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By the mid 1990’s a new concept for future Drivers was being considered and this was to recruit people not already on the 

Railway or in other positions not connected with operating Trains (i.e. Ticket collectors or Platform Staff) as Trainee Drivers 

with the intention of intensively training them to become Drivers within 18 months. This has now become the way all Drivers 

are recruited.

It must be noted that during this period there was a lot of Drivers moving from the Brighton Connex South Central depot and 

not just to the Thameslink depot. This was due to drivers relocating in other parts of the country or moving to alternative 

companies to seek better work and or working conditions. Some Drivers moved to depots that were once considered “Dead 

Man’s Shoes” depots and working trains that once upon a time their seniority would never have allowed them to work as this 

was deemed to be Top Link Work. 

During the mid 1990’s the railway industry started to be carved into business sections ready for privatisation by the then 

Conservative Government. This brought about major changes to depots across the whole of British Rail. Dedicated company 

based depots started to materialise across the network. Brighton was no exception and was hard hit by theses changes. 

Brighton had many various types of work at this time which included: - Aggregate, Engineers, Inter-City, Thameslink, 

Regional trains, Post Office/Parcel, Departmental and Commuter/Local passenger work at the depot. Slowly the work was 

either moved out of the depot to alternative depots or withdrawn from the railway altogether. Brighton was soon left with 

three types of workings the day to electric passenger, the Thameslink and Inter-City work. With the privatisation of the 

railways the Central Division of the old Southern Region was franchised to the Private Rail Company Connex South Central 

in October 1996.

On the 5th October 1997 the depot saw the first of two depot splits due to the Privatisation of British Rail. The first being the 

formation of the Thameslink Depot. Many Brighton drivers along with other drivers within the area applied to go and work 

for Thameslink. The new depot consisted of mainly Brighton drivers, with a small amount of drivers from other depots. Over 

the coming years more drivers decided to transfer to the Thameslink depot as the depot started to grow and a firm footing 

become apparent within Brighton. Most of these drivers transferred from the Brighton Connex South Central depot looking for 

better working environment.


In October 2000 Connex South Central lost the South Central Franchise and this was awarded to Go Via who renamed in 

appropriately The Southern Railway. Connex still run the franchise until mid 2001 when Go-Via took over. In April 2006 the 

Thameslink Franchise was awarded to First Capital Connect.

The second Depot Split came in 2000 with the formation of a Virgin Cross Country Depot with 23 drivers of which 7 

transferred from the Connex South Central depot. The depot maintained a similar size through out its existence. This depot 

later closed on the 08th December 2008 with the withdrawal of Cross Country Trains from Brighton. Resulting in once again 

some drivers having to move all over the country to stay within the Driving Grade on Cross Country Trains or taking 

redundancy and leaving the industry. Luckily at the time First Capital Connect was looking to increase the amount of Drivers 

based at Brighton and so some of the redundant Cross Country Drivers filled these Drivers positions Both depots remained 

apart of ASLEF Brighton branch.

With many of the franchises all coming up for renewal in the not to distant future. What exactly the future will bring for train 

Drivers at Brighton and across the country nobody can really tell?

The Thameslink project, along with the London Cross-rail are both under major construction. Also there is more likely to see 

a major expansion with the London Overground train company, within South London area and it is inventible that current 

London Overground train services will be expanding even further a field. Only time will give us the answers to all these 





Members present I. Wilson, C. Newton, J. Osborne 

& M. Allen

In accordance with current Standing Orders, only minutes and correspondence to be read out all other business deferred to next meeting owing to inquorate meeting.

Minutes of the previous branch meeting held on 2nd December were read out.

Bro. M. Allen asked that a reference to the gift proposed to retired member Ron Lifford be included in the minutes as this was part of the proposal agreed.

Secretary apologised explaining why he had not mentioned it.

Comments were made that the nomination for Assistant Branch Secretary had asked not to be put forward. Secretary was asked to write to the member over this issue.

All current  circulars were read out and would be posted on the notice board at depot.

Membership application from D. Vallance to be held over to the next meeting.

For Record Purposed Only

Connex Rail Restructuring Offer.

This offer had been rejected by the D.F.C. and district Secretary. It was hoped further rounds if talks would be arranged.

John Osborne L.D.C. Rep. spoke about the revised diagrams involving 319/2s units on the Connex Express Service. With the increase of 319 work the L.D.C. would raise the level of traction knowledge to other links.

Current holiday change over now done, but with a change of Roster Clerk, issue of changes might be longer as they one consider less Important.

There was nothing on Health Safety.



Chairman recorded his dismay with the number of memebers attending meetings.



Branch Chairman Ivan Wilson 



Members present D. Griffiths, C. Newton, F. Lagridge, M. Thompson, 

A. Flowers, S. Weller, H. Hassan, A. Warburton, C. Horlock, M. Allen 

& Special Guest Speaker R. Luxford D.F.C. Rep.


Deferred new membership application.

A request by D. Vallance to become an A.S.L.E.F. memberwas 

presented to the branch. “That this branch accepts the application of 

Sister D. Vallance as a member.” Moved S. Weller & seconded F. 

Langridge. Vote carried.

Special Guest Speaker Address

D.F.C. Rep. Roy Luxford thanked our branch for allowing him 

speaking to members.

Issued Addressed.

Disciplinary Procedures, R. Brookes Selhurst. Roy spoke at some 

length over the handling of the ballot, and why other issues had been 

linked to ballot.

The handling of this whole matter led to areas where the Society could 

have been in contempt of the law, that’s why we had to change. The 

lack of communication needed to be addressed first, not only at 

national level, but local level.

Issues on P.T.& R., the Bargaining Procedures and other agreements 

needed to be monitored as these areas were where management were 

looking at changing, and this is where we need to support our Council 

Reps and our union.

Driver Performance Profiling.

Station over shooting and S.P.A.D.s.

These matters were now being dealt with outside the disciplinary 

code. Drivers were not being made aware that these were still placed 

on their records and that high levels of points could result in the sack.

Although only one set of points were now being used and that some 

points did not reduce in time, some points remain on their records. 

Age (55) being one.

Concern was raised regarding the “1963 type” rolling stock, reports 

had been received that the had rails on some units were breaking away 

as a result of corrosion of the coach bodies. Members have been 

injured, council will be seeking assurances over the state of these type 

of units but drivers should be alter to this problem.

Safety Training Day two was now being done with more emphasis on 

safety matters although “Business Awareness” was still part of this.

Diagrammed excessive days or hours

Agreements that required men to be booked off duty having been 

completing extra days etc was agreed. This was in response to ballast  

working and other such incidents.

E.W.S. have been allowing members to undermine current 

training/route learning. Recent incident involved a ex-Norwood 

second man learning Uckfield routes with other drivers, having not 

worked line for some 8/9 years.

Another proposal allowing crews to sign on/off at Three Bridges and 

paying extra allowance for travelling in their own time.

Safety equipment Class 37 locomotives, council had sort to have 

equipment placed on these i.e. short circuit bars, hook switch poles, 

but management declined too drivers would have to use methods of 

current isolation.

Complaints about new uniforms, a number of complaints had been 

made regarding the styling, colours and quality and none issue of foot 


Additional services  south of Haywards Heath, extra services to 

Eastbourne and Worthing areas were planned for Summer timetables. 

Also extra South London Metro services were also planned. Planned 

reduction in Redhill was not going ahead as predicted.

Restructure Deal

Revised offer was now presented to council, this would be put to the 

A.S.L.E.F. executive before members were ballot on it.

Details of the package would be given to all members first before 

ballot. Offer was a basic salary £20,600 plus, extra for Sunday and a 

average of 37 week. This concluded his report to member.

A vote of thanks to Roy Luxford for his report was given. Moved C. 

Horlock & seconded S. Weller. Vote Carried.


On the issue of new uniforms, this was raised by members with 

serious complaints about the style, colour etc and the lack of 

consultation the following motions were forward.

“This Brighton Branch wishes to express it’s amazement in the shades 

of colours and style used in the first Connex South Central uniform 

issue for Traincrew staff.

We feel that while these shades and styles may be acceptable for on 

train stewards, they are totally inappropriate for Traincrew staff.

Further, we feel they do not respect the profession of the job we Are 

expected to exercise when carrying out our duties.

We are not ‘Holiday Tour Operator Guides’, but a body of both men 

and women who are responsible for the lives of thousands travellers 

and commuters who in event of  a mistake will instantly be on a 

charge of manslaughter.

Being mindful of this, a colour and style more fitting to reflect this 

responsibility is called for more in line with the police and fire 

brigade, than glorified school boy’s uniform.

This Brighton Branch therefore instructs its Functional Council 

Representatives for Connex South Central and the Executive 

Committee of A.S.L.E.F. to make serious representations to the 

management of Connex South Central with the view to making 

acceptable changes through full and meaningful consultations on the 

issue for drivers grades on Connex South Central.” Moved S. Weller 

& seconded M. Thompson. Vote carried.

“That this Brighton Branch instructs its Secretary to write to all 

Branch Secretaries on Connex South Central, informing them of the 

resolution adopted by this branch, with the view of them adopting a 

similar policy.” Moved F. Langridge & seconded H. Hassan. Vote 


“That this Brighton Branch instructs its L.D.C. Representatives to 

make representations to our management with a view to 

communicating the unsatisfactory nature, and derision with which the 

uniform is held in at Brighton.” Moved A. Warburton & seconded C. 

Horlock. Vote carried.


Health & Safety Rep. Mick Hawkins 


HELD ON MARCH 3rd  1997

Members present J. Edisbury, W. Mackenzie, S. Jones, 

M. Hawkins, I. Osborne, J. Osborne, S. Gillen, R. Perrin, 

A. Thaxter, R. Matthews, M. Cole, H. Penter, A. Chumbley, D. Hogan, 

A. Gregg, C. Horlock, I. Dove, A. Flowers & G. Bowen

H&S Report

Bro. M. Hawkins gave the Health and Safety report covering, 

Worthing P.N.B. toilets and messroom to be revamped. to be 

monitored. Unauthorised walking route Montpeller Sidings  to No.3 

platform, again staff were warned that disciplinary action would be 

taken against anyone caught using this route.

Question, is there going to be a Haywards Heath P.N.B. point?

Answer, it would appears so, H&S rep to monitor developments.

Question, was the H&S rep aware that ex D.I.G. 1963 stock were 

fitted with unsatisfactory driving seats?

Answer, yes it was to be progressed.

D.F.C. Report

Bro. R. Luxford (Three Bridges Branch) expressed his disappointment 

that the D.R.I. books were not yet in the hands of members, but 

explained due to inaccuracies the first print run been pulled at the 

eleventh hour. The new copies should be arriving in the next few days. 

He proceeded to give a detailed summary of the main points, after 

which the meeting was opened to questions.

Question, is the full text of the deal going to be made available?

Answer, yes

Question, why was travelling back remotely booking off covered in 

the Drugs & Alcohol policy?

Answer, this was included at the D.F.C.s request to protect members. 

Should an individual decide to go for a drink it was their responsibility 

to travel back at their own expense, and not to use travel 


Question, are the remote booking off locations specified or determined 

by travelling time?

Answer, determined by travelling time.

Question, will existing staff  loose existing residential travel passes?

Answer, no, they are protect by the 1963 Railways Act.

Question, can I be moved three hours off a spare turn on to a running 


Answer, Yes.

Question, am I obliged to work rear end turns?

Answer, only post 1988 drivers.

Question, what is the maximum hours I can be rostered in a week?

Answer, 50 hours, but will be unlikely because of the expense for 

management to cover all the additional rest days this would create. All 

rosters would be dealt with at local level.

Question, are we committed to annualised hours?

Answer, No.

Question, if a driver becomes unable to work in the Shunt Links are 

there any protection schemes?

Answer, they will be dealt with under severance arrangements. Also 

the Engineman’s Assurance Fund are forming a special insurance 


Question, will fitters be moving units within yard limits?

Answer, not as part of the D.R.I., but it is something management are 

looking at.

Question, how will the 12% difference of Sunday working between 

depots be worked?

Answer, across the whole division.

Question, what will become of the Driver Instructors?

Answer, they will be interviewed for the position of Driver Assessor, 

of which there will be fewer. At present there was no job spec. 


Some concern was expressed at the possibility that mixed or full rear 

end diagrams could be included in the master rosters, as such a motion 

was put before the meeting.

“That this Brighton Branch instruct the D.F.C. to make representation 

to Connex South Central to receive clear and unequivocal written 

clarification on the following, from the proposed Driving 

Restructuring Offer. Prior to the commencement of the ballot.

8.5.1. ‘Non Driving Operational Duties’ – that no full or mixed rear 

end turns will be included in the Master roster.” Moved S. Weller & 

seconded M. Hawkins. Carried unanimously.

Question, are C.E.B.s covered by the same provisions as P.N.B.s?

Answer, yes

Question, will I get a P.N.B. if I work over six hours?

Answer, yes, any diagram over 6:01 will have a P.N.B. The H.S.E. are 

obliged to examine any restructuring and the breaks must be 

acceptable to them.

Question, will ASLEF union dues become a percentage of our salary?

Answer, no, union dues will be set by the Annual Assembly of 


Question, what will happen if we throw the offer out?

Answer, this is the final offer. It was the D.F.C. opinion that 

management would seek to change the existing agreements anyway, 

particularly during future pay talks.

Question, would the Executive committee back industrial action in this 


Answer, the Executive Committee President (W. Mackenzie) gave 

categorical assurances that any industrial action would receive the full 

support of the ASLEF leadership.

Question, is the P.T.& R. affect by this offer?

Answer, No.

Question, does this offer take into account the 1997 pay rise?

Answer, Yes.

Question, when does the pensionable pay element start from and what 

will happen to this years annual leave?

Answer, pensionable pay will be back dated to the 31st March, the 

annual leave will be progressed at Company Council.

Question, what happens to Relief Drivers?

Answer, The Relief Driver grade remains.

Bro. R. Luxford summed up stating that it was time to bite the bullet, 

he believed it was a good deal as we would be able to get. That 

management had made it plain there would be no further negotiations 

and this offer meant an increase in guaranteed pay and quality time 

off. It was now up to the membership to decide if they wanted this 

change. It was soley up to them.

A vote of thanks for Roy Luxford’s contribution and explanations was 

proposed. Move S. Jones & seconded M. Hawkins. Carried unan 


Election of Assistant Branch Secretary (casual vacancy). M. Allen was 

nominated. Moved S. Weller & seconded M. Hawkins. 





HELD ON APRIL 10th  1995

L.D.C Report

May (Summer) Timetable – an overall of 

two extra diagrams to depot, Thameslink 

additional trains – Brighton not diagrammed 

any of the new work. Bedford working these 

under D.O.O. mode.


Bro. M. Allen, items addressed 

Current position over Bedford working 

trains D.O.O. mode from Gatwick to 

Brighton. Both our D.F.C. and the E.C. of 

A.S.L.E.F. are demanding action on this. 

Proposal to withdraw all 319/Bedford work 

from Selhurst, separate Thameslink at 

Brighton, one of a number of options being 

considered, P.T. & R, in particular Clause 15 

depot splits/volunteers. 


HELD ON MAY 1st  1995


Letter Ref D.O.O (P) Three Bridges to 


Issue resolve around proposals to run 

D.O.O. (P), when has not been cleared. E.C. 

correspondence to the T.O.U./D.F.C. putting 

our union position and possible action.

L.D.C. Report

Rep’s explained Proposed Thameslink set 



HELD ON JUNE 6th 1995


As a result of the proposed Thameslink split 

at Brighton, Tony allen was invited to 

address the branch.

D.O.O. Brighton/Three Bridges Area

Thameslink were to try and extend D.O.O. 

(P) operation to Brighton. This issue was 

taken up by the D.F.C. and at a meeting with 

the General Secretary at Head Office. Our 

position was reaffirmed over the method of 


Tony explained the various meetings etc on 

this matter, and that Mr.Graham Eccles had 

assured D.F.C. that no members would be 

disciplined over trains not operating D.O.O. 

(P) Three Bridges – Brighton should 

Conductors/Trainmen not available to work 


Proposed Thameslink Split Brighton

Tony explained the proposed changes at 

Brighton with Thameslink about to separate 

it’s operation from South Central. That at a 

meeting on 22nd May 1995, Thameslink 

stated it’s intention to established a depot at 

Brighton, and it’s withdrawal from Selhurst 


Their proposals were to have a depot of 24 drivers at Brighton from the 34th September, 

a structure withdrawal from Selhurst with 

the result of two depot operation.

Tony went on to explain the various effects 

this would have on both Selhurst and 


What would take place under the P.T. & R. 

and if after the memorandum of Information 

of Intent who would (and how) be drivers 

for Thameslink? How part-closures are 

taken place in relation to the P.T. & R.

The affects as to vacancy list and all line 


Various questions on pensions were raised, 

also future of drivers under Thameslink. 

Tony agreed that at the moment details on 

how and what terms staff would have to 

agree were few and that as and when more 

information becomes available, he would be 

willing to address members.


HELD ON JULY 11th 1995

D.F.C. to meet Executive Committee on 

Thursday 13th July over Three Bridges – 

Brighton D.O.O. (P).





Functional Council have informed local 

reps. Of their intention for dedicated Link 

Working at Brighton.

L.D.C. in conjunction with D.F.C. are 

holding open surgery days at Brighton to 

explain, listen and council Brighton Drivers 

on the whole issue.

Briefly the information so far.

Dedication of work June 1996.

Volunteers Option.

Possible complete separate from South 

Central management by year 2000.

Option on three ways drivers will be 


More information will be given when all is known.

Brighton Depot as a whole will change 

affecting every driver.




Question, was there any further information 

on Thameslink proposals for Brighton?

Functional Council Rep. replied, that a 

meeting was planned for 7th February 1996, 

with D.F.C., L.D.C. and Thameslink 






D.F.C Rep. Tony Allen explained the 

meeting by management D.F.C. Reps and 

Local Reps of the 7th February 1996.

Thameslink put forward plans on their 

proposals to have a link of drivers at 

Brighton and their intention to establish a 

depot at Brighton by June 1996.

They require 28 drivers, these would be 

drivers that volunteer ed to transferred from 

South Central T.O.U. to Thameslink.

In return Thameslink were prepared to sign 

a 3 year contract with South Central to 

release the staff and that within this period a 

depot would be formed and set up  men 

would have to decided= by 1st March, 

T.U.P.E. conditions would apply.

Once staff have agreed, there would be no 

reconsideration to remain South Central. 

Possible 3 year to 5 year project work.

Transfer to Thameslink to be completed by 

June 1999.

D.F.C. explained what little information 

they had and what of those who declined to 


Various issues were put and answers given 

where possible.

Matter Arising

Question, did T.U.P.E. apply and how? 

Answer, yes although after 90 days new 

contracts could be proposed if new 

employer wish to change old one.

Question, has Thameslink management 

showed any move to hold open meeting? 

Answer, none as yet,

Question, would duties remain the same as 

they are now? 

Answer, no information was available to 

indicate otherwise.

Question, how would the South Central 

work be altered once the Thameslink work 

was removed? 

Answer, at this stage, local Reps could not 

give any clear answers.

Question, will reps. Be available later to 

explain further points? 

Answer, yes D.F.C. proposed a further two 

depot visits, 16th & 19th February.

The branch proposed another meeting on the 



HELD ON MARCH 4th  1996


Bro. M. Allen spoke about the very latest 

developments regarding the managements 


The position regarding why a new letter was 


The rights under T.U.P.E. which must apply.

Reference to the position of junior members 

should it arise.

Employment Relations Manager position as 

regards to previous meeting and the fact that 

matters were being altered against any 

previous agreements.

Item one, position of new letter, first letter 

was completely misleading, after D.F.C. had 

meetings with management, a new revised 

letter seeking volunteers was sent out to all 

driver members.

Item two, position of T.U.P.E. was explained 

as far as D.F.C. could be clear on.

Position of junior drivers being forced to go 

was untrue!

Employee Relation Manager was to take 

part is all talks

The volunteer dead line was Friday 1st 

March, as of Monday 4th  39 applications 

were received, once seniority etc had been 

sorted a list of these members who had been 

placed posted.

Thameslink indicated a need for 28, many 

issues had still yet to be answered, D.F.C 

had reported everything to members and it 

was a personal choice whether to go or stay, 

nothing had been withheld by D.F.C.

Tony spoke at some length on the issue of 

information being given or not given.

Certain information was obtained by a staff 

members, but had not thought to inform 

staff reps., this led to members accusing 

Reps. of with holding information that could 

effect members decisions. This Tony said 

was completely untrue, members knew 

everything that they knew the information 

was not being withheld just hadn’t any to 

give of anyone was, it was Thameslink. 


HELD ON June 3rd  1996

L.D.C. Report

D.O.O. radios, Three Bridges to Brighton. 

Reports that some drivers have not been 

able to raise the signalman due to them not 

answering calls have been put to 

management, response was all calls should 

be answered, members not getting through 

should reportall incidents where signalman 

do not answer call sent. Drivers must 

however Set Up all radios in these areas.


HELD ON AUGUST 12th  1996 



Secretary informed branch that 

correspondence had taken place regarding 

the allegations of Bedford members 

working excessive hours and abrogating 

other working practices.

Letters were read out to members and the 

reasons why we had put this matter before 

the E.C. Following a debate a motion was 

put forward.

“That this Branch is disappointed by the 

(Ref. Resolution 811/393) in letter dated 9th 

August 1996. Furthermore in view of the 

wide ranging abrogations of National 

Conditions of Service, and the immoral 

flaunting of safe working practices, this 

branch instructs the E.C. to undertake a 

through investigation and action to prevent 

any further weakening of the Safety 

Standards.” Proposed S. Weller & seconded 

M. Allen.

Members also requested that this branch 

applauded the Secretary for taking up the 


Question, regards to the issue of excessive 

hours, an allegation that a member of this 

Branch has been working excessive hours 

covering Thameslink Bedford diagrams by 

telephone rostering? This matter will be put 

to the L.D.C. to take up and report back.

Question, a member of this branch has had 

his annual leave (2nd week) deferred to 

allow him to cover T.C.S. position, can this 

matter be looked into? This will be looked 

into D.F.C will also be informed.





HELD ON MAY 27th  1997

Members present I. Wilson, R. Matthews, M. Hunter, W. Mackenzie, M. Cole, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, A. Gregg,

S. Weller & C. Newton. Special Guest Speaker D.F.C. Rep R. Luxford

Chairman called for a minute’s silence to honour Bro. E. o’Keeffe, Selhurst. Eddie died suddenly whilst on a home visit to his 

family in Ireland. Chairman paid tribute to his work for the Society.

L.D.C. Report

Bro. J. Osborne L.D.C. rep. gave a short report on L.D.C. matters

Rosters were now being posted, these did not have L.D.C. approval as they did not meet the criteria. Company council were 

fully aware of the reasons why, but advised members to work to these current diagrams within current guidelines.

Management have now showed that Brighton’s depot establishment would stand at 141.

Any  grievance or claims would now have to be dealt with on a personal basis as managements decision to withdraw from the 

current procedures and machinery means that they will decide or not if a claim will be recognised.

Smaller personal copies of the rosters would be soon available.

Members warned about management’s new Pc/Tc timings

Proposed trials of a new train protection system on a section of line from Stoat’s Nest to Balcombe Junction were due soon. 

Thes were on Thameslink units only, members in Links Nos. 1 &2 will be trained. This is a Railtrack scheme, who will be 

funding this training. L.D.C. were waiting further information on it.

D.F.C. Report

Bro. Roy Luxford our Company Council Rep. thanked our 

branch for the opportunity to address the branch meeting.

Roy paid tribute to Bro. Eddie o’Keffee for the work he had 

done as local rep and also district Council Chairman.

He paid thanks too all the Company L.D.C.s for their 

support on the summer rosters and diagrams.

Reference was also mentioned about the position of 

advocates dress codes and tome released. Release of staff 

reps. Was being threatened. Imposition of reduced Prep. & 

Disposal times. No payment of members, L215 agreement if 

taken off diagrams, also if Drug and Alcohol tested will only 

get basic rate.

He stated that unlike reports being circulated, Council have 

not refused to re-open talks, management closed talks and 

ignored the machinery process. Informed Council that their 

current release was being reviewed and put them back at the 

their depots.

Bro. W. Mackenzie, E.C. President and branch member 

asked the chairman the opportunity to address the meeting. 

Chairman agreed.

Bro. Bill Mackenzie gave a summary report on the E.C. 

position and the support given to both members and council.

Chairman thanked both Council Rep and E.C. President for 

their reports.

Following the current position on Connex South Central, the 

branch moved the following motions.

“That this Brighton Branch instruct the Executive 

Committee, in the event of an affirmative ballot for 

industrial action on Connex South Central, to use every 

meens at their disposal to ensure that the national and local 

media are made aware of the catalogue of mismanagement, 

intimidation and incompetence of the incumbent managers 

on Connex South Central.” 

Moved S. Weller & seconded M. Hunter. Vote unam.

“That this Brighton Branch wishes to express it grave concerns over the imposition of revised preparation and disposal times 

for E.M.U. stock on Connex South Central in conjunction with their intimidatory and arbitrary discipline policies, will result 

in members being forced to skimp essential safety checks.

Therefore this Brighton Branch instructs the Executive Committee to raise these issues as a matter of urgency, with the the 

Railway Safety Executive, the Minister for Transport and any other relevant bodies. ” 

moved S. Weller & seconded A. Gregg. Vote carried unam.  


HELD ON JULY 8th  1997

Members present I. Wilson, M. Cole, A. Gregg, J. Bucking ham, M. McCabe, H. Penter, S. Smith, D. Shepherd,

S. Weller, C. Newton, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, M. Hunter, M. Thompson, A. Flowers, M. Allen, W. Mackenzie,

B. Brown M. Hawkins, P. Osborne & Guest Speaker R. Luxford Company Council Rep.

New Member Application

Moved M. Hawkins & seconded S. Weller. “That this Brighton Branch accepts the applications of R. Boniface ofBrighton 

(Conductor Grade) as a member to this trade union.” Carried.

L.D.C. Report

Bro. J. Osborne gave a short report.

L.W.S. Depot – a new platform had been installed in the Washer Road, this was to allow drivers on 319 units to change ends 

whilst washing these trains. Special gloves were available also. Members to note, these are for 8 cars only.

H&S Report

Mick Hawkins reported on the following

Washer Road (LWS) as H&S Rep. he was against the way this was being done.

Lighting was to be provided on the platform.

The general state of LWS Depot & Sidings were raised with the H&S Executive.

All lighting posts were to be numbered to aid staff reporting any defects.

Empting of toilets from 1963 type stock within LWS Depot.

Sunday 29th June incident within Clayton Tunnel, this was being raised with Connex and Railtrack.




Addressing the meeting were Company council Rep. Roy Luxford and E.C. President Bill Mackenzie.

Roy thanked the chairman for this opportunity in speaking on this issue, but called upon the E.C. member to explain how we 

reached the position of a ballot.

Bill explained how at the A.A.D. Conference in Torquay, our General Secretary, Lew Adams, had been contacted by a senior 

manager from the Connex Board, to talk about the dispute. The result of this was that an emergency motion was put to the 

conference to lift the rest day/overtime ban, and for talks on the restructuring to re-start. This was passed by delegates. Talks 

were started and changes to the original offer was made.

This revised package and the fact that on legal advice from Robin Thompson, ASLEF were in some danger of an injunction 

being issued against the trade union, the decision to put the offer to the members was taken.

Roy Luxford stated that Council were only called into the talks after the A.A.D. decision. Certain agreements were secured, 

result was that now company council and ASLEF had all loyal staff reps briefed on the package and that a series of depot 

meetings would take place for staff members would accept the package.

Every member of Traincrew will receive a booklet which sets out the revised offer, and all would be balloted later.

Our A.A.D. Delegate Simon Weller, whilst delaying his report on conference asked to address the issue regarding the roll of 

conference took. Simon explained how delegates were told of the meeting with Connex and why they passed the motion to lift 

the ban. Fundamental fact regarding what conference were told or not told have arising.

Members then put forward a series of questions.

Question,  under the proposal a maximum of 50 hours per week was stated, how would this reflect in rosters?

Answer, it would be for local staff reps. And managers to work out rosters.

Question, before this goes to ballot will a clear and precise understandings to be given to members on all aspects of the 


Answer, Council would seek to get this done in time.

Question, Trainmen/Relief Drivers, vacancies were still not being shown or filled? Why?

Answer, Roy explained the procedures and promised that Council would look into this.

Question, Trainmen/Relief Drivers, complaints that this grade were not being given equal driving turns. i.e. senior man 

rotation was not being applied, therefore how can members be credited

Answer, members should, must use the claims procedures fully, even though management may be not dealing with these 

claims at present.

Question, The Driver’s Charter, what is it?

Answer, this is a set of about eighteen objectives that have been thought out which spell out drivers position. And it is these 

aims that the unions is to set out and get.

Question, this package was designed to give time off. i.e. no rest day or large overtime workings. In any future dispute would 

members have to strike?

Answer, Strikers, this would only be if the membership were balloted all other avenues would be considered first.

Question, Sunday working, the first package spoke of blank Sunday’s, would this deal include them?

Answer, No, only booked/diagrammed Sundays.

Question, will diagrams show remote booking off, and travel time?

Answer, diagrams should show this.

Question, what did the average Sunday working mean to a driver?

Answer, the average out at 17-19 per driver.

Question, were Connex expected to receive fines by O.P.R.A.F.

Answer, no. Railtrack were fining them for cancelling trains a decision on O.P.R.A.F. imposing fines remained unclear.

Question was this the deal that was out put to the E.C. on Wednesday?

Answer, No. this was not.

Question, how will diagramming be done?

Answer, L.D.C. will have an input into links and traction and route agreement will apply in what duties go in what links. 

Much as it is done now.

Question, what happens if this is rejected?

Answer, a decision will have to be made, Connex Rail have indicated no more offers. It remains to be seen whether or not they 

will and if a reduction in members working overtime takes place.

A motion was put to the branch setting out the feeling and condition members wanted. After a discussion it was decided to 

present this at the next branch meeting, as the ballot result would be known.

Moved M. Allen & seconded M. Cole. “That a vote of thanks be recorded for our E.C. President’s report and Company 

Council rep’s report on the Restructuring deal and current dispute.” Carried.  





Members present I. Wilson, T. Allen, F. Maskell, R. Stobbard, M. Hawkins, I. Osborne, S. Smith, M. Cole,

M. Bullen, R. Matthews, A. Chumbley & J. Osborne.



Vacant position on Divisional Council, South Central, correspondence read out from S. Weller Brighton Branch and A. Reed 

Battersea Branch. Moved S. Smith & seconded M. Bullen. “That this branch nominates S. Weller, Brighton Branch.”

L.D.C. Report

Arrangements for washing of 319 units appear to be working without problem. Management will again be producing the 

roster and local representatives seem to have less and less input.

It was noted that the latest D.R. I. package has been rejected.

Local Representatives have invited to a meeting with management on D.R.I. issues on 2nd September 1997.

An agenda meeting will be held on 5th September 1997.

Matters  Arising.

Concerns expressed over who is responsible for closing windows on 319 units when they are prepared for service and are 

required to be washed before entering service?

L.D.C. view that this not the drivers job, and drivers should report open windows to depot staff and await instructions. This will be raised at the meeting to be held 5th September.

De-icer units are being put into service with no operator on board, is this correct?

L.D.C. will raised this matter at the meeting to be held 5th September.

Health & Safety Report

Concern has been expressed over incidents of drivers having to run over bodies laying after fatalities. Management have 

indicated that their view is that all bodies should be covered. Correspondence to this effect has received.

The issue of fire fighting equipment on trains has been raised at a recent meeting and the following questions on this 

management have said that all trains should have full fire fighting equipment on board, and if a driver finds any short fall they 

should report this and equipment will be provided at the first opportunity.

Cleaning of staff facilities is still an issue but the refurbishment of the station could well cause its own problems.

Lamp posts in Lovers Walk are numbered now which will make indentification for reporting easier.

A Health & Safety booklet has been published, but none are available as yet.

Matter Arising

What is the position of trains which are found to have all fire fighting equipment when being prepared?

H&S Rep view is that no train should leave depot and enter service without all fire fighting equipment on board.

Concern expressed over contamination of walk ways in Lover Walk.

H&S Rep advised that this matter has been dealt with at a recent meeting..


A motion concerning D.R.I. was proposed, moved F. Maskell & seconded B. Brown. “That this Brighton Branch wishes to put 

forward the following proposed recommendations to the Executive Committee of A.S.L.E.F. and to the Company Council 

Representatives negotiating on behalf of the members on Connex South Central.

To achieve an agreed settlement with the company by:-

1, Agreement to a thirty seven hour working week.

2, A maximum of a roster of forty hours in anyone weeks diagramming.

3, That the duration of work should not extend beyond nine hours and a minimum of six hours.

4, Sunday Working, this to be outside the thirty seven hour working week and to be restricted to a maximum of nine hours and 

a minimum of six hours/

5, Sunday Working, to be paid at a rate of time plus half time or at a greater.

6, no remote booking on or off duty, all travelling to be diagrammed within the duties.

7, booking of all public holidays, staff booked to be paid at a rate of time plus half time all staff to be granted lieu leave.

8, Christmas & Boxing Day to be paid at a rate of time plus time worked.

9, Pensions, that full basic pensionable pay to be calculated from the implementation date of the agreement.

10, to agree full recognition of all bargaining and negotiation procedures with all Company council, local representation.”

Following a full discussion this matter was put to a vote, for 7,  against 4 and abstained 2. carried  majority.

A general view was that a special meeting should be held if ever a D.R.I.  package is agreed to deal with the issue of Rest Day 

patterns and roster layouts. 

G.C.H.Q Victory Celebrations

In relation to A.S.L.E.F circular G.C.H.Q. Victory Celebration the following motion was put forward, moved S. Weller & 

seconded A. Chumbley. “That this Brighton Branch is disappointed at the lack of full time officers, executive committee and 

A.S.L.E.F. banner at the G.H.C.Q. Victory Celebration. As such this Brighton Branch requests that every effort be made to 

ensure that Officers, Executive Committee and the A.S.L.E.F. banner be at  any rally, march etc support by A.S.L.E.F” Carried 





Members present. D. Griffiths, C. Newton, D. Swaffield, 

M. Thompson, S. Weller, M. Hunter, S. Smith,

A. Flowers, P. White & F. langridge.

Secretary explained the purpose of meeting, due to the short 

notice given by A.S.L.E.F. circular No.328/1997.

Nominations for Company Council Representatives Connex 

South Central.

The closing date for any such nominations was 30th September 

1997 and that the next normal branch meeting was October 6th and that any branch nominations would not be valid 

therefore the vice Chairman and Secretary order a special 

meeting to put forward any nominations.

Secretary informed the chairman that he received two letters 

seeking nominations. Both these letters had been approved by 

the General Secretary under Rule 45. 

Chairman then read out the two letters from Bro. G. Morris 

London Bridge Branch and then Bro. R. Luxford Three 



Andy Owen 

Branch in both cases the said members were seeking to be re-elected as company Council Reps.

Chairman then asked for a mover and seconder for each of the candidates. A request from the members present was put, 

requesting further nominations from the floor, chairman then allowed these to put two nominations were put.

Mover M. Thompson & seconded P. White. “That Bro. S. Weller is nominated to stand in the election for Company Council.”

Mover S. Smith & seconded D. Swaffield. “That Bro. M. Thompson is nominated to stand in the election for Company 


With no other nominations the chairman called for a vote on all nominations. With no mover and seconder, Bro. G. Morris 

and Bro. R. Luxford nominations fell.

Bro. S. Weller,  moved M. Thompson & seconded by P. White vote 7 for. Carried.

Bro. M. Thompson, moved Smith & seconded by D. Swaffield vote 7 for Carried.

Chairman and Secretary astained from voting. Chairman declared Bro. S. Weller & Bro. M. Thompson, be the Branch 

nomination to be forwarded to Head Office. 





Members present I. Wilson, C. Newton, D. Vallence, S. Smith, D. Griffiths, D. Swaffield, M. Thompson, A. Gregg, F. Maskell, 

M. Hunter, W. Jones, H. Hassan, S. Gandey, P. Edwards, M. Allen & S. Weller

Guest Speakers E.C. President. W. Mackenzie & D.F.C. Rep. R. Luxford.



Election DFC Position (3rd member)

Three nominations Bros. Gunn (Norwood), Read (Battersea) & Weller (Brigton). Brighton’s nomination to stand as selected.

E.C. Report W. Mackenzie

Bill thanked the Chairman for allowing him to address the Branch Meeting.

1, Reference Circular No.398 – Southall Crash, Bill gave a run down of events of the accident and of the Society position on 

A.W.S. Isolation and other safety equipment on trains.

Cab Secure Radio failure – A.T.P.  Society was to consider the safety and legal position on such items with the view to drivers 

taking action on working trains with equipment not in use.

2, Connex Rail and the New Personal Contracts of Employment

This was taken very serious as if allowed staff would have no rights. If management didn’t change their views on this, the 

Society will consider some sort of industrial action.

3, Society – Unions Finance Position

A.S.L.E.F.  was undertaking to look at always in reducing its running costs, its day to day operating costs were more than 

incomes and whilst it had investments etc it needed to be more cost effective to be able to demands.

4, Current dispute against A.S.L.E.F. by R.M.T.

Society has come under increasing attacks by R.M.T. and one in particular area membership of new recruits within the 

railways. Bill highlighted the position with Central Trains.

5, Membership Deduction

Members were to be encouraged to go Direct Debit, this would actually save the Society money.

Question on the subject of union restructure rather than try to change everything, why not one part at a time. Bill explained 

what had happened over the last few years when changes were proposed.

Question on the Southall Crash and Isolation A.W.S. and othe equipment was A.S.L.E.F aware of an article in the Daily 

Mirror newspaper regarding a buffet stewart being called to the cab. Bill stated that all incidents or matter of safety were of 

concern and that the Society would put forward a case at the enquiry. Observations and comments were made by a number of 

members present.

Chairman called for a vote of thanks,. Moved M.Allen & seconded D. Griffiths. “That this branch thanked Bro. Mackenzie  for 

his address to the branch.”

Company Council Report

Bro. Roy Luxford thanked the Branch for allowing him to made a report to members.

Roy referred to Circular No.314/1997 “R.M.T. Dispute with A.S.L.E.F.”

He referred to all the problems of Barnham Depot had over R.M.T. members and what took place, and the A.S.L.E.F members 

were treated by the local R.M.T. officers.

Pensions, Roy outlined our present position with Connex and the pending case regards to full pension.

Driver Restructure Package

Council were to look at all current aspects of the rejection and on staff views. Council would give it one more try, if it fails 

they would place a claim for a 1997 pay award.

On D.R.I., it was planned that in the event of a package a more detailed ballot would be conducted with one part being, 

‘doing you wish to remain as you are?’ the others a choice of may be two kinds of deals.

Areas that were being considered were:-

Bank Holiday Working – different ways if pay.

L.S.S. retained – altered.

Possible Attendance Awards

Night rates being altered

Minimum late running 30 mins max.

Spare to incorporate safety talks etc.

Hospitals Leave unchanged

Maximum Sunday working numbers

Maximum Hours on spares etc

Pre/Disposal times – walking times

Issue on Individual Contracts

This was being addressed by Council, advice was not to sign up.

A.W.S. Isolation consideration to include C.S.R.’s and other safety aids to be included in driver’s rights to not work trains with 

passengers on-board. It is hoped that this would improve services etc, but if any member was disciplined then action would be 

taken by A.S.L.E.F.

Driver's Red Signal Reminder Buttons

Units were to be fitted with a safety button which would prevent traction power being given. All drivers would be receiving 

instruction once units had been fitted. But a date was still to be given.

Thameslink Brighton

As of 6th October a new depot had been formed, 9 duties had been transferred, 15 drivers were starting new positions on the 

6th with 11 more on the 13th October, all Thameslink work would be transferred by the end of 1997.

Roy then referred to the current position on the Council election and about the nominations put forward by Brighton Branch. 

As member within the Branch were standing, he regarded this as a no confidence vote, yet as a Council no branch had written 

to them or A.S.L.E.F Head Office and Brighton had always supported both Council members in the work done on their behalf.

A debate then took place by members, Bros. S. Weller and M. Thompson, who were the two nominees concerned replied to the 


Chairman thanked Roy Luxford and called for a vote of thanks. Moved S. Weller & seconded D. Griffiths. “That this Branch 

wishes to thank Roy Luxford for the Company Council Report given.” Vote unam  Carried.

L.D.C. Nominations

Chairman asked the members present for Brighton Connex south central Depot L.D.C. nominations.

Position (1) moved A. Gregg & seconded M. Thompson. “That Bro. I .Wilson be nominated.”

Position (2) moved H. Hassan & seconded F. Maskell. “That Bro. P. Edwards be nominated.”

Any Other Business

Item to be addressed by H&S Rep

Green paper hand towels available to staff in Brighton messroom.

Berthing of traction units/engineers machines in No.1 sidings wall sidings Brighton.

A number of lights in L.W.S. not working.

Information received was that Virgin Trains were not coming to Brighton, owning to track access not being gained.

Ref to L.D.C. nominations

Chairman made a ruling, a point of clarification was that there is no voting on nominations, only on the actual election, and 

that voting would not take place at the same meetings as nominations.



Members present M. Thompson, I. Wilson, M. Hawkins, J. Osborne, M. Fielding, S. Weller, S. Smith, J. Payne,

P. White, P. Osborne, I. Osborne, P. Garland, R. Matthews, M. Cole, d. Swaffield, J. Buckingham & A. Gregg.

Branch chairman opend meeting at 19:07 with 17 members in attendance, the meeting was called especially for “A” shift to 

make nominations for the L.D.C. elections.

Nominations for L.D.C. election 1997

J. Osborne, Moved by M. Hawkins & seconded M. Fielding

S. Weller, moved by M. Thompson & seconded A. Gregg.

After the nominations the chair allowed a short discussion on the democratic process of these nominations and Bro. M. 

Hawkins was disturbed by was taking place within the Branch, he felt that “A” shift was being disenfranchised with their 

choice of candidate and this is why he requested a special meeting. A further discussion took place on whether the branch 

should vote on nominations and as the rule book seemed unclear on this matter. Bro. J. Osborne moved & Bro. S. Weller 

seconded. “That the Branch Secretary, be instructed to write to Head Office to clarify the situation.”

A further discussion took place as to the calling of this special meeting and the chairman again reiterated what had taken 

place and that he alone could not call a special branch meeting on his own, it had to come from the committee members  


A question was also raised on the matter of Thameslink members voting on matters concerned with Connex and the chair 

replied that correspondence was in hand with Head Office regarding this matter, at the moment we can only rely on telephone 

conversations for advice. 



Members present D. Griffiths, C. Newton, M. Hawkins, J. Osborne, S. Weller, P. Edwards, M. Allen, L. Berry,

C. Horlock, S. Toughey, T. Fielding, I. Osborne, D. Swaffield, R. Carlisle, S. Smith, A. farmer, P. White,

F. Langridge, I. Breeds, H. Hasan, T. Parsons, A. Cole & A. Warburton.


This meeting has been called to allow “B” shift the opportunity of voting on the nominations for Brighton Staff Reps 


Chairman stated that the Secretary had been in contact with A.S.L.E.F. Head Office and had reached a clarification on the 

matter of could take part in the election. The understanding was that only members within that company could become 

involved; that being only Connex Rail members could vote. Each member was then given a voting paper. Sixteen voting 

papers were issued and sixteen papers returned to the Chairman and Secretary. These were sealed in an envolope, this to be 

opened at the next meeting when all papers would then be counted and the result of the election known.

The chairman announced that with the new depot of Thameslink now set up he would call for nominations for staff reps.

Bro. J. Osborne then asked the chair whether this was correct. Under the 1992/94 Procedures, no member could stand for 

staff rep’s positions unless they had been with the company for more than six months.

Chairman stated that the Procedures was formed when B.R. was “The Company” and that we now had a new situation which 

was not provided for.

It was felt that members within this “New Depot” needed their own Reps who where aware of the local problems rather than 

being represented by a depot away from theirs.

Further comments were made on this issue by members present. Bro. J. Osborne stated that he just wished to make the branch 

aware of the uncertain ruling and that this branch was not in danger of being disciplined by A.S.L.E.F or the train company.

Nominations for Staff Reps.

Proposed D. Swaffield, moved R. Carlisle & seconded S. Smith

Proposed A. Farmer, moved D. Swaffield & seconded P. White.

Proposed P. White, moved S. Smith & seconded R. Carlisle.

H&S Rep

Proposed R. Carlisle, moved D. Swaffield & seconded A. Warburton

Chairman stated that at the next normal branch meeting (10th November) further call for nomination would be allowed plus 

voting. An additional meeting would also be arranged for voting date to be agreed. These candidates would then stand as 

“Official” A.S.L.E.F. candidates in the Thameslink Depot, Thameslink would be advised. 



Members present I. Wilson, C. Newton, A. Farmer, S. Smith, F. Maskell, J. Buckingham, P. Garland,

D. Swaffield, I. Osborne, J. Osborne, M. Cole, G. Wlodzarckzy, A. Cole, D. Pumfrey, R. Matthews, H. Penter,

A. Gregg, S. Weller, R. Constable, R. Hughes, E. Shrubb, M. Fielding, M. Watts, J. Edisbury, M. Bullen,

B. Brown, A. Flowers, M. Hunter, & B. Shilliam.



Ref Cicular No.436/1997

Election Company Council Representation.

The contents of the circular was read out to members along with elections agendas. With three candidates nominated, the 

chairman called for voting on two positions.

A, moved C. Newton & seconded J. Osborne Bro. R. Luxford Three Bridges Branch, 7 for 6 against 12 abstained

B, moved J. Osborne & seconded I. Osborne Bro. G. Morris London Bridge Branch, 9 for 3 against 13 abstained.

C, moved S. Weller & seconded A. Gregg Bro. M. Thompson Brighton Branch 13 for 2 against 13 abstained.

Four Thameslink none voters 

Chairman declared that Bro. G. Morris and Bro. M. Thompson be elected as the Branch’s choice.

Ref Circular No.422/1997 Company Council election Ballot, that the circular result be note as follows A. Read Battersea 

Branch 417 & S. Weller Brighton Branch 248. 




Members present D. Griffiths, C. Newton, R. Carlisle, A. Penhallow, M. McCabe, S. Doyle, A. Warburton,

A. Farmer, D. Vallence, W. Rutter, D. Penny, S. Smith & D. Swaffield.  

Chairman announced that this meeting had been called specially to elect staff reps for the Thameslink depot. Also that the 

secretary had received the following circular regarding the Company Council Representation.

Circular No.475/1997 Election of Company Council Represenative Thameslink. The Executive Committee had requested that 

Brighton Branch nominate a candidate for the position of Council Rep for a period of two years.

Moved S. Smith & seconded by A. Warburton. “That this branch wishes to nominate Bro. D. Swaffield as the A.S.L.E.F. 


Local Staff Rep

Under agreed proposed procedures with District Secretary and Thameslink, two local staff reps should be called for to serve 

members of Brighton. Moved R. Carisle & seconded S. Doyle. “That Bro. A. Farmer & P. White are the official 

representatives.” Vote carried 11 for.

H&S Rep

That following the local staff election the following nomination was received. “That this Branch having received only one 

proposal for Health & Safety position, therefore Bro. R. Carlisle elect as H&S Rep.” 



Left ~ Right Tony Farmer, Dave Griffiths, Ivan Wilson & Peter White. 

All four men have held position of A.S.L.E.F. L.D.C. reps at Brighton Thameslink.

Peter along with Tony Farmer become the first L.D.C. reps. at the newly opened Thameslink depot in 1997.

Peter entered the footplate grades on 02.05.1960. Peter transfered to Brighton in C1992. During his footplate career 

held various ASLEF positions at many depots.

Peter had worked at depots March, Gillingham, Hull & Brighton




Members present D. Griffiths, I. Wilson, C. Newton, P. Edwards, D. Vallence, M. Thompson, S. Weller,

T. Fielding, A. Warburton, A. Farmer, W. Mackenzie & F. Langridge.

Bro. W. Mackenzie was asked to give a E.C. report. Bill raised a couple of matters.

1, latest position on hearing with T.U.C. in part with R.M.T. Dispute which has been on going throughout the year.

2, Changes within the Society to address the financial state and the way subs etc are used.

3, Position on dispute on Mersey Rail.

4, Suspension of E.C. member – possible 3 year ban.

Various question were put forward on the above matters. Chairman thanked Bill for his brief address to members. 

Election of Branch Officer for 1998


I Wilson, moved A. Warburton & seconded P. Edwards

Vice Chairman,

D. Griffiths moved S. Weller & seconded I. Wilson


C. Newton, moved S. Weller & seconded I. Wilson

Assistant Secretary 

D. Vallence, moved A. Warburton & seconded A. Farmer


J. Osborne moved I .wilson & seconded A. Warburton

W. Jones moved A. farmer & seconded P. Edwards


T. Fielding moved P. Edwards & seconded A. Farmer

A. Warburton moved I. Wilson & seconded S. Weller

District Council Delegate

S. Weller moved A. Warburton & seconded P.Edwards

Committee member

R. Matthews, M. Bullen, F. Langridge, I. Osborne, M. Hunter, P. Horan, S. Weller, S. Smith, B. Brown, M. Hawkins, D. 

Swaffield, M. Cole, M. Thompson, A. Gregg & A. Farmer

Proposed on block, moved S. Weller & seconded A. Warburton


New Membership Application

The following two applications were put before the branch,

Moved D. Vallence & seconded A. Warburton. “That D. Arnold (service supervisor Thameslink) be accepted as a member.” 

Vote unam.

Moved D. Vallence & seconded A. Warburton. “That S. Duffy (service supervisor Thameslink) be accepted as a member.” Vote 


Other matters Arising

Bro. P. Edwards raised the issue of working D.O.O. (P) between Three Bridges and Brighton. There had been several recent 

cases where drivers were requested to work without conductors/service supervisors between Three Bridges and Brighton.

Was it possible that a clear understanding of the way trains are worked under such occasions be given and posted. Also that 

service Supervisors have not been given safety instructions regarding use of flags, hand-lamps etc or train protection rules. 

Therefore unable to give safety protection in the event of an incident.

Advice was that council were aware of the on going problems and of a clause within Thameslink Restructure Package. All 

staff reps have been advised on the operating agreement.

This matter will no doubt be raised with management. 



Members present I. Wilson, A. Gregg, I. Osborne, S. Weller, M. Hawkins, W. Jones, J. Osborne & B. Brown.

Special Guest Speaker Roy Luxford.


1998 A.A.D. Nominations District Delegate Elections

Moved M. Hawkins & seconded W. Jones. “That this Branch nominates Bro. S. Weller Brighton Branch for Delegate to 

A.A.D. 1998” Vote Carried

Mersey Rail Electrics dispute

Following the contents of this circular the following proposal was put forward. “That this Branch wishes to donate £50 

towards the appeal by the E.C.” Moved M. Hawkins & seconded A. Gregg. Vote Carried.

L.D.C. Report

New Link Rosters were being drawn up

Link 1              32 Drivers

Link 2              32 Drivers

Link 3              32 Drivers

Link 4              26 Drivers

Link 5              10 Drivers (Only two diagrams)

Trainman         10  (Only two diagrams)

Members raised points to Trainman being placed on drivers rosters. L.D.C. explained to position.

H&S Report

L.W.S. (Mont. Sdg No.4)

Mr. J. Wiggs Connex Management reported that a costing of a new walking area was being undertaken. Report awaited as to 

if and when.

Uniforms, Complaints about the quality of trousers members regarded the material to thin. We are now waiting management 

response also matter to be raised with D.F.C.

Brighton Messroom/accommodation, builders were due to seal up ALL windows in the corridor, air conditioning would have 

to be looked at H&S Rep would be talking to Management.

New uniforms, any members requiring additional/replacements parts to their supply of uniforms should speak to Production 

Manager and request the parts needed.

D.F.C. Report, by Roy Luxford

Restructure Talks

Current position is that talks are still going on, recent meetings with local staff reps produced items that council would 

discuss. Remote signing off, extended working days, sick pay, were areas needed to be changed. As soon as a package was 

presented members would have their say.

Pension Case

Following the loss of the S.W.T. Pension case, council would persue a strong case with Connex on extending pension levels.

Driver Performance Profiles

Concern over use of D. R. P. being used to sacked members. A recent case of a Selhurst driver sacked for just two incidents of 


Assaults to staff

Council would be raising the problem of drivers having ‘laser pens’ eye damage done when they are pointed at them. Council 

were seeking society support to get M.P.s to outlaw the sale or use of them.

Driver Reminder Apparatus Device

Drivers would be receiving a brief about the use of this device and involment.

Mixed Traction Ballast

As from May 1998 it was announced that Connex South Central was withdrawing cover all ballast work covered by E.W.S.

Roy spoke about trainmans diagrams, this should be kept in a separate trainman’s link clearly identified.

Joint Branches to have meetings on D.R.I., dates to be announced.

1997 Pay Deal

Members received an interim £300 back pay as an when a package has been agred, when members would receive any 

outstanding monies owed.

Branch thanked Roy Luxford for his interesting report.


With reference to the Mersyrail dispute, moved S. Weller & seconded I. Wilson. “That a list asking for further “personal” 

donations in support of our members in the dispute be posted.

Retired member Arthur Morris passed away on 9th December 97, Secretary request to inform Head Office and request notice 

in next issue of journal. 



Members present D. Griffiths, C. Newton, C. Horlock, F. Langridge, A. Gregg, D. Vallence, S. Weller 

& M.Thompson. 

Matters arising from minutes.

Bro. S. Weller raised the item of the position on Trainman’s duties. Concern was on the rostering of Trainman Duties within 

No.4 Link. Following discussion on rthe issue the branch proposed the following resolution. “That this branch wishes to 

instruct the local staff representatives of Connex Brighton depot to ensure that all numbered trainman duties within number 

(4) link are removed and the weeks spare to be modified to protect the members of staff within link 4 from abuse of Minute L65 

of the rostering agreement.” Moved M. Thompson & seconded F. Langridge. Vote for 5 & abstain 2, No voting 1 (Thameslink 


New Members Applications

L. Green (Thameslink Rail) moved by D. Vallance & seconded C. Newton. Vote carried.

N. Gay (Thameslink Rail) moved D. Vallance & seconded F. Langridge. Vote carried


Chairman spoke about the open joint branch meeting held on Friday 9th January and that Bro. S. Weller had attended and 

asked for a brief report on the meeting.

Meeting had been arranged to give members a chance to hear about the latest position on Driver restructure. The meeting 

heard that talks on the package had continued on and off over the past few months and that a deal would very soon be put 

before the E.C. and members of Connex South Central.

The offer would proberly be based on four packages, three with differn options and a final option of remaining as we are i.e. 

39 hour week, basic rate of pay plus extras i.e. Sundays mileage etc.

One package would be a higher salary based on all conditions conceded.

The others would differ in salary based on certain conditions being withdrawn.

No actual salary sum had been agreed this was the last area to be agreed upon.

All the points raised by members i.e. longer working days, sickness, penalty, A.T.W., remote booking off, etc had been notes 

and that  if a deal was agreed these would be part of that deal. It was hoped that the end of January would see the offers being 

posted to all members. Further joint meetings were being arranged with one on the coast, date etc will be announced. 



Mac McCabe & Richard Lewis

In the old Brighton Thameslink Booking on Point




Members present I. Wilson, A. Gregg, I. Osborne, M. Hawkins, J. Osborne, S. Weller, M. Thompson, R. Matthews 

& M. Hunter.


Matter arising from minutes.

Bro. S. Weller queried the voting on resolution on Trainman Rostering.

Bro. J. Osborne also raised the point on resolution. The resolution  had been forwarded to L.D.C. it was not dated or had 

branch stamp etc or meeting held to debate it.

Never the less L.D.C. Secretary stated that branches could not instruct L.D.C.’s. Bro. M. Hawkins added that they had been 

told by D.F.C. of the way in which to post these duties and that they would sort the situation out, but as the L.D.C. stated they 

had only carried out D.F.C. advice. Bro. J. Osborne further stated that any alterations to rosters would have meant them 

being posted late.

Moved S. Weller & seconded M. Thompson. “That the minutes be accepted as a record.”

Membership Application

Moved M. Hawkins & seconded J. Osborne. “That Bro. G. Dalton application is accepted.” Vote all in favour carried.

L.D.C. Report (Connex South Central)

Bro. J. Osborne gave a report, LDC has requested an agenda meeting with management issue to be raised are:- uniforms, fire 

training courses, explaination of new management set up, issues of paybills. LDC were now waiting for a date.

Om Monday 2nd , LD.C.  ha met Mr. J. Thompson to day and requested spoof diagrams based on ‘Option 2’ of D.R.I. package 

plus a roster with the view to carrying out an excerise on the kind of rosters under this option.

On Tuesday 3rd, they would be talking to D.F.C and asked for comments etc to put to them.

Under ‘Option2’ rest days 12 every 8 weeks based on Brighton 68 diagrams. Sundays were not ready yet.

Bro. S. Weller forwarded questions to be raised. Referring back to Trainman’s roster, this was still being looked at.

Depot establishment was being received new level was to be 111 down from 124.

L.W.S. shunting diagrams these were to go loss of 4 duties. 

Link No.2 allocated a Streatham Hill depot duty route refreshers would be required by drivers.

L.D.C. have learnt that Bro. Peter Bucknell was due to be ill health retired, this additional to David Jupp, Ernie Rogers & 

Mick Reynolds.

H&S Report

Bro. M. Hawkins referred to Head Office circular on bodies on lines.

Also several instances lately of driving controls (master controllers) in driving cabs being found in the unlocked position. 

These by a person yet unknown and therefore gives rise to the obvious dangers involved.

All members should keep alert and report any found to service centre, production managers etc.

West coast trains – recent cases of rear cabs being broken into and being vandalised, also dets being removed.

Mont. Sdgs 4 and L.W.S. issue reference to walking routes explained.

B. Brown raised about P.N.B. room at Bognor Regis. Mick explained that this would have to be dealt with by Barnham H&S 


New anti slip surface on crossing at the end of Brighton platform 1 & 2. surface on New England Bridge to be look at. 


Bro. S. Weller asked if a D.F.C. rep could come and speak to members on D.R.I. before ballot could Secretary find out. Further 

debate on D.R.I took place.

B. Brown asked about the departure from No.3 L.W.S. L.D.C. explained the position final instructions to a driver were verbal 

given by L.W.S. Shunters. 

Furthermore that the reports carried out under the ergonomic study be taken into consideration in the design and positions of 

cab seating.

That all new trains have seating, of a standard that meets the requirement set by the studies.” Proposed D. Griffiths & 

seconded by M. Thompson. 

That this branch instructs the Company Council Representatives and the A.S.L.E.F. Executive Committee to ensure that all 

new trains of any design and type are fitted with (floor fitted) treadle D.S.D.s, S.S.F. devises, data recorder equipment, Driver 

reminder Apparatus and other safety devises, that ensure safety of the driver and members of the public, their safety 

equipment improved to an exceptable level.” Proposed C. Horlock & seconded D. Griffiths Voted carried unam.



 E.M.U.T. Traction Course

Left ~ Right: Steve Jones (Norwood), Ray Oatway (Unknown), Graham Penn (Instructor) Peter Bucknell 

Ian Glover (Redhill) 

and in the front, Vic Sexton & Martin Wright (Waterloo).



HELD ON MARCH 2nd 1998


Members present I. Wilson, M. Hawkins, M. Hunter, I. Osborne, H. Penter, M. Cole, S. Weller & J. Osborne.


Chairman called for a minutes silence in memory of Bro. Peter Bucknell, who died whilst on sick leave. 

New Membership Applications

Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded I. Osborne. “That the following applications to become A.S.L.F. members be accepted Bro. 

S. Blake, Bro. P. Budd & Sis A. Folwell.”

L.D.C. Report

Bro. M. Hawkins reported that a meeting had been called for with management, L.D.C. had at last been given a meeting.

L.D.C. were asked to produce rosters for management road show on the D.R.I., these were based on ‘Option 2’

As a result of this management were looking to review the R.D.R.s spare and the length of diagrams.  

Mr. A. Bartlett has been appointed the Production Manager Team Leader.

H&S Report

Hove sidings & yard, crews are requested to note that they can only work in and out. They must not berth or prepare trains in 

the yard, crews can only change cabs.

Staff using the end of platform 3 to get to Mont sdgs. Will be subject to discipline by management. H&S Rep may have to 

report staff doing so, members should realise that if injured doing so would have very little hope of compensation.


Motion Item Company Referendum 

“That this A.S.L.E.F. Brighton branch wishes to express its concerns and disappointment at the actions of some of its members 

who knowingly voted in a company ballot in which they were not entitled to do so.

Furthermore this A.S.L.E.F. Branch request those members concerned to forward an explanation of their reasons for doing 

so.” Proposed I. Wilson & seconded M. Hawkins. Vote carried unam.



HELD ON MARCH 9th 1998


Members present C. Newton, S. Weller, M. Thompson, W. Jones, S. Gandey, F. Langridge, D. Swaffield, P. Whte, 

A. Warburton, C. Horlock, A. Farmer, D. Vallance & D. Griffiths.



Result of referendum on Connex South Central means that ‘Option No.2’ received the highest. The highest proportion of votes (No.2) has now been put before the E.C. for their consideration. A provisional date of March 29th was the start date. 

L.D.C. Report

No report available from Connex Reps.

Thameslink Report

Brighton Depot establishment to be increased by nine drivers.

Roster diagrams average still below 37 hours.

Proposals to introduced full D.O.O. Three Bridges to Brighton were being investigated. L.D.C. & H&S have carried out site 

survey of all stations and will be seeking Head Office advice and support on this issue.


Two resolutions were put forward and debated. 

“That this Branch instructs the Company council Representatives and the A.S.L.E.F. Executive Committee to seek an 

immediate improvement in drivers cab seating on all types of E.M.U.T. stock, in particular 1963 type 421/3 units and 319 


Furthermore that the reports carried out under the ergonomic study be taken into consideration in the design and positions of 

cab seating.

That all new trains have seating, of a standard that meets the requirement set by the studies.” Proposed D. Griffiths & 

seconded by M. Thompson.

"That this branch instructs the Company Council Representatives and the A.S.L.E.F. Executive Committee to ensure that all 

new trains of any design and type are fitted with (floor fitted) treadle D.S.D.s, S.S.F. devises, data recorder equipment, Driver 

reminder Apparatus and other safety devises, that ensure safety of the driver and members of the public, their safety 

equipment improved to an exceptable level.” Proposed C. Horlock & seconded D. Griffiths Voted carried unam.


The last payslip of the old B.R. rates of pay for the week ending 21st March 1998, the following week saw the introduction of 

D.R.I.'s new rates of pay.

The payslip indicating the various unsocial enhancements payments, daily allowances and bonuses that where consolidated 

into the D.R.I. salary.

The payslip also shows that the driver had not signed to any individual contract of employment that was being offered by 

Connex. Connex was trying to divide the A.S.L.E.F. membership by offering the initial restructuring deal to all its drivers, 

even though the A.S.L.E.F. membership had rejected that offer. However a number of drivers were lured into accepting  their 

offer of an individual contract of employment . 



HELD ON APRIL 6th 1998


Members present C. Newton, I. Wilson, J. Osborne, M. Hawkins, M. Thompson, D. Vallance, A. Farmer, S.Weller,

S. Gandey, D. Griffiths & P. White.

Guest speaker Company Council Rep Roy Luxford.


Chairman also asked members if Bro. M. Hunter (ex Brighton) could sit in on meeting, members all agreed.


Proposed D.O.O. (P) Three Bridges – Brighton

Proposed Ballot for industrial Action.

A report on the position of Thameslink members on the issue of D.O.O. (P) Three Bridges – Brighton was put to the members 

present, also both circulars were read out.

Following this a resolution would be pleased before this branch under Any Other Business. 

L.D.C., Reports


Bro. A. Farmer reported that owing to company council rep, being on annual leave he would make a brief report on the 

D.O.O. (P) staff side having put forward their case and submitting H&S reports against introduction were informed the 

scheme would still go ahead. Council have informed the Executive Committee of their position. And that the E.C. had issued a 

notice of industrial action to ‘Thameslink’ inder the trade union act in support of our members.

Issues submitted under staff side agenda

1 fire training

2 problems with Brighton accommodation

Entry to Brighton station via station gates

None issue of Connex timetable and weekly

S&T notices

New style of driver uniforms proposed

Forming of depot minutes

Under A.O.B.

Night turns at Brighton, Training of relief trainee drivers, usage of mobile phones, holiday sheets, depot protection training 

L.W.S. & route learning/update Keymer/Lewes.

L.D.C. Report

Connex Rail

Bro. J. Osborne gave a report on the following items

Outstanding fire training courses.

Latest position on uniform re-issues

New set up pf management

Recent changes to pay bills department

Management’s reluctance to hold agenda meetings


Storage of cylces & motor bikes at Brighton station

From May, 1957 CEP units being withdrawn also noted 1963 BIG units have been withdrawn from use.

A noted reduction in late running of trains

Issue of replacement foot ware

New D.R.I. rosters were now agreed, as posted in notice case

Easter bank holiday rosters also posted.


With the coming of summer can buckets and brushes be provided on all platforms at Brighton station plus that they are 

regularly refilled with clean water. Management would be told of drivers requests.

On the issue of M/bikes can the area be made more secure as staff bikes are regularly interfered with. Station manager would 

be made aware of the problem.

H&S Report Connex Rail 

Bro. M. Hawkins had one major item to report relating to fatality on lines and on the need to carry out all aspects of their job 

correctly otherwise members could find that courts would consider taking firm action. 

Company Council Report

Bro. Roy Luxford reported on the following items.

Uniforms, changes to standard of various items were now being put into place. Safety shoes were part of the issue of 

members put in a request.

Safety Training Days

Management would be introducing more in future.

Company procedure arrangements, Roy explained the companies set up.

Position on discipline and appeals explained

Council applauded Brighton staff Reps. On their success in getting their agreement on number of rest days and Sunday 

working prior to annual leave and mutual change-overs.

Council also explained their position on the recent rest day working arrangements.

Report into the Networker Classic Unit that was being considered as a replacement unit for Connex.

Recent report on defective handbrakes on some units.

Council view on ill health severance of members.

Various aspects on D.R.I. Package explained

a, use of comp leave to be used by the end of year.

b, volunteer transfer of depots

c, yearly bonus

d,  attendance procedure as against current M.F.A.

e, short diagram alterations to rosters.

f, statement of intent on depot levels


Members had noted that errors have been made with back pay ie D.O.O., mileage, VRP, etc, will this matter be addressed.  Yes 

– paybills have stated that all errors made will be put right.

Reports have been made that the recent D.R.I. package will not be introduced on April 19th as it does not meet the safety case. 

Council were not aware to-date, but will look into this matter.

On the question of this year annual leave, what is the number of days agreed. 23 in total, 18 by October plus 5 to be rostered. 

Branch thank Roy Luxford for his report.


One item

Following the correspondence, circular and reports given regarding the pending industrial ballot of Thameslink members on 

D.O.O. (P) Three Bridges – Brighton, the following resolution was put forward.

“That this A.S.L.E.F. Branch having been informed of the reports and correspondence also the A.S.L.E.F. No.122/1998 & 

132/1998 Ref. Thameslink D.O.O. (P) Three Bridges to Brighton. Ballot for industrial action, fully supports the A.S.L.E.F. 

Executive Committee and their position.” Proposed C. Newton & seconded D. Vallance. Vote carried.


HELD ON MAY 6th  1998


Members present C. Newton, D. Griffiths, M. Thompson, S. Gandey, W. Jones, P. White, D. Vallance & W. Rutter.


L.D.C. Reports

Connex Staff Reps., due to report at next meeting.

Thameslink Staff Rep., Bro. P. White gave a report on.

1, letters to members on performance of employment from Management.

2, Position regarding “some” Service Supervisors who have been interviewed for drivers positions.

3, Latest information on roster levels.

4 Driver vacancy numbers at Brighton stands at 5, four position are filled by drivers from other companies.

5, T.P.W. training – still waiting more information.

6, Ex- “Connex South Central” members should be receiving a settlement.

7, Position of Thameslink members and the pending action over D.O.O. (P).

a, Advice being sought from ASLEF  on job protection.

b, Possibility of out of out of grade drivers i.e Inspectors, P.M.s etc being re-certified as drivers.

H&S Report.

Connex H&S Rep to report at next meeting.

Thameslnk H&S Rep to report at next meeting. Bro. P. White reported that Bro R. Carlisle has a list of items regarding Health 

and Safety and that he has asked for a meeting with management he would be able to relate to the Branch at the next meeting. 


Question, The new position of Shunter/Driver were staff reps. aware that these members were reported to being given rules 

i.e. (section C Signals) and told to learn “some” Roads outside depot limits. Chairman stated that this issue would have to be 

looked into, Secretary requested to write to Company Council on this item.

Members raised the problem of the new rate of pay and the recent pay-slip issued which appears to show that the hourly rate 

for normal time is different to that in the D.R.I. Hand-out. Chairman allowed a debate from members. Further to this item the 

following motion was put forward to the Branch.

“That this Brighton ASLEF Branch finds the current ‘short’ payment by Connex South Central of the new hourly rate 


As such requests the Executive Committee and the Connex South Central Company council Management be not forthcoming 

on this issue the E.C. to investigate proceedings for Industrial Action to achieve the fundamental right to correct payment for 

work performed.”

*Chairman noted that only 5 Connex Branch members were in attendance, and that in standing with Branch Standing Orders 

the motion could not be voted on. Ref: Standing Orders (5) Clause B.3. Chairman moved to have item included in the agenda 

for next Branch meeting.



HELD ON MAY 11th  1998


Members present D. Swaffield, A. Flowers, I. Osborne, M. Hawkins, A. Gregg, A. Farmer, S. Weller, I .Wilson

& J. Osborne.


L.D.C. Reports

Thameslink, issues raised at Branch

1, Problems with pending roster not enough drivers at depot to cover work, shortage of spare to cover all leave.

2, D.I.s – Problem that those being up graded from drivers have no job training, therefore how can they train or instruct new 


Connex South Central, issues raised at Branch.

1, A report on an agenda meeting with Mr. J. Thompson to raise matters and clear the air.

2, Depot Minutes – a review took place and a copy of agreed depot minutes now posted.

3, minutes of the meeting with Mr. Thompson also posted.

H&S Reports

Thameslink, no report available at this meeting.

Connex South Central, Bro. Mick Hawkins reported on the following.

1, H&S walk about in L.W.S., situation is getting worse with regards to state of walkways, rubbish etc.

2, P.N. point Bognor Regis

3, Safety Briefings – training “was” being arranged for May onwards.

4, Brighton Messroom – water boiler is under repairs and will be replaced. 

D.F.C. Report (Thameslink)

Bro. Swaffield reported on the current dispute with management. Council’s view, as was the E.C., that the best way on D.O.O. 

(P) was part of the Restructuring Package agreed, The result of the Ballot by members was excellent, a clear result. 

Thameslink Management have been to the High Court in London, judge has ruled that the action is illegal because Service 

Supervisors and others were balloted.

Council’s case on the method of working was supported by study of ergonomic into the effect to drivers, this was conducted by 

Surrey University, but Thameslink Management have ignored these findings.

We are awaiting Head Office response to the High Court ruling. 

Branch Motion

Chairman put forward the motion from last meeting on the pay problems, moved by S. Weller & seconded by A. Gregg.

 “That this Brighton ASLEF Branch finds the current ‘short’ payment by Connex South Central of the new hourly rate intolerable.

As such requests the Executive Committee and the Connex South Central Company council Management be not forthcoming on this issue the E.C. to investigate proceedings for Industrial Action to achieve the fundamental right to correct payment for work performed.”


Bro. Hawkins raised the issue on members attending District No.1’s Weekend School and how many were going. Chairman 

believed that there was 3 or 4 members.

Moved M. Hawkins & seconded A. Flowers. “That those members attending, to be able to claim £10 assistance from Branch 

Funds towards travelling.” 7 for, 2 abstained Carried.


Brighton Branch Members with Keith Norman General Secretary (middle), Dave Swaffield (Left) Thameslink Drivers 

Company Council & Simon Weller ( Right) E. C. member for District 1.

Dave Swaffield was the first elected Company Council Representative for the newly created Brighton & Blackfriars 

constituency, within the Thameslink Company.

Dave held this position, until he was forced to take early retirement, due to ill health in c2006 



Left ~ Right: Tony Farmer & Dave Griffiths

Brighton TL LDC 1998 ~2001



Mick Hawkins retirement presentation 14.09.1999

Left ~ Right: Trevor Fielding, Simon Smith, Ivan Wilson, Dougal, Ian Osborne, Len Warboys ASLEF District Secretary No.1, 

Tony Farmer, John Osborne, Mick Hawkins, Harry Penter, Bill MacKenzie ASLEF E.C. Member No.1, Dave Swaffield, 

Dave Pumfrey, Graham Morris Connex SouthCentral DFC (Lon. Bdg.), Chris Newton, Andy Garwood, 

Tony West Ass. Gen. Sec. (Stratford), Roy Luxford Connex SouthCentral DFC (T. Bdgs.).

Mick entered the footplate grade on the 11.11.1957. at Brighton loco. Mick transferred to Selhurst E.M.U.T. to seek promotion 

to driver, later transferred back to Brighton M.T. Mick served as a member of Brighton M.T. A.S.L.E.&F. L.D.C. Rep since the 

early 1970's. and held the position of Branch Chairman. With the introduction of a H&S rep in 1974, Mick become the first 

ASLEF H&S rep., a position he held up until he retired under ill health in C1999 



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