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Within a clock stroke hope for changes, some many echoes from the past. New Year, New Century and millennium, question 

how long can peace last. 

On a planet filled with mysteries, from an unknown universe. So great the thirst for knowledge, always threatening reverse.

Whilst wills seeming united, on actions that would ease. World poverty and hunger, pestilence from disease.

Years of human progress, with few voice to retort. That what it is were seeking, a corrupted planet cannot support.

But unless armed against injustice, with social conscience to what is sown. cannot be ours alone.



Mark Thompson 2000 - 2005,

(Footplate Seniority 05.08.1985)

Simon Pearson 2005,

(Footplate Seniority, no date available)

Dawn Vallance 2006,

(Footplate Seniority 07.09.1998)



Left ~ Right Tony Farmer, Dave Griffiths, Ivan Wilson & Peter White.

All four men have held position of A.S.L.E.F. L.D.C. reps at Brighton Thameslink.

Peter along with Tony Farmer become the first L.D.C. reps. at the newly opened Thameslink depot in 1997.

Peter entered the footplate grades on 02.05.1960., and transfered to Brighton in c1992.

During his footplate career held various ASLEF positions at many depots, he has also worked at other depots March, Gillingham, 






The Connex 2000 Picket Line

Left - Right: Paul Osborne, Ian Osborne, John Osborne, Paul Barber, Simon Weller, Paul Barber, Harry Penter,

& Mark Thompson


 Brighton Branch visiting ASLEF

Head Office in May 2000


Left ~ Right: John Osborne, Dave Tyson (E.C,), John Osborne, Dave Tyson (E.C.), Unknown (E.C.), Tony 

West (A.G.S.), Ivan Wilson (Branch Chairman), Mark Thompson (Assistant Secretary), 

Dawn Vallance*, Chris Newton (Branch Secretary), Bill Rutter, Andy Reed (E.C.), 

&  Martin Samways (E.C.).

*Now a non A.S.L.E.F. member 


Brighton Branch Delegation to Head Office

May 2000


Left-Right: Mark Thompson (Assistant Branch Secretary), John Osborne, Ivan Wilson (Branch Chairman), 

Bill Rutter, Chris Newton (Branch Secretary), Dawn Vallance* & Floyd Langridge 

*Now a non A.S.L.E.F. member 


 Brighton's orignal 23 Virgin Drivers late 2000



Brighton's orignal 23 Virgin Drivers late 2000

Back Row Left - Right: John Hornby Manager, Gareth Williams, Phil Ward, Todd Walsh, Mark Ryan, Andy Hobden, Alan Morton, Dave Shephard 

(H&S Rep), Andy Gregg (LDC Rep), Malcolm Bradord*, Mark Henningham, Fred "Jimmy " Williams, Mel Power, Graham Hussey Depot 

Manager, Sue Lavesconte Admin. 

Front Row: Ron "Bagpuss" Bales Management, Paul Fish *(LDC Rep), Darren Nolan, Mark Hughes, Steve Brooke, David Neish*, Chris Hughes, 

Phil Dawe, Rosie Turner, Paul Barrow* Nick Johnson, Danny Lodge*

* Remained at Brighton after depot closure



Left- Right: Graham Hussey (Depot Manager), Paul Fish (L.D.C.), Andy Gregg (L.D.C.), Malcolm Bradford

& David Neish.

Photo was taken at Virgin's new maintenance shed at Three Bridges c2001



Simon Weller at London Victoria 2003




20th anniversary of the 1984~5 miners strike badge



The RAIB investigation into the SPAD at Lewes on 30 November 2005 which resulted in a near miss with another train has 

been undertaken in parallel with an investigation into the SPAD incident at Esher on 25 November 2005 and a general 

investigation into the causes of adhesion-related station overrun and SPAD incidents during autumn 2005. This report focuses 

on the results of the investigation into the Lewes incident alone.












Tolpuddle Martyrs Rally c2005

Mark Thompson (in orange anorak) John Osborne (holding banner left handside)



MARCH 2006

Standing room only at Victoria

I FEEL compelled to write to the Journal about a notice that has appeared at our depot entitled ‘Victoria Station Concourse’.

We appear to have a recent addition to the staff team at Victoria who has seen fit to imple- ment changes, apparently to 

improve life for our Customers, in-line with ‘Being Southern’.

The first action was to remove the seats in the vicinity of the barriers.

Reason? It is not good for the Southern image to see members of staff smoking, eating or drinking in view of the public.

Apparently, a member of staff was seen with his/her head buried in a Bucket of K.F.C. It has been suggested that if they had 

been consuming ‘Southern Fried Chicken’ this might have been acceptable!

Recently we received a booklet about fatigue and solutions to combat its effects as well as discussing the subject at a recent 

Safety Day.

It states that, when feeling fatigued, it is good practice to get out of the cab and get a coffee. Unfortunately the seats have now 

been removed and they have failed to provide any where else suitable.

Removal of the seats has also antagonised travellers who like to sit and wait for their train to arrive and then be guided to the 

relevant plat- form by a member of platform staff, or a member of train crew.

Management talk about us ‘Being Southern’ but want to take us out of public view. Are they ashamed of us?

If you ask customers to list their priorities on train travel, I can’t imagine that seeing train crew having a cup of coffee and a 

smoke would be listed!

The notice also mentions ‘the Smoking policy’ which Southern implements.

The smoking policy is inconsistent and ill applied and is briefed out in a confrontational way. Local managers quite happily 

smoke in non-smoking parts of building.

Finally, we are told ‘Being Southern’ is about being customer focused. This may come as a shock but train crew automatically 

help passengers if the needs arise. This has been instilled in them, not by Southern - but by their parents from an early age.

P. M. Overington




Carine Visser & Simon Weller at the May Day rally in 


Left: Dave Hunt at the Houses of Parliment 2006 




MARCH 2007


JOHN MEDLAND – 2007 started with a heavy cloud over the depot: John Medland, a staunch member of our fraternity, 

passed away in January after being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. John was only 41, and leaves behind him a gaping 

hole in both his ‘families’ – the railway and his own family.

His departure after such a short period of sickness leaves us all wondering, ‘Why?’ After some twenty-odd years with the 

railway his loss will be sadly felt and we all reflect on his time with us. He was a man big in stature and big in heart.

John leaves a wife and two teenage children. He started as a trainee driver with the then Network Southeast/Connex train 

companies and remained with us at Brighton under the new ‘Southern Trains’ throughout his career.

Chris Newton 



JUNE 2007

Well organised, Mick!

I’D LIKE to thank Dave Tyson and Tony Patterson on behalf of the representatives from Central Trains, First Capital Connect, 

Midland Mainline and Silverlink who attended the pensions seminar at Peterborough. They offered lucid information and 

explanations about this complex subject. Thanks are also due to Mick Whelan, District 6 Organiser, for arranging the seminar.

A.T. Farmer 


F. C. C. Company Council


JUNE 2007

ASLEF support invaluable

I AM writing to express my sincere gratitude to the local representatives, members of the company council and any other 

ASLEF union officials who helped and advised me during my recent problems at work.

I know everyone worked tirelessly in obtaining a satisfactory outcome but a special mention should be made for Brothers 

Kevin Eade, Roy Luxford and my local rep Paul Overington.

If it were not for all the support of my fellow union members, I am sure I would no longer be a train driver.

C. Booth




Thanks - and a warning

I WISH to thank all of you who supported me in the recent National Organiser’s election. Although I was unsuccessful it was 

very heartening to have you place your faith in me.

We should take the very low turn out as a warning as it highlights the importance of communicating with the wider 

membership and ensuring that ASLEF remains relevant in the workplace. I intend to continue this work in my role as the 

Executive Committee member for District 1.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Simon Weller 

Executive Committe



Thanks for your support

THANK YOU so much for your letter of July 20 and the cheque. What a wonderful surprise! Robert and I would like you all 

to know how much we appreciate your kindness at this time. The money will be most useful. I am hoping to purchase a 

leg/arm exercise machine (motorized) to help him improve his circulation and muscle power. All disability equipment seems 

to be rather expensive so as you can imagine your gift is wonderful for us. 

Thank you again.

June Attwood

(for Bob Attwood)



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