HELD ON MARCH 9th 1992 

Members present M. Hawkins, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, P. Osborne, M. Cole, C. Newton, P. Edwards, 

W. Mackenzie, P. Bucknell & I. Wilson.

New Members

“Following be accept as members Bro. A. Pettett, Bro. P. Sparkes & Bro. J. Herriott. Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded P. 

Edwards. “That these members applications be accepted.” Vote unam.

L.D.C. Report

Chairman explained that at present there was little to report back to the members, various items were being taken up with 

management, and reports made at a later date.

Health & Safety Report

Bro. M. Hawkins gave a brief report, he stated how little change seems to be happening over the P.N. Point at Ardingly.

Concern over the kitchen area in the Messroom at Brighton, management were to be informed on the state of this and the 

L.D.C./H&S stand on this.

Members were still not wearing H.V. jackets whilst in L.W.S. and other places.


Concern that members were still giving up their trains to the Training Schools, the position has been made clear as to where 

members stand in request of S.P.A.D.S etc.

Proposed M. Hawkins & P. Edwards. “That the branch secretary be instructed to post a letter of this issue.” Vote unam.

Bro. M. Cole raised the issue of member not being informed by whatever means possible of serious family matters, that 

require them being (possibly) relieved of duty and allowed to go home. T.C.S. were not forwarding messages on, this issue to 

be raised with management.





HELD ON APRIL 24th 1992


The meeting was opened by the Chairman Bro. W. Mackenzie who then requested the opportunity of addressing the meeting. 

The Chairman pointed to the present state of affairs on the Machinery of Negotiation, he point out how drivers tended to 

concentrate on the D.R.I., yet letting other issues be forgotten.

April 6th 1992 was the date management set to withdraw from the 1956 Machinery of Negotiation and put in place an interim 

Machinery. Bro. Mackenzie continued with reference to some L.D.C.’s and their Reps. within the area of the Sussex Coast and 

how they have been undermining the formal Machinery by making deals with managements which were in breach of the 

Machinery, these deals are being implemented by managers, who give special allowances to Minder Drivers.

These representatives should, if they had any conscience resign their positions on the L.D.C.s. Brighton Branch and the 

L.D.C. are maintaining that these members along with others who are Minders should be treated exactly as per the Train 

Crew Agreement, and not to any management arranged deals which are outside the agreement.

At this point the chairman introduced our guest speaker Bro. M.A. Allen from Section Council ‘B’. Tony thanked the Branch 

for the opportunity of talking to members, the talk was both frank and in lighting, he started by explaining the 1956 

Machinery, and that management now considered the Machinery ‘dead’ and that from April this year, here introducing a new 

interim Machinery before a full machinery later.

This was to be centred on and around the new Profit Centre and that any grievance(s) would only be dealt with at Profit 

Centre level and no further. All local level grievances would be dealt with by local managers and on the subject of Health & 

Safety Reps. this issue has still to be decided but in both cases no issue or grievance would be progressed above the Profit 

Centre level.

The B.R.B. wanted to have the ne Machinery in place by July 1992, and yet clearly we must not be intimidated by their 

approach and resist the attempts to introduce this proposed Machinery.

Under the new set up councils would be as follows.

Profit Centre Level

Management Side 8 Reps - Staff Side 8 Reps.

Local Level Council

Management Side 2 Reps - Staff Side 2 Reps.

The other two Council level have to be decided on.

Again it is clear that without a proper system of grievance, management would undermine Trade Union Representatives.

P.T. & R.

Again this has deferred to a later date. Bro Tony made it very clear that each ‘Business Council’ may under the new 

proposals, withdrawn from the Machinery at any stage and introduce their own.

All staff side representation would only be allowed to progress to ‘Profit Centre Level’, and that all Staff Side Reps. would be 

elected by secret ballot.

Bro. Tony continued to explain the union’s outline proposals and what sort of deals have been employed by E.P.S. and 

Manchester Metrolink, what is of concern is the view stated by our Chairman that D.R.I. was given preference to overshadow 

the Machinery talks, and yet clearly the Machinery was of a greater importance.

Bro. Tony then took questions about the proposals, after which a request for a resolution was called for. The falling resolution 

was proposed. 

Proposed J. Osborne Brighton Branch & seconded S. Fuller Eastbourne/Seaford Branch.

“That the proposed draft regarding the new Machinery of Negotiation are totally unacceptable to this body and that the 

membership be brought fully up to date on the negotiation talks.” Voted Unam.

The Branch Secretary then called for a vote of thanks to Bro. Allen’s full and frank meeting and to our Chairman Bro. W. 




Rod Constable



APRIL 1992





HELD ON MAY 12th 1992 

Members present M. Hawkins, R. Matthews, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, P. Edwards, C. Newton, T. Fielding, 

F. Langridge, P. Bucknell & M. Thompson.

Special Speaker Sectional Council Bro. T. Allen 

L.D.C. Report

New rosters were now accepted and under agreement no Extra Sundays will be worked of late turns, this is to comply with 

Hidden 18.

Heath & Safety Report

Work still to be progressed in Brighton Messroom i.e. Kitchen area, installing blue light fly killer.

L.W.S., matters regarding Depot Protection were raised, Chichester Yard, now accepted for walkways. 

Train Crews still not wearing H.V. Vests when in L.W.S. and other locations.


Members informed of the problems within the London Area regarding Train Crew Rosters and management.

At this point Bro. Tony Allen of Sectional Council ‘B’ was introduced to give members of this branch, another chance to hear 

the proposed changes to the Machinery of Negotiation.

After members were given his views on the M.O.N., questions were raised and answered.

Our Chairman then called for a voted of thanks to Bro. Tony Allen.



HELD ON JULY 13th 1992

Members present I. Osborne, P. Osborne, J. Osborne, P. Edwards, W. Mackenzie, F. Locke, B. Brown,

C. Newton, M. Hawkins & M. Thompson

Health & Safety Matters

Foilage again remained the main problem, L.W.S. sidings and associate sidings requiring major improvements.

List of P.N.B. Points which have failed to meet required standards now posted.

Concern over H&S and Branch Officials being advised of incidents to staff and on the level of support.

L.D.C. Matters

Depot Protection (L.W.S.) outstanding were areas that needed better regulation proposals were awaiting management 


Letters posted by management over working Sundays was withdrawn and matters explained.

Safety Training Courses still not up to the required levels proposed.

Comp. leave, proposed by Management to “Buy Out” leave, this matter is to be raised at the next agenda meeting.

Christmas, management are proposing a Boxing Day service, this totally against branch policy and management will be told 

of our position to any such proposal.

A.A.D. Report

Bro. Mackenzie gave a brief report on it, he said that:-

E. C. were allowed to progress matters on the M.O.N. talks and report back.

D.R.I. a possible new offer was expected, conference voted to continue talks.

New membership, conference heard of the dispute between R.M.T. over the transfer of members, matter was being referred to 

the T.U.C.



Ron Hubbard's last day on the railways in 1992

Left ~ Right: Rod Constable, Ron Hubbard & Dick Lawrence.





Members present C. Newton, W. Mackenzie, M. Hawkins, P. Edwards, J. Osborne, M. Hunter, T. Fielding,

R. Matthews & M. Thompson.


1993 A.A.D. Delegate nomination. Proposed P. Edwards & seconded M. Hawkins. “That Bro. W. Mackenzie is nominated as 

A.A.D. Delegate.” Voted unam.

Nomination for Profit Centre Council, proposed P. Edwards & seconded M. Hawkins. 

“That this branch nominated Bro. G. Morris of London Bridge Branch for Profit Centre Council.” Voted unam.

I. D. Replacement Cards

Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded R. Matthews. “That this branch instructs the General Secretary and the E.C. to negotiate 

with the B.R.B. for special duty cards to be issued to all staff required to carry certificate of competence B.R. 30852/10 in the 

course of their duties.” Voted all in favour.

Health & safety

Foilage between Lewes and Falmer is due to be cut back, 8th September.

Carry of I.D. cards


Havant to Chichester Resignalling, extra route learning for all drivers is to be pursued for in view of the length of shut down 



Trainman Diagrams, loss of light engine manning duties.

Following L.D.C. report the following resolution was passed.

“That this branch instructs the L.D.C not to agree rosters that do not include duties regarding trainman manning light engine 

movements.” Voted all in favour.

L.D.C. Nominations

The following nominations were received for L.D.C. Reps.

Bro. M. Hawkins, proposed R. Matthews & seconded T. Fielding.

Bro. J. Osborne. proposed C. Newton & seconded M. Hunter.

Bro. W. Mackenzie, proposed M. Thompson & seconded P. Edwards.

Bro. P. Edwards, proposed M. Hunter & seconded R. Matthews.




Members present W. Mackenzie, I. Wilson, J. Osborne, M. Hawkins, P. Osborne, I. Osborne, M. Cole

& B. Brown.


Application for A.S.L.E.F. membership, proposed “That L.R. Berry be accepted as a new member.” Proposed M. Hawkins & 

seconded J. Osborne. Carried unam.

I. D. Replacement Cards

Letter from Bro. P. Edwards, withdrawal from the L.D.C. elections.

Letter from Bro. W. Eames (London Bridge), election of Profit Centre Representation Network Southeast South Central.

1993 A.A.D. Nomination of Representative.

Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded I. Osborne. “That Bro. W. Mackenzie be nominated for 1993 A.A.D.” Carried unam.

Nomination of Profit Centre Representative Network South East South Central.

Proposed J. Osborne & seconded M. Hawkins. “That Bro. G. Morris (London Bridge) be nominated for the Profit Centre 

Representative South Central.”

Due to the withdrawal of Bro. P. Edwards from the L.D.C. elections, the three present members of the L.D.C. will still stand.

Election of Health & Safety Representative

Proposed J. Osborne & seconded I. Osborne. “That Bro. M. Hawkins be elected as the Health & Safety Representative of the 

Brighton Branch.” Carried unam.

Health & Safety Report

Removal foliage at Falmer, no hotplates in the mess room at Brighton.

L.D.C. Report

Route learning between Chichester and Havant, management proposal of one day being totally inadequate.

Christmas train service, the L.D.C. will not be producing a order to work.




Ron Terrill




Members present m. Hwakins, J. Osborne, P. Edwards, C.Newton W. Mackenzie, F. Langridge, T. Fielding,

W. Jones, R. Matthews, M. Thompson, B. Brown, M. Hunter & A. Flowers.


Letter from District Council

Recall of A.A.D. A.S.L.E.F. Head Office

A.A.D. Delegate explained the reason for the recall of A.A.D. (A.S.L.E.F. Trade Union Membership/R.M.T. ) and our position 

with the T.U.C., also D.R.I. talks.

Circular 327 Profit Centre Reps. N.S.E. – S.C. nominations

Chairman read out this and after debating the issue, requested an adjournment until District Council report.

Health & Safety Report

Foilage between Lewes – Falmer – Brighton stil creating problems with slipping/braking.

Gatwick Airport P.N. Point – state of room.

Kitchen area Brighton Messroom, water leaks & hob units.

Walking Routes to L.W.S., and report better route proposed.

Incident involving Bro. R. Constable at Wokingham, two train in section together.

L.D.C. Report

Position of Christmas (period) working, our stance is that we will not be involved in the proposed service.

Chichester and Havant resignalling scheme. Management proposed one day, our advice to members is only sign when 

compendent of new signalling

1993 Holiday Change over, those members attending were advised of all changes, members not accommodated, to be advised

District Council Report

Latest on D.R.I. talks, L.U.L. Pay Deal, 260 cases of deafness dealt with under the scheme, £258,500 paid to members in 


Proposed issue of a licence to drivers, pension proposed scheme to protect members pensions.

From pit closure plans expected that up to 2,000 railway jobs to go.

After debating *Circular 327, and also District Council’s letter, and Counli’s Delegate’s report. The following resolution was 

proposed. Proposed W. Jones & seconded T. Fielding.

“That this branch fully support District Council Resolutions of 26th October 1992, and wishes to add the following.”

“That this Branch wishes to express it’s total disgust at the decision of the A.S.L.E.F. Executive Committee to 

disenfranchise Branches in District No.1 in the election for Functional Council Reps. Further that the favouring of 

ones Branches nominations against another is not democratic.”

Voted Unam.


Nominations For Branch Officals

Current Branch Officals were standing with addition of two new committee members, Bro. F. Langridge &  

W. Jones,

with the added rider:-

“That the membership is so incensed at the E.C.’s handling of the Functional Council’s Elections, that the current 

branch will not elect a committee for 1993.”

* The main point of concern amongst the delegates was regarding the recent A.S.L.E.F.'s circular No. 327.

This circular was in relation to A.S.L.E.F.'s view towards the election process of the newly formed Functional Councils (now 

referred to as Company Council) which were to replaced the old Sectional Council.

The Brighton Branch was so appauled by A.S.L.E.F.'s positon on this matter and decided to moved a resolution was to 

supporting the A.S.L.E.F.'s District Council No. 1 resolution (Brighton Branch Resolution No.12/92).



1992 A.G.M.





As a result of Branch resolution No.12/92 and that there was not a quorum no members were nominated for 

office and that this branch will not be able to conduct any business. District Secretary and Head Office 

informed of current position.



14.12.1992 at 20:00





Circular 400/1992 E. C. Election District No.1.

That the circular be noted and that the following nomination be agreed, and forwarded.

Nomination “That this branch wishes to nominate Bro. W. Mackenzie of Brighton.” Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded J. 

Osborne. Vote unam.

Profit Centre Council Representative Election. That the correspondence be noted




Left ~ Right Graham Lawrence, Neil Wallhead, John Rutter (Instructor) & Bob Schofield (Norwood)




HELD ON APRIL 13th 1993

Members present R. Perrin, F. Langridge, M. Hawkins, N. Cowdrey, T. Fielding, J. Osborne, D. Jupp, G. Tew, 

N. Wallhead, R. Lewis, I. Wilson, D. Hogan, P. Edwards, B. Brown, W. Mackenzie, C. Newton, R. Matthews, 

A. Flowers, M. Freeman, S. Hole, W. Jones & M. Hunter.

District Secretary L. Warboys & Functional Council Rep. A. Allen

Guest Speaker R.M.T. G. Hewitt.

District Secretary Len Warboys called the meeting to order, in doing so explained to all the reason why Brighton had not had a 

formal branch, he accepted our outstanding grievance on the issue of election procedures. He called upon the members to 

form a branch, this, the members agreed with the following rider.

“That this branch, whilst forming a branch, do so, but still rejects the E.C. ruling on the disfranchisement of branches 

in elections, and further calls upon the E.C. to remove all such restrictions.”


Meeting agreed that Bro. W. Mackenzie should now chair the opening of this meeting.


All current circulars were read out, the following proposal was called for Ref No.83/1993 re Appeals Committee nomination. 

Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded J. Osborne. 

“That this Brach supports the nomination of Bro. S. Fuller Seaford Branch.” Voted unam 

Depot Reps

Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded G. Tew. 

“That Bro. P. Edwards be elected to the casual vacancy of the L.D.C. from 4th May 1993.

Branch Committee Elections

Following nominations from the membership, the following members were elected as officers for 1993

Chairman Bro. M. Hawkins

Assistant Chair Bro. P. Edwards

Secretary Bro. C. Newton

Assistant Sec. Bro. I. Osborne.

Trustees Bros. J. Osborne & S. Hole

Auditors Bros. T. Fielding & R. Matthews

District Council Bro. C. Newton

Committee Bros. M. Hunter, F. Langridge, W. Jones, B. Brown, R. Lewis, W. Mackenzie, M. Thompson, M. Freeman, A. 

Flowers & J. Payne.

L.D.C. report

Bro. W. Mackenzie explained the reasons why the links had to be re-arranged, the following links apply

No. 1 36 drivers a drop of 20

No. 2 40 drivers a drop of 4 

No. 3. 40 drivers a drop of 4

No. 4 16 drivers.

All other links remain the same number; the plus is that Link No.2 will now learn Southampton.


New computer system after continuing min system still does not produced a new roster.

Questions on Functional Council’s roll in diagram scrutiny of L.D.C’s roll.

District Council Report

Bro. L. Warboys explained the union and where we all stand and called for 100% backing on 16th February. He continued 

saying, that privatisation was never thought to be a threat, also pension would be affected and everybody would suffer under 

the proposed Privatisation Plan, ghost franchises would be set up and run independent to any other set ups, staff would have 

no P.T. & R.A. outside their own franchise, and have dedicate links, we must all fight for just rights.

R.M.T. Representative G. Hewitt was allowed time to address the meeting in view of the serious position all railway staff are 

in today and gave full and frank talk.

At this point the secretary asked for the District Secretary to present to Bro. Mackenzie a small token of our support in his 

election success as E.C. and resigned as Branch Chairman, Secretary called for a vote of thanks.



MAY 1993

Brighton Branch held its first meeting this year in April at the request of our District Secretary Len Warboys.

Len had asked for the meeting to explain the actions of the E.C. Our Branch along with many others felt so incensed by the 

decisions of the E.C. to disenfranchise some branches from a vote in the Functional Council election that at our A.G.M. in 

December a motion was passed not to elect any Branch Officers and not to hold any Branch meetings.

Through various channels of debate, the members of Brighton agreed to the April meeting. The District Secretary opened the 

meeting by calling for members to withdraw the motion.

In doing so, members still regarded the action of the E.C. as totally unacceptable and called on all delegates to the A.A.D. to 

reject any change to the election of Functional Council members.

After electing the Branch Officers, the Chairman Bro. W. MacKenzie called for business and, after reading the outstanding 

correspondence, requested that Standing Orders be suspended so that our District Secretary and our guest speaker could 

address the membership.

Len spoke of our role in the present situation on the plans to privatise the industry and prospects for our jobs under the (new) 

proposed franchised of these separate companies’ P.T.&R. Pensions were also addressed.

We took the unusual step of allowing the R.M.T. representative G. Hewitt the chance to address the meeting. He explained the 

R.M.T.’s position and why they have taken action

Finally, as Branch Secretary I called upon the District Secretary to make a presentation. Bro. (Bill) MacKenzie, as members 

know, as been elected as the E.C. member for our District and we wished to say that we wished him well in his new post.

Bill has been a very active Branch Officer and L.D.C. rep over many years. His presence locally will be missed by all (not 

least, by management).

Bill thanked members for their support both in the election and over the many years at Brighton and assured us that he will 

fight for the members of A.S.L.E.F. and see that justice is done and the rights of members maintained.

C. Newton 

Brighton Branch Secretary



HELD ON MAY 4th 1993

Members present M. Hawkins, C. Newton, I. Osborne, T. Fielding, P. Edwards, J. Osborne, M. Cole, M. Bullen

& P. White.

L.D.C Report

Proposed up date of walking route in L.W.S. area, also assurances over improvements to Depot Protection, mess room 

improvements are in hand, new rosters are now posted, members were advised to inform list clerk of any route refresher 


Health & Safety Report

Bro. M. Hawkins reported that outstanding matters which he hoped would be dealt with, foliage in the “Falmer Area” and 

L.W.S. were bad an urgent meeting and being requested.

Above Brighton A.S.L.E.F. Branch member Bill MacKenzie (right) former E.C. President and E.C. member for District No.1, 

with Jim Rowe (left) A.S.L.E.F. Southern Region Sectional Council "B" (Basingstoke Branch).

Bill served on Brighton M.T. L.D.C. from 1971~1993 before being elected straight onto the Executive Committee of ASLEF 

for District No.1 and later elected by his fellow E.C. members to the position of E.C. Presedent.



HELD ON JUNE 8th 1993

Members present C. Newton, M. Hawkins, S. Hole, 

B. Brown, P. Edwards, T. Fielding, F. Langridge, 

M. Hunter, M. Freeman & E.C Member W. Mackenzie.

Chairman then called for standing orders to be suspended so 

that the E.C. member could speak to the branch.

Following the special meeting held at the Littlehampton 

Branch, Bro. Mackenzie agreed to explain the current position 

on matters of privatisation, and the set up of the ghost 


The 1.5% Pay Award explained

The proposed new rate of pay for Driver Instructor’s 

£2,000.00, it would go on the basic and would be 12,792.00

Proposed new drug testing arrangements, manning of ballast 

trains. Expected job losses and the effects on the pension funds 

and the effects of the government’s plans to seek control of the 



Request by members that the L.D.C. look into the A/Rs within 

the links, and also alterations to some rest days particularly on 

nights turns.

Rumours of a new super depot at Barnham, at the moment 

management have no firm plans, but members were assured 

that this branch would seek firm assurances with regards to the 

diagrams of Brighton.  

Phil Briggs  

on a "Bicycle Belle" at Brighton 1993 




HELD ON JULY 13th 1993

Committee Members present M. Hawkins, J. Osborne, C. Newton, M. Hunter & P. Edwards

Fllowing no branch meeting on 12th July a special committee meeting was arranged so that the following business could be 


Ref Circular No. 161/1993, Election of District Secretary No.1.

Proposed M. Hunter & seconded J. Osborne. “That this branch nominates L. Warboys of Portsmouth Branch.

Election of Appeals Committee.

“That this branch votes for Bro. S. Fuller, Seaford Branch to be elected."




Ron Terrill and his trainman Jeff Edisbury at Eastbourne with the Sussex Belle' on the 11th September 1993



HELD ON OCTOBER 21tst 1993 

Members present 

Owing to the large number of members attending and the limited space, only the number is being recorded, 37 members. 


1994 A.A.D. Delegate.

“That this branch has voted for Bro. R. Lxford of Three Bridges.” Proposed D. Knight & seconded P.Edwards.

Election of A.G. Secretary.

No nominations from meeting 

Working of Rostering Sundays

Subject matter raised in E.C. Member’s address.

Footplate Depots 1994

Again subject matter debated by our E.C. Member and D.F.C. Member.

Privatisation Bill October 26th

Contents of all circulars were noted and a request that as many members possible attend the rally/lobby in London. 

Letter from London Bridge Branch

Rostered Sunday Working

Following the reading of this and then debated, the following resolution was put to the members. 

“That this branch adopts London Bridge resolution and instructs our Branch Secretary to forward our members adoption of the 

resolution to the E.C. for their attention.” 

Proposed I. Wilson & P. Osborne. Voted unam. 

Membership Applications

The following new members were placed before this branch. 

Bro. S. Gandey Proposed P. Edwards & seconded D. Knight 

Bro. V. Gunn Proposed J. Osborne & seconded D. Pumphrey 

Bro. I. Walker Proposed J. Payne & seconded B. Hall 

Voted all in favour of these members being accepted as members. 

L.D.C. Report

Establishment Review, Route Training/L215 payments, revised walking route – L.W.S., Men on rostered overtime, ticket-less 

pay & revised Sunday Working Agreements. 

Health & safety Report

Concern over key operated level crossing, foliage within L.W.S. Depot anda possible ban on sidings. 

E.C. member W. Mackenzie

Our E.C. member was welcomed to our branch and gave a very detail account of our present position. 

Reported – the plans of how each business is in relation to depots (who does what). 

A.A.D. Decision for a ban on Rest Days 

Sunday Working Rostered Duties 

Privatisation – Pension Right/Funds 

D.F.C. Member A. Allen

Again we welcomed our D.F.C. member to our branch and thank him for coming. Tony spoke on many issues 

Driver Instructions how the agreement to pay the rate was reached and if the problems surrounding it, the roll these members 

are playing 

T.U.P.E. was mentioned and on how we would be unprotected if allowed to go. 

An indepth report on the Air/Rail Gatwick Service set up. 

Possible Franchise of Thameslink and on the members of drivers required 

Current vacancy list situation 

D.F.C. function, and roll with Depot rosters, and link formation, and that of L.D.C. 


Junior Drivers in Link (4) were concerned about their position with regards to earnings, type of work, and time expected to be 

in Link (4). 

The L.D.C. explained how and why they had to do what they had, and the restriction the Train Crew Agreement had placed 

upon them. 

E.C. Member Bill Mackenzie, explained the 1988 Train Crew Agreement and on the points raised by Link (4) members then 

referred to the to the agreement for a detailed answer. 

D.F.C. Member Tony Allen spoke, Tony was very concerned about the reports of a letter sent to the Depot Manager Brighton, 

regarding the roll L.D.C.’s had in forming Links etc. Tony explained very clearly D.F.C.’s, function and that of L.D.C.’s, and 

that the L.D.C. had clearly complied with every part of the agreement, and that it was unfortunately that some members 

seemed to be restricted. 

The issue was then opened to all members for debate, and senior members felt that position was fair and just and had full 

confidence in the way the L.D.C. had carried out it’s roll. 

The following resolution was then put to the members. “That this branch has full confidence and support in the L.D.C. 

Committee at Brighton.” Proposed B. Hall & seconded P. Staniford. Voted unam 

Owing to the length of the meeting the Chairman proposed that the meeting be closed. Carried. Meeting closed 21.45 



Above Laurie Osman (Left) & Geoff Lovell (Bedford)

This photo was taken on Laurie's last driving turn at Bedford whilst awaiting to work his return trip back to Brighton. Laurie 

enter the footplate grades on 4th November 1948 at Brighton. Laurie tranferred to Addiscombe and then later moving back to 

Brighton E.M.U.T. Laurie spent many years on the Brighton E.M.U.T. L.D.C.




Members present M. Hawkins, C. Newton, P. Edwards, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, F. Langridge, P. Tilling, 

M. Hunter, S. Toughey, S. Hole, G. Tew & W. Mackenzie E.C. Member 


A.S.L.E.F. membership application

Proposed P. Edwards & seconded M. Hunter. “That Sister Gillian Colwell be accepted as a member to A.S.L.E.F.” Voted 


Guest Speaker E.C. Member Bill Mackenzie attending our meeting and gave the latest on Privatisation Bill, he referred to the 

effects of the Bill and member’s pensions, Sunday Working – the fact that Sunday was not part of our contract and that 

nobody should have to work if they felt the need not too. 

Christmas Sunday, the point was made that the proposed service called for volunteers and that if members were rostered they 

had a right to request leave. 

Again the matter of T.U.P.E. was asked and Bill explained what the effectof this being removed would be. 

1992 Transport Works Act 

News that three member were sacked for failing the new Drink/Drugs Policy, again members were urged to be careful. 

L.D.C. Report

Not much to report other than matters raised at the October meeting, again the way Link 4 operated under the Train Crew 

Agreement was explained. Holiday change overs were now being dealt with every eight weeks as outlined by the new 


H&S report 

Foliage L.W.S. now being dealt with, renewed bridge timbers L.W.S. to be treated against slippery surface, revised walking 

route station to L.W.S. Depot. 


The matter regarding members of Training School and other staff riding in rear cabs etc and reporting drivers for breaking 

rules etc. After debating the issue the Branch Secretary agreed to write to the D.F.C. and request they raised the matter.




Johnny Saunders

re-learning steam on a Bullied's Mechant Navy "Port Line" for the Christmas steam specials on the Water Cress Line, Autumn 





Our Branch meeting in October saw a larger than usual turnout. Our Chairman opened the meeting and dealt with the 

agenda as agreed. He then suspended the normal Branch business to allow our two representatives to address the meeting.

Our District No.1 E.C. member Bro. Bill MacKenzie was our first speaker. Bill’s address reflected on the issues of rest day 

working ban, rostered Sundays, depots’ futures under the Business Centres and the issue of drink and drugs.

Our next speaker was the D.F.C. member Bro. Tony Allen who addresses the meeting about issues on our patch. Driver 

Instructor grade, operation of Sandite units, depot closures and vacancies

Now the reason for the large turnout. Some members of the depot who were in the Starter Link felt that the L.D.C. were acting 

unfairly  when they allocated work and earnings in their link and had approached the Train Crew Manager to ask the D.F.C. 

could become involved with the L.D.C. in the way they formed rosters.

Bro. Hawkins of the L.D.C. took great exception to the question. He clearly pointed out to all the members Appendix F of the 

Traincrew Agreement, to which they had to work, and the fat that they had more than sought to address the earnings of all 


Tony Allen of the D.F.C. said that they were upset that members thought of them becoming involved. This task was clearly one 

addressed by L.D.C.s

Bill MacKenzie also reiterated the position in the agreement, how L.D.C.s applied the agreement,  and concluded that the 

L.D.C. had carried out their duties with all due fairness. Members should realise that, with the link promotions becoming 

stagnant, members would be links longer than expected and that this was a natural occurrence caused by the reduction in 


A resolution was put forward saying that members had full confidence in, and support, their L.D.C. and Branch Officers. A 

vote was taken and passed unanimously.

The platform urged members to realise that we have wider and more important matter to address with the Government’s Bill 

on railways.

C. Newton 

Brighton Branch Secretary



 Chic Debenham

1993 Christmas Steams Specials





Members present J. Osborne, I. Osborne, I. Wilson, A. Chumley, P. Edwards, M. Cole, M. Hawkins & C. Newton

Election of Branch Officers

Following the Branch request for nominations all officers for 1993 were formally nominated to stand for re-election, with no 

other nominations being proposed members were asked to accept that existing branch officers be elected to office for 

1994.Proposed M. Cole & seconded A. Chumley vote unam.

Membership Applications

The branch has two applications by staff wishing to join A.S.L.E.F. Proposed I. Wilson & seconded M. Cole. “that both 

applications be accepted and passed on to Head Office.” Vote unam.

Healthy & Safety Report

Removal of foliage L.W.S., most has now been done if only by the natural weather conditions.

Proposed heavy cleaning up date to Brighton Messroom – still waiting to be done when completed new easy chairs will be in 


With the closure of Seaford Depot, all H&S issues will now be covered by Brighton Rep.

L.D.C. report

New style form planned for Forms No.1s, method of dealing with same unchanged

November “Bonfire Service” excellent reports from Management on Train Crews assistance.

Ticketless pay – now deferred to January 9th

Pay/security - pay office now open on Fridays

Route learning – Bedford, men now being given routes, also training expenses being dealt with by D.F.C.

Issue of persons riding in rear cabs, matter now be addressed locally and D.F.C. level.

Seaford Depot Closure, overall 5 duties will come to Brighton, depot’s establishment remains unchanged.

Link Restructing, new links formed No.1 Link 40 drivers, No.2 Link 40 drivers, No.3 Link 44 drivers, Link No.4 8 drivers, 

and Nos. 5 & 6 Links to become one link with 12 drivers. * Men in starter link will be given the chance of route learning to 

London Area after six months of being in link, but the type of work to remain as now.

D.F.C. Member Bro. Tony Allen

Bro. Tony for filled an outstanding invite to address our Branch after a short illness.

Depot unsupervised

Following recent incidents D.F.C. could see that all depot unsupervised would probably closed (Seaford being just such a 


D.F.C. would be carrying out interviews with all drivers at Seaford on depot closure.

Croydon Training Centre

D.F.C. have raised many issues on Driver Instructors and method agreed on training still remains as agreed.

Payment on Driver in training allowance

Meal Allowance – deduction for tea/coffees

Safety Briefing Days

New Proposed Time Table (South Central)

A new revised Thameslink/Bedford Service

A new revised Bournemouth/Southampton service

A new revised West Worthing/Eastbourne service

A new revised Horsham/Charing Cross Service

A new revised Maidstone/Gatwick Airport service

A new revised Gatwick/Reading/Oxford Service

Allowance for Relieving

Changes in time allowed for drivers to change-over on route to take into account radios etc.

With thanks to Bro. Tony Allen and no other business meeting closed 21:00


 Mick Hawkins at London Victoria 29.12.93.

Working on the footplate of Bulleid’s West Country 34027 "TAW VALLEY"




Members present 12 names recorded in attendance (new) book, 

also attending D.F.C. Rep Bro. M.A. Allen & E.C. Member W. Mackenzie 


I.T.F. Conference Genva 1994

Proposed J. Osborne & seconded R. Matthews. 

“That Bro. M. Allen of Seaford Branch be nominated as delegate to the conference.” Voted all in favour. 

L.D.C. Report

Bro. J. Osborne briefly outlined the introduction of ticket-less pay, pay office – times and hours open, Brighton mess room 

proposed cleaning, proposed new link structure, outlined new services – Bournemouth. 

Healthy & Safety Report

Bro. M. Hawkins give the following report. 

The renewal of stairway metal treads from station to booking on area,. 

The proposed heavy cleaning of Brighton messroom 

Reporting of accident/incidents to H&S rep and also making copies of reports and statements. 


Acceptence of 3 new members to A.S.L.E.F. Proposed P. Edwards & seconded P. White. “That this branch accepts the new 

members and instructs the Branch Secretary to forward them to head office.” Voted all in favour. 

D.F.C. Rep. M.A. Allen

Bro. Tony Allen gave an in depth report on the following 

Depot Closures in South Central Division 

Meal Allowance under training school (East Croydon) 

Trainman “D” trainees positions whilst in training 

Outline of Bournemouth work to Coastal Depots 

Rest Day Ban 

Pensions Effects 

E.C. Members W. Mackenzie

Bro. Bill Mackenzie spoke about the latest issues 

Rostered Sundays Workings, A.A.D. Rest Day working – ballot for rest days to be banned. 

The effects of the Transport Act 1992 on members and members rights under this act. 

Local Representation elections 

Election of new Assistant General Secretary 

B.R. Pension Fund – in the latest report on what the government is proposing report to do with the fund and privatisation. Bill 

spoke on how the E.C. viewed the latest proposal and on the possibility of some kind of action being called if no assurance 

given to protect members.




Members present 14 members names recorded in new attendance book.

New Memberships

Six new applications for membership were put to the branch. Proposed I. Wilson & seconded D. Knight. “That all six be 

accepted in block.”

L.D.C. Report

Compensatory/Annual Leave, L.D.C. explained the position on how the issue arose and the position we are at, at the present.

Driver Instructors

The position of D.I.’s was raised at a point meeting with D.F.C./L.D.C. and Depot Manager. After debate meeting resolve 

nothing, matter to beaddressed at another meeting with D.F.C.and Croydon Training Centre.

Health & Safety Report

Depot Rep opened report on the issue of members reporting H&S matters and made the point that everyone had a party to 


Any Other Business

Bro. S. Lloyd expressed his thanks on the way the branch assisted him with his “L.W.S.” incident, but expressed concern over 

the police involvement and the welfare dept. both issues would be taken up and look into by Branch Secretary and L.D.C.




HELD ON MARCH 1st 1994

Members present17 members names recorded in new attendance book.

L.D.C. Report

L.D.C. Secretary J. Osborne spoke on the following issues

Meeting with Welfare Section 09.02.94., Brighton Messroom –on going refurbishment, Safety Traction Training Day’s, 

Proposal on I.D. passes for duty proposes, placing of additional Trainman at depot, Car park – security issue, new route 

authorisation tickets, annual and comp leave – list of outstanding leave and arrangements procedure on leave, revised link arrangements from March 21st .

Health & Safety Report

H&S Rep. M. Hawkins spoke on the following

Welfare issues, emergency phones and locations and concern on ways on raising assistance, occupation type level crossings 



Several matters were raised and explained, members were reminded on new discipline rules. Three safety of the line offences, 

and drivers will be removed. Members expressed their delight on A. West being elected our new Assistant General Secretary, 

Secretary ask to write inviting Tony to a branch meeting.




HELD ON MARCH 5th 1994

Members present13 members names recorded in new attendance book.

Health & Safety Report

Brighton Messroom refurbishment saga – new furniture to be installed, privatisation – a two tier level of safety, 

accident/incident forms – members should remember to make copies of all report etc.

L.D.C. Report

Bournemouth route learning – L.D.C. request to confirm if routes via Eastleigh are to be learnt for emergencies.

Many diagrams are now in the hands of L.D.C. Reps, 4 Bournemouth duties (2 early & 2 late), 14 Bedford – only 1 night, boat 

train and London Bridge duties work in lower links.


Cab cleaning matter to be raised with depot manager.

A.S.L.E.F. “Check Off” members advised of union campaign all members must reaffirm their union deduction mandates.


Chairman expressed his pleasure in the attendance levels at Branch meetings.


Jim Rowe Collection 

The last Southern Region Sectional Council 'B' 1994

Left - Right Tony Allen (Brighton), Tommy Taylor (Grove Park), Jim Rowe (Basingstoke), Derrick Fullick Gen. Sec., 

Arthur Brockman (Guildford), Ron Lifford (Battersea)  and Billy Eames (London Bridge).



HELD ON APRIL 29th 1994

Members present F. Langridge, J. Osborne, P. Edwards, I. Osborne, M. Hawkins, C. Newton, M. Thompson

& M. Allen.

Profit Centre nomination D.F.C – South Central T.O.U. Following a proposal this branch wishes to nominate Bro. M.A. Allen 

as our candidate for D.F.C. Proposed P. Edwards & seconded I. Osborne, voted all in favour.

I.T.F. Conference Genva

Following the election for the position of I.T.F., representative, the members proposed that Bro. M.A. Allen be elected.

Profit Centre nomination D.F.C – South Central T.O.U .

Proposed F. Langridge & seconded M. Allen. “That this proposes Bro. G. Morris as their nomination (2) for D.F.C.”



With the disbanding of the old Southern Region Sectional Council ‘B’ into Company based councils.

Above is the newly elected Staff side of the South Central, Drivers Functional Council (D.F.C.) in 1994. 

Left~Right: D.F.C. Tony Allen (Brighton), Billy Eames (Norwood (L. Bdg.), Graham Morris (London Bridge),

Lew Adams (GS), Len Worboys (DS No.1) & Bill MacKenzie (EC No.1).




HELD ON MAY 9th 1994

Members present17 members names recorded in new attendance book.

New Members

Proposed and B. Brown & seconded I .Wilson. “That Ian Malpass is accepted as a member of this branch.”

L.D.C. Report

New rosters now agreed next Bank Holiday rotation in place.

Thameslink worked issue discussed.

Health & Safety Report

Brighton messroom still awaiting funding.

Unauthorised walking route L.W.S./station.

Breath testing of train crews involved in incident other than S.P.A.D.’s etc.


A question was put regarding men on average earning and route learning.

L.D.C. Chairman spoke on the issue and put forward the L.D.C. ruling on route learning and link restrictions.

Members also wished recorded their deep sadness over the death of Bro. W. Eames our D.F.C. Secretary and A.S.L.E.F.

 member one who will be greatly missed.

Secretary also reminded members to reaffirm their right to “check off.”



HELD ON JUNE 7th 1994

Members present13 members names recorded in new attendance book.

E.C. member No.1 District W. Mackenzie & D.F.C. Secretary G. Morris.

New membership

Proposed P. Edwards & seconded D. Swaffield “That T. Wood is accepted as a member to this branch.”

E.C. Member W. Mackenzie gave a report on the following

1994 pay ward, no more national pay wards, the revised 1992 negotiation agreement, D.F.C. elections arrangements, P.T.&R. 

current position, B.R. Pension Fund, A.S.L.E.F Political Funds, A.S.L.E.F. “Check Off” campaign position, A.S.L.E.F. and 

the C.I.C.B. position, A.S.L.E.F and the Society restructuring for the future.

D.F.C. Secretary G. Morris

He dealt with the following matters

Management’s restriction on council’s meeting etc., delay in the complete Barnham Depot set up arrangement, new look train 

service – May 1994, South Central Training School, trainee’s pay arrangements, revised cab vents on 319/0, the eight week 

cycle arrangements, new method proposed on bargaining etc by the division.

Meeting recalled to order for the following business.

South Central (D.F.C.) casual vacancy

Following the reading of the two candidates address the following proposal was called. “That this branch nominates Bro. R. 

Luxford of Three Bridges for this position.” Proposed P. Horan & seconded S. Fuller.

Euro Elections

Branch Resolution

Proposed M. Thompson & seconded P. Horan. “That this branch donates £50 from the Political Funds to the Brighton Labour 

Party, and its campaign in fighting the election of M.P.” Voted unam.





Members present11 members names recorded in new attendance book.

L.D.C. Reports

A report on items raised at previous agenda meeting (May).

Update on Brighton messroom decorating plans cost £17,200 approx. Possible I.D. Cards for drivers – pilot scheme

Health & Safety Report

L.W.S. Sidings (North End Section), Continued problems foliage 15th August deadline to start removing the weeds, letter of 

reply to the Depot Engineer obtained, stating managements intention to black sidings if work is not carried out, proposal of 

revised walking route to L.W.S. from station via car park and Mont. Sidings.

Functional Council Report

Tony Allen gave a report on the position of Privatisation/Franchise of B.R.

Programme date on procedure are

7th July 1994 – South Central T.O.U.

1st November 1994 - Safety Validation

5th December 1994 – Franchise Licence

12th June 1995 Proof of Intent

December 1995 – Franchise Awards

April 1996 - Selling of Franchise

Proposal to purchase by Divisional Director i.e. Management Buy Out

Proposals to introduce D.R.I. Pay and Conditions without proper consultation

A thanks to the branch on the recent election for D.F.C. Reps.


Resolution Proposal Weekend Schools

“That this branch will assist the District Secretary Len Warboys in a donations towards the proposed Weekend School of £100 

should the event be held at Brighton.” Proposed J. Osborne & seconded M.A. Allen. Carried Unam.




Members present18 members names recorded in new attendance book.

E.C. Members Report

Chairman called for Standing Orders and agenda to be suspended to allow Bro. Mackenzie to address the meeting, items 

referred to in his address.

R.M.T. Rail Dispute position regarding A.S.L.E.F. members and the support offered. Effects on the Safety Levels (The 

Manning of Signal Boxes on strike days), effects on T.O. Units – South Central currently losing £700,000 to one million 

pounds per day.

A.S.L.E.& F Political Campaign

Members were informed of the sort of Political Voice our trade union were advocating and the need for ALL members to 

reaffirm the Political Fund.

A.S.L.E.& F. Restructuring the Union

The announcement of the recalled A.A.D. during November, to put forward proposed changes on the way we as a union 

conducts itself.

Bill spoke of the reduction in members the levels of running A.S.L.E.F. and the future of the Society.

Another item raised, incidents of drivers being tested under the 1992 Transport & Works act. A recent incident in which a 

driver was tested at Preston Park for stopping to aid someone on the line.

Chairman thanked our E.C. Member for his address, and after questions and answer period called for standing orders and 

agenda to order.

L.D.C. Report

Items reported on recent staff information news letter and misquoted and incorrect items

Present state of Brighton messroom, monitoring of Hidden 18, overtime worked time off between shifts etc.

The various training in operation on South Central, outstanding comp leave arrangements.

Class 319 unit and toilets not be cleaned etc., Class 319 & 421/3 cabs not being cleaned out more regular.

October (Winter Rosters) diagrams and link alterations – now agreed.

Annual Leeks rotas to be posted any changes will be done at the next branch meeting also revised method of change overs and 


Health & Safety report

Heating renewed radiation valves in Brighton messroom, present position on decorating messroom, state of smoking room.

Trial run on driver I.D. cards, Foilage within L.W.S. Depot and Sidings.


Car Park & Bike Secruity

Members were requesting improved areas where their own transport could be left safely and without damage or loss. Issue to 

be raised with management.

Members also wished to express their wished to express their shock and sadness over the death of Gerry Aggett a member of 

our branch society, he will be missed by all.



  Above Gerry Aggett





Members present13 members names recorded in new attendance book.

L.D.C. Report & Health & Safety Report

Winter rosters agreed and now operation, P.A. Training issue – still to take place, proposed Boxing Day service.

B.T. Police request to run passenger trains.

Hidden 18 monitoring of hours and days worked.

Better Training Course details, Comp Leave, domestic leave arrangements, Staff bike parking area, new staff I.D. cards, 

Barnham building scheme, platform 1-2 White light crossing.


L.D.C . nominations

Proposed I. Wilson & seconded T. Fielding. “That Bro. J. Osborne and Bro. P. Edwards are the two official A.S.L.E.F. 

nomination.” No other nominations put forward.

A.S.L.E.F. Branch Officers Nominations

The following members were nominations to be branch officers for 1995

Chairman M. Hawkins.

Assist Chairman P. Edwards.

Secretary C. Newton.

Assist Sec. I. Osborne.

Trustees J. Osborne & S. Hole.

Auditors I Wilson & T. Fielding.

District Council Delegate C. Newton.

Committee Members

F. Langridge, B. Brown, W. Mackenzie, D. Griffiths, P. Horan, D. Swaffield, S. Fuller, A. Warburton,

A. Chumbley, M. Thompson & M. Allen




Left - Right Cyril Ring (Ebne), Peter Pollard, Ken Pellett, Mick Donnelly (Area Manager), 

Ron Rabbetts & Geoff “Killer” Reynolds





Members present 20 members names recorded in new attendance book.

As a mark of respect the Chairman called for a minutes silence for the members and two public members killed in the Cowden 


L.D.C. & Branch Nominations

Proposed P. White & seonded T. Fielding. “That the nominations are accepted in block for both L.D.C. and Branch as no other 

nomination put forward.”


Letter of an “Appeal Fund” set up by Norwood Branch was read out. Appeal for donations to the families of those killed in the 

“Cowden Accident.” Proposed P. White & seconded P. Edwards. “That this branch donates £60. Voted unam.

Letter from A.S.L.E.F. Head Office in reference to Bro. S. Toughey incident involving B.T. Police officers.

Particular reference was made to circular No.4 “Single Lead Junctions” and the advice given by the General Secretary.

L.D.C. Report

Traction Train Courses 319s, Annual Leave Change Overs, Hidden 18, Ballast Trains, Welfare & Counselling of staff, 

accommodation update, issue of riding in cabs, issue of performance profiles, route norms – Local Level.

Health & Safety Report

None Smoking Policy in messroom and corridor at Brighton. L.W.S. cleaning of toilets and tanking of trains.

D.F.C. Report

Bro. Tony Allen opened by giving a report on the Cowden train crash, the trains involved location and approx speed of 

impact. Tony went on to explain the layout of the area, signalling set up. Our District E.C. member Bill Mackenzie along with 

H&S Rep from Norwood went to the scene to assist in anyway possible. South Central management planned to start normal 

service two days after the crash without finding out the full facts of why it happened.

Staff side Reps called a meeting with management and informed them on the actions staff side would operate under. An internal hearing on the incident has been conducted and a public in inquiring is due December 15th .

Various methods of working should have been introduced but lack of input by South Central Management has resulted in this 


A view that should member get discipline for action taken over safety. D.F.C. along with branches would call for a ballot to 

take action.

Driver I.D. Cards

Issue is being look into particularly as areas are trying to introduce pilot scenes without D.F.C or A.S.L.E.F. knowledge, parts 

of the scheme put great pressure on drivers should they not comply with the guidelines.

Drivers Performance Profile

T.O.U. have started to monitor staff using a complex points system, age, length of service, incident, shift change-overs, social 

and domestic issues, along with safety of line incidents, all are graded on a points rating which puts drivers in group at risk 

low, medium and high. High resulting drivers being taken off all driving duties.

At this point the Chairman called for an extension to meeting as time did not allow the report to continue. Proposed D. 

Griffiths & seconded J. Osborne. Carried unam.

Issue of the plans to reduce route learning by introducing a revised norms programme give great cause for concern, which 

again put drivers under strain. Some depots and yards are graded in hours and in route trips.

R.M.T. Strike Days

A claim for L215 payment for the days when staff underwent “Safety Training” has been turned down

Drink & Drugs Tests

D.F.C. have complained that complained that management are not complying with the act as they are making a driver undergo 

D&A testing, then saying as the incident was not serious to continue their turn of duty.

District Council Report

Our General Secretary Lew Adams addressed the meeting. He stated by explaining his plan to speak at District Council 

meetings. Issues addressed were

Privatisation – Restructuring,

A.S.L.E.F.’s future – A.A.D. recall, conference on improvement plans, Single Lead Junctions – referring to Cowden. 

Vandalism on trains- staff attacks on late night trains, next labour government – a commitment to return railways into full 

public ownership with the proper funding to run the system

Pay & Package Deals

A minimum drivers rate, no split shifts, look at some form of part-time, work for staff coming up to retirement with no loss of 


Len Warboys Report

Len spoke of matters relating to “Cowden”, problems with South Eastern Networker service, working of extra Sundays, 

drivers having to request time off work otherwise they could face M.F.A. monitoring and suspension or sacking.

E.C. Report W. Mackenzie

Bro. Bill pick up on the issues of both Lew Adams and Len Warboys.

Cowden accident and the various talks on a new method of working trains over the line.

New Driver Profiling Medical fitness.

T.O.U.’s and S.P.A.D.s, also package deals, police powers and members of staff carrying out alternatives to duties.

District Council Meetings

Following a review of costs to stage the District Council meetings, ot was agreed by all delegates that the next meeting is to be 

at Arkwright Road.




Left - Right: Bill MacKenzie (A.S.L.E.F. E.C. Member District No.1 (Brighton Branch), 

Chris Newton (Brighton Branch Secretary), 

Ron Rabbetts, Billy Kenchington, Tony West (A.S.L.E.F. Assitant General Secretary (Stratford Branch),

Len Warboys (Distict No. 1 Secretary (Portsmouth Branch), Gordon Hoad, Peter Pollard, Geoff Reynolds, 

Bert Long & George Hards.




Graham Eccles (Divisional Manager), Ron Rabbetts, Mrs. Rabbetts, Tony West (A.G.S.) 

& Len Worboys (District No.1 Secretary)  

Ron served as Chairman of the Brighton Branch No.1 through during 1960s





Members present 11 members names recorded in new attendance book.


Society National School, proposed P. Edwards & seconded M. Cole. 

“That Bro. I. Osborne is nominated for selection.” Voted unam

A.A.D. Delegate nominations – proposed that this branch proposed Bro. S. Weller for A.A.D.Delegate.

L.D.C. Report

Arrangements over Christmas holiday periods, changes in diagram’s to services in the New Year.

H&S Report

No smoking policy, Brighton Messroom redecorating & wearing of H.V. Jackets.

A.G.M. 1994

Branch Officers

Nominations for branch officers to serve 1995 proposed M. Hunter & seconded S. Lloyd. 

“That all nominations stand as agreed, plus Bro. S. Weller as additional Committee member.” Vote unam.



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