighton Branch.

However as a result of the cowardly, greedy and self-interested behaviour of a small group of members who chose attack a 

loyal hard working official of this branch. Who has experienced domestic difficulties and still continued to perform his branch 

duties and continue to work whilst coming to terms with his domestic difficulties.

I consider the actions of these individuals to be worse than those who failed to support A.S.L.E.F. in 1982.



Members present G. Hoad, R. Matthews, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, M. Thompson, M. Cole, C. Newton, 

W. Mackenzie, P. Osborne, M. Bloomfield & M. Hawkins.

Election of Branch Officers

Having received all nominations election of branch officers completed change of officers as follows. Vice Chairman P. 

Edwards, Assistant Secretary M. Bloomfield & Auditors T. Fielding.

New Member Proposed I. Osborne & seconded M. Bloomfield. “That F. Langridge be accepted as a new member of 

A.S.L.E.& F.”

L.D.C. Report

Bro. W. Mackenzie reported on 319/1 training, 

guidelines on Ballast Trains, Late Night 

Trains, Annual Leave & Comp. Leave lists, 

Reversible Line Working, eye sight charges, 

Issuing of Stop Orders, lateness of payslips.

Rest Day Agreement

The outcome of recent talks explained and that 

rest day working arrangement is not being 

compiled with by management.

Various Training Courses not being 

implemented, L.D.C will report on further 


Resolution proposed R. Matthew & seconded 

G. Hoad. “That this branch instructs the L.D.C 

to negotiate for not less than one day’s full 

training on 319/1 Class E.M.U.s.” Voted Unan.

Health & Safety Report

Bro. M. Hawkins report on present position on 

Mont Sidings, L.W.S. sidings, Hove, alsoon 

water above cooking area in Messroom. 

Comments on Worthing Messroom and 

Gatwick Airport sidings.

Also that regards to H &S Rep. imposing bans 

on certain sidings, H&S Rep. explained that he 

has no powers to do that, he can only report 

the facts and monitor the situation and refer 

matter to the branch and L.D.C for their 

comments etc.


Barry Brown, at Gatwick Airport 1991






I wish to express my appreciation of you and the Society in presenting my recent claim for loss of hearing caused by my work 

to the solicitors who successfully resolved the claim with much satisfaction in my award.

Furthermore, I have extended the same to Mr. C. Newton, Brighton Branch Secretary.

J. Sayers

Retired, Brighton Branch


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