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 CENTENARY YEAR 1891 - 1991




Commemorating the centenary of the Brighton Branch the badge was designed by Branch Secretary Chris Newton




Members present M. Thompson, M. Hawkins, J. Osborne, T. Fielding, P. Edwards, M. Bloomfield, C. Newton,

& W. Mackenzie.

New members

Proposed P. Edwards & seconded M. Thompson. “that M.D. Harris, L. Finestone & P. Fourneir be accepted as members to 

A.S.L.E. & F.” Voted unam in block.

Health & Safety

Matters over messroom and sidings issue are being dealt with Bro. M. Hawkins who has been attending a H&S course express 

the point that member should be made aware of the implications of not carry all drivers equipment and that he fulfils the duties 

of a drivers within the B.R. rules etc., as this will not affect any compensation or discipline against members.

L.D.C. Report

A meeting on the Ardingly work was due to be held Monday January with Western Region. Changes to diagrams i.e. P/As to 

come into effect 21.1.91.

Agenda meeting with Train Crew Manager over holidays, comp. leave, training/routes etc was called for on the 15th



Members present R. Abell, R. Matthews, D. Knight, G. Postance, J. Osborne, M. Hawkins, F. Locke, I. Osborne, B. Brown, 

M. Hunter, M. Bloomfield, & W. Mackenzie

New members

Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded G. Postance. “That P.W. Barber, S.D. John, L. Amner & N. Moye be accepted as members 

of A.S.L.E. & F.”

Health & Safety Report

Bro. M. Hawkins, Hove sidings available for use, wearing of H.V.V., walking routes in view of accident claims to make sure 

in the case of a claim accident book.

Disciplinary action on individuals not wearing H.V.V. in the correct places, or use unlawful walking routes.

L.D.C Reports

Loss of Ardingly work to Old Oak Common, further loss of Lavant – Drayton work, possible. Loss of Mixed Traction work at 

Brighton depot.

Forthcoming link movements, all vacancies at Brighton frozen at present. Introduction of Hidden Report by Project Manager, 

to be implemented by October 1991. maximum of thirteen consecutive turns to be worked.

Agenda meeting, computerised route cards, to ensure drivers do not sign route not worked in over in the previous six months 

as per Natural Agreements, forthcoming meeting of D.O.O. operations.



Tony Farmer



MARCH 1991


What an inspiring publication the special edition called ‘Legal Briefing’ was. As a Branch Secretary, I have always advocated 

importance of the unrivalled legal assistance which we as a trade union have given to our members.

Since members received the supplement, the comments and talks I have had with our members has been one of praise and 

appreciation for the sort of help which Robin Thompson & Partners gives ASLEF.

There is one area over which members seem a little confused: that is when their wives might not be entitled to legal 

assistance. If their wives are working, help may not be given as some members seem to believe. As always, members should 

seek advice from their Branch Secretary before asking the union to act on their behalf.

C. Newton

Branch Secretary




HELD ON MARCH 4th 1991

Members present C. Newton, W. Mackenzie, R. Stobbard, T. Fielding, P. Edwards, J. Osborne, R. Abell, 

I. Osborne & A. Farmer.

New Members

Proposed P. Edwards & seconded A. Farmer. “That Trainman ‘D’ Bro. C.W. Witcher be accepted as a member of 

A.S.L.E.&F.” vote all in favour.

L.D.C. Reports

Chairman commented on changes to May/June rosters, link movements and work to the depot. 

Concern over Ardingly and the way Old Oak Common men are operating, clearly against conditions of service.

Expect loss of Lavant/Drayton stone traffic. 

Drivers requested to not sign for any routes that have not been use in the last six months.

Will seek “Rest Day Agreement” with Train Crew Manager at the first opportunity.

All other matters brought to the attention of the L.D.C for their attention.




HELD ON APRIL 8th 1991

Members present I. Osborne, R. Matthews, J. Osborne, T. 

Fielding, M. Hawkins, P. Edwards, M. Bloomfield,

W. Mackenzie & G. Postance.

New members

M. Hawkins & seconded G. Postance. “That P.J. Knapp, 

P. Dewitt, J.W. Spiers, M. Bradford & B. Williams be 

accepted as members to A.S.L.E.F.”

Health & Safety

Correct procedure of safety of units berthed in Lover’s 

Walk shed sidings for heavy cleaning purposed 

prohibited, propelling of trains into the station (Brighton). 

Wearing of High Visibility Clothing/Vests, authorised 

walking routes, Authorised walking Routes.

L.D.C. Report

319/1 “Smoking Compartment” Branch resolution “That 

branch instructs the L.D.C. to inform management that 

working of Class 319/1 from the driving compartment 

adjacent to the smoking compartments is unacceptable.” 

Proposed G. Postance & seconded T. Fielding vote all in 


May diagrams loss of Lavant/Drayton work.

Comp leave/annual leave days, all minus to be removed 

from leave statements, Stop Order, overtime not 

Martin Bloomfield

Assistant Branch Secretary

compulsory if incurred by acceptance of a stop order, safety meeting with management to be held 21st April, 1991.

Comp leave/annual leave days, all minus to be removed from leave statements.

Stop Order, overtime not compulsory if incurred by acceptance of a stop order.

Safety meeting with management to be held 21st April, 1991.



Vic Clarke 

on a EDL 73101 "The Royal Alex" 

(formerly The Brighton Evening Argus)



HELD ON MAY 14th 1991

?Members present I. Osborne, M. Hunter, M. Hawkins, T. Fielding, P. Edwards, R. Stobbart, M. Thompson, 

W. Mackenzie, C. Newton, P. Pollard & J. Osborne.

“Driver Restructing” 

Circulars Nos. 112,119, & 99, were read out. These circulars give us the position the union are progressing, talks will no doubt 

be long and hard but members will has the final say via ballot, members will be kept fully informed on any further talks.

1991 Pay Talks these are still being dealt with although at present there is no break through.

Health & Safety

M. Hawkins confirmed that recent trials in smoke entering cabs on 319 units proved that smoke did enter the cabs and that 

new type of doors seals would be fitted.

Position of drivers preparing 319 units when unable to enter units particularly at out berthed units i.e. Gatwick Sidings .

Brighton Messroom and problems of fly’s 

L.D.C. Report

On present changes into diagram workings, report on D.O.O. working arrangements and the recent study into D.O.Operation.

The matter regarding the letter posted in the messroom by Bro. A.T. Farmer and allegations made towards members of this 

branch. Chairman explained the position of the branch and its involvement with the social fund we clearly felt that the 

allegations were libel and deflamatory, the following resolution was put to the branch. 

“That this Branch requires a full retraction from Bro. A.T. Farmer on the allegations put in the letter posted on the notice 

board on the 12.05.91 and also a full public apology to those members who received copies of the letters.” Proposed R. Abell 

& seconded M. Thompson. Voted unam.

New Membership

New application by trainee drivers was submit to the branch B.G. Shilliam. Proposed P. Edwards & seconded M. Hawkins. 

“That the applicant be accepted by this branch.” Vote unam.




Left ~ Right Drivers: Roy Swetman, John Naisby (Train Crew Manager), Cyril Hutchings, Gus Wright, Don Hill, 

Harry Mitchell, Norman Light & John Brookshaw (A.T.C.M.)



HELD ON JULY 22nd 1991 AT 18:45

Members present G. Postance, T. Fielding, M. Cole, P. Edwards, T. Farmer, R. Stobbart, P. Gambling, 

W. Mackenzie, P. Pollard, M. Hawkins, M. Hunter, I. Osborne & C. Newton. * L. Worboys

New Membership application

Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded G. Postance. “That H.R. Penter be accepted as a member.” Voted unam.

Health & Safety

M. Hawkins informed us of his visit to Ilford with regards to 319/1 revised cab ventilation. 

The problem of weeds, and foliage still remains a problem Bro D. Gillam’s position explained.

L.D.C. Report

Bill Mackenzie referred to the Area Mangers request to review the “Hidden Report.” Regards to “Staff Parking 

Arrangements” position explained.

District Secretary’s Report

Bro. Len Worboys was welcomed to the branch and expressed his thanks to speak. Len gave an in-depth report on signal 

irregularities particularly “Purley” and just how they are investigated. Next he gave us a break down on the latest talks of 

restructuring. Question’s on these and other matters were put and answered.





Left - Right: John Naisby (Train Crew Manager), Cyril Hutchings, Roy Sweetman, Norman Light, Don Hill, 

Harry Mitchell & Gus Wright


HELD ON AUGUST 27th 1991

Members present I. Wilson, R. Matthews, M. Cole, M. Hawkins, W. Mackenzie, C. Newton, B. Brown

& M. Bloomfield.

New Members

Propsed M. Hawkins & seconded I. Wilson. “That Bros. Christie, Cliff Cook, Coombes & Parry, be accepted as members of 

A.S.L.E. & F.” vote Unam.


Proposed R. Matthews & seconded I. Wilson. “That £25 donation be given to the Local Trade Union ‘Labour’ Urgent 

Appeal.” Vote unam.

W. Mackenzie be nominated to attend the 1992 Annual Assembly of Delegate. Propsed M. Hawkins & seconded I. Wilson. 

Vote unam.

Health & Safety Report

Bro. M. Hawkins, Health & Safety Rep.

Position of no-smoking in the first class on 319/1.

General clearning of foliage be undertaken in Brighton Area.

The importance of having a union representative at any inquests attended by members.

The dangers of filling out report forms after an incident.

L.D.C Report

Clearer understanding of the effects of implementation of Hidden Report.

No changes at present to the October workings.




July’s meeting of Brighton Branch held at the Staff Club would normally have been held during the first week of the month - 

but with Society business taking much of the limelight, the Branch was held over to take account of events

We were honoured that we had invited Districted Secretary Len Warboys to come and speak to the members and we enjoyed a 

larger than usual number of members attending the meeting.

Minutes were read and accepted, letters and circulars were read our with questions and answers to circulars. We heard, via 

an appeal, to the plight of one of our members from LUL and we will be affording our concern in the usual way and extend to 

his family our thoughts and support.

Concern was raised on staff car parking arrangements, our Chairman and L.D.C. leader explained the position to members; 

then our health and safety rep reported on the latest round of H&S problems and that he would be attending a visit the 

updating of cab seals on 319/1 at Ilford.

At this point our Chairman invited our District Secretary to address the branch. Len thanked members for inviting him to the 

meeting and kicked off by addressing the problem over SPADs and signal irregularities referring to Purley.

He explained the way these incidents were being conducted.We’ve heard recently that problems within this area were still 

occurring, putting our members in very uncertain positions. Members asked if Bro. Bob Morgan’s case would be reviewed, but 

no decision has been taken.

Len then went on to talk on Restructuring, explaining the working parties and the way the talks will lead hopefully to a 

successful conclusion.

With time being the enemy, we had to call time but a call went out for Len to come again.

C. Newton

Branch Secretary 




Len Warboys, District Secretary of No.1 & 8, held his first school at Bournemouth over 16 and 17 March 1991. Thos of us 

who attended the school were not to be disappointed although the weather was not very good.

From the speakers that Len had asked to the school, we were left in no doubt where we stand with management and the plight 

of the railways are in, with the reductions in the subsidy that the Government has instituted efficiency through cut-backs and 

reductions in our industry.

Paul Walkinson, Director of B.R.B. filled in for John Welsby and gave his views on how he sees the future of the railways and 

the role of drivers. Also there to give his views was Dennis Tunnicliffe, Managing Director LUL, who outlined the problems 

LUL were facing and his vision of where drivers stand within these plans.

As we are all aware some of the ideas put forward have.....

Derrick Fullick, our General Secretary attended the school and gave us a talk on pay talks and on future restructuring  

ship that the trend is on the increase. This is a positive sign that we are on the rift road.

To Len, well done. We look forward to the next one - and to those who missed our for one reason or another, perhaps next time 

we will see you.

C. Newton

Branch Secretary

Brighton Branch



Members present R. Matthews, M. Hawkins, P. Edwards, I Wilson, J. Osborne, I Osborne, T. Fielding, A. Allen, 

W. Mackenzie & M. Bloomfield.


“That £25 donation be given to Craven Tasker Dispute.” Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded P. Edwards.

“That £25 donation be given to Offshore Industry Hardship Fund.” Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded P. Edwards.

“Proposed £100 be donated from branch funds to assist the members going to the weekend school at Portsmouth on October 17th 1991.” Proposed P. Edwards & seconded M. Hawkins.

Health & Safety Report

Chichester Yard – proposed new walking route. Time of leaf fall season, drivers will be supported in their on whether to drive 

over a certain route. Accidents at work - report this to LDC or Health & Safety.

L.D.C. Nominations

M. Hawkins Proposed T. Fielding & seconded R. Matthews

J. Osborne Proposed I. Osborne & seconded M. Hawkins.

No further nominations

L.D.C Report

New rosters – little change, Link Movements on 14.10.91.

Bro. A. Allen was welcomed to the branch and expressed his thanks.

Tony gave a informative report on the implantation of Hidden Report 18. Information was given on Safety training and how 

this will be carried. Questions were then asked and answered.


Proposed P. Edwards & seconded J. Osborne. “That this branch instructs the Executive Committee to enforce the resolution 

passed on the 25-36 July 1991.”




Don Pullen reports on 150th birthday celebrations of the Brighton Line and looks back at

Grilled kippers, toasted firemen

Full marks to Divisional Director Chris Jago and hard working team for putting on a truly great show marking the 150th 

anniversary of the first train to run into Brighton station from London.

For railway enthusiasts this was a quite remarkable demonstration of the development of routes and mileage, all breeds of 

locomotives, rolling stock, stations, depots and systems and how they fitted into the general pattern running through social 

and political change down through the years.

This celebration really began at the beginning of the summer with all sorts of events up and down the Division.

The climax came on Saturday and Sunday 21 and 22 September when Brighton station was almost completely over taken by a 

programme of entrainments, education, history and pure nostalgia attended by many thousands of railway buffs, friends and 


We have to say “almost overtaken” because, somehow, the normal train services, plus a good many extras, managed to find 

their way around the hundred of exhibitions, demonstrations, bands and dancers, vendors and caterers crowding every 

available inch of space on platforms and concourse.

I was luck to be there with John Wickes (former Industrial Relations Chief on the Southern Region) in charge of Network 

SouthEast official stall selling items like badges, books T-shirst and all manner of memorabilia.

Our real purpose was to collect a generous percentage of total takings as a donation to that oldest-of-all railway charities, the 

Railway Benevolent Institution. 

We had an absorbing, interesting couple of days, supported throughout by the Secretary of the North Staffordshire Railway 

Modelling Club who manned the stall next to us and likewise gave a nice commission to the R.B.I.

This was a weekend offering thousands of things to see and do and although our own activities were limited by being tied for 

most of the time to the business in hand, the highlights for me where (1) the opportunity to join the footplate of the Bulleid 

Paffic Taw Valley and (2) to sample the luxury of riding up to Victoria aboard Brighton Belle (or Orient Express), both of 

which came from the invitation of Chris Jago.




It happens that I did quite bit of firing on Bulleid locos when 

stationed at Ashford during the war years and afterwards. 

Those of us who can still remember Bulleid would be forced 

to admit that Oliver Vaughan Snell Bulleid was not on the 

list of favourite locomotive engineers among the footplate 

fraternity of those early days.

In fact, we all quickly found the opinion that here, with the 

introduction of Utility ‘Q’ Class, we had unearthed some 

sort of idiot for a locomotive engineer. Those ‘Queers’ or 

‘Spam Cans’ were odd to look at and even odder to work on.

Nor, in those early days, were many marks given to the 

Bulleid Pacifics. I recall the chief of the Ashford Works 

drawing office, Joey Palmer, giving a lecture to the Mutual 

Improvement Class one fine Sunday morning in the early 

war years.

Joe wanted all drivers to understand that the new, 

revolutionary chain-drive gear on these engines had to be 

handled with great care. To se the reverser to notch back 

towards mid-gear could be fatal to the heavy handed. A 

snapped chain would fall into a sealed oil sump and the loco 

would be a complete failure. The message went home.

My mate at the time, Jack Milbury, was one of the lightest, 

most experienced drivers at the depot. I reckon Jack handled 

an engine so gently tha if a coal-saving bonus had been 

available in those days, he would have retired a rich man.

Bit from the moment Jack learned from Joey Palmer of the 

danger of snapping the chain, he resolved never to be guilt 

of notching back too far. The result? Whole shovels full of 

good coal straight out through the tubes without touching 

the firebox - and a fireman with an aching back...!

It is true that after a long period of trial and error and 

numerous modifications to the alignment of the blinkers 

alongside the smokebox - with other beat and blast 

refinements - the Merchant Navy and West Country Class 

locomotives became very good , powerful machines which 

served the ‘Southern’ very well until the withdrawal of 


But Bulleid’s greatest abomination without any shadow of 

doubt was the infamous  Leader Class monstrosity. Built to 

like a carriage, it had the firebox and mini footplate in the 

middle of the coach with a drivers desk at each end. Result? 

Happy driver, roasted fireman.

All that was so long ago as to be almost forgotten and 

forgiven. Down at Brighton for the 150 years’ celebrations 

we were privileged to witness the naming of a Class 73/128 

loco - OVS Bulleid. Officiating were two sons of the great 

man Messts Hav and Michael Bulleid - both retired 

engineers and architects.

And, buffered up to the new locomotive, stood the 

magnificent Taw Valley a preserved West Country Class, in 

steam and positively sparkling.

It was my luck to be invited on to the footplate with the 

Deputy Mayor of Brighton and other civic dignitaries. There 

was also an invitation from the fireman to try my hand with 

the shovel again.

After the absence of something like 45 years and recent 

major surgery, this was an offer I felt obliged to decline. Yet 

it was great to be back on the footplate where it all began!

Amid all the speech making ad grandeur of many old steam 

locos; among the new, powerful diesels in the modern fleet, 

it was good to that members of the staff and long-suffering 

passengers were recognised.


 Peter Staniford



 Chris Newton




Ron Terrill

The guard of the first Brighton Bell train arrive, Peter Hambridge, was called to the rostrum with his wife. Peter worked for 

46 years on the Brighton Line, often on the Belle.

It was his 65th birthday and this his very last duty before retirement. He received from the Divisional Director a scale model 

of a Belle coach and nice things were said on both sides.

Some “customers” began as mere passengers more than 40 years ago and have shuttled between Brighton and London all 

that time, clocking up in some cases more than 900,00 miles. And they can still find it within themselves to say kind things 

about the services and the staff.

In my own case, I ended my active footplate life ats a driver at Victoria Central in 1962. Several Brighton Belle turns were 

worked by Victoria men, so I know enough about the Belle stock to be able to report that while that while famous people like 

Sir Laurence Olivier, Dora Bryan nd others were enjoying their special lipped breakfasts, the poor old driver was perched on 

a piano-type flat, circular stool bolted to the inside of the cab door, having a really rough ride at the front.

That’s why I was delighted to be asked to take a seat on the last Belle trip that day. It was nice to spend the next 58 minutes in 

the rare luxury of a Pullman car, sampling the splendid services of a bygone age.

And to crown a pleasant trip, our driver was none other than George Knight of Norwood Junction depot, a longtime L.D.C. 

officer and great A.S.L.E.F stalwart.

Yes, the 150 Years of the Brighton Line was a big success. Such events together with railway depot Open Days do so much to 

improve what are now known as customer/staff relations. They also provide an opportunity to advertise the work of railway 

charities as the R.B.I and Woking Homes.

John Wickes and I enjoyed the visit. We are grateful to Mike Edwards, Claire Wickes and all those who worked so hard and so 

long to ensure celebrations befitting the occasion. The Bi-centenary is still a long way off. But its organisers now have a good 

pattern from which to work.




Gerry Aggett




Members present P. Edwards, M. Bloomfield, T. Fielding, W. Mackenzie, C. Newton, M. Hawkins, J. Osborne 

& P. Osborne,

New members

Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded J. Osborne. “That P.A.S. Rayment be accepted as a new member.” Voted Unam

L.D.C. Elections

With no further nominations Bros. M. Hawkins & J. Osborne are carried.

Branch Officers Nominations

Proposed list of members be accepted as nominations

Chairman W. Mackenzie

Chairman Assistant P. Edwards

Secretary C. Newton

Asst Sec M. Bloomfield

Trustees M. Hawkins & D. Pumfrey

Auditors T. Fielding & R. Matthews

District Council W. Mackenzie

Committee Members M. Hunter, D. Knight, J. Osborne, L. Osman, F. Locke, I. Wilson, P. Osborne & I. Osborne.

Trade Council A.A. Flowers + vacancy

Labour Party Delegate Vacancy

L.D.C. Report

Hidden Report, introduction deferred until December, possibly longer. 

Additional diagrams, management/L.D.C. agreed to look at these.

Loss of “Class 73” work, and the increase of Brighton /Bedford work next May.

Health & Safety Report

Leaf fall problem and letter posted in L.D.C. notice case.

Proposed H&S action in L.W.S and withdrawal of action pending further H&S Rep information. Proposed walkabout by H&S 



Bro. P. Osborne raised problem over matter of additional payment for making reports.



Members present R. Matthews, P. Edwards, M. Cole, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, P. Osborne, M. Hunter, M. Hawkins, 

W. Mackenzie & I. Wilson.

Election of Assistant Branch Secretary.

Due to the resignation of M. Bloomfield, a new Assistant Branch Secretary had to be elected. Proposed W. Mackenzie & 

seconded J. Osborne. “That I. Wilson be proposed as Assistant Branch Secretary.” Carried Unam.


Appeal from Brighton Unemployment Centre. “That £25 be donated.” Proposed m. Hawkins & seconded M. Cole. Carried 


Apeal from Card Setting Machine Tenters Society. “That £25 be donated.” Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded R. Matthews. 

Carried unam.

New Members

Proposed P. Edwards & seconded R. Matthews. 

“D. Chumbley, A. Cole & E. Larkin, be accepted as new members.” Carried unam.

Health & Safety Report.

Report on smoking in cabs of units.

L.D.C. Report

Suggestions for the Agenda meeting, link moves to commence on 16.12.91., Gatwick work no further information, roof still 

leaking in Messroom over kitchen units.


M. Cole express his appreciation inall the help he received during his inquest from the Brighton L.D.C. and L.Warboys.

Claim for petrol allowance for getting home on Christmas Eve.



Branch Meetings

“That Branch meetings be Bi-monthly on alternate shifts, to be monitored after six months.” Proposed  P. Edwards &

 seconded J. Osborne. Carried unam. 





I wish to express my appreciation of you and the Society in presenting my recent claim for loss of hearing caused by my work 

to the solicitors who successfully resolved the claim with much satisfaction in my award.

Furthermore, I have extended the same to Mr. C. Newton, Brighton Branch Secretary.

J. Sayers

Retired, Brighton Branch










Norman Light 


Roy Sweetman


 Harry Mitchell



  Cyril Hutchings





1991 was a year that special importance it was our 

centenary. The branch was first formed in 1891 with 24 


Since those early days, the branch as steadily grown in 

numbers and has shown a interest in the rights of A.S.L.E.F. 

members not only in the Brighton area but nationally.

To mark the centenary we held a dinner and dance, jointly 

run by the Traincrew Social Fund who annually organise a 

retirement event for traincrew staff.

As this dinner and dance was regarded as something special, 

Hove Town Hall was hired. This enabled us to cater for over 

400 people and as special guests of honour we invited E.C. 

Member J. Davis and District Secretary L. Warboys. Other 

guests were members of our Sectional Council and 

representing our local management, our Area Traincrew 

Manager and Depot Manager.

General Secretary Derrick Fullick was due to attend; but at 

the last hour, he was called away to Robin Thompsons, 

solicitors on urgent union business over the recent collision 

in the Severn Tunnel.

Len Warboys agreed to stand in for the G.S. at the retirement 

presentation and along with the Area Traincrew Manager 

presented our retiring members with a certificate and 

tankard. Their wives received a gift voucher for all the 

support they have given to their husbands over the years.

As the General Secretary was unable to attend, we asked 

Len to accept, on his behalf, a specially engraved tankard 

marking our centenary. This he did, and apologised on 

Derrick’s behalf for being called away. Len said that he 

would present the tankard to Derrick on return to Head 


A special mention has to be made of all the past Branch 

officers for all their hard work over the years. Without them, 

the cornerstone of the union, A.S.L.E.F. would not be a 




Gordon Hatcher 

 Don Hill

Our thanks to our present chairman, Bro. W. (Bill) MacKenzie, for all his hard work at A.A.D., District Council, L.D.C. and 

the Branch. Finally our thanks to the Social fund for putting on a great function.

C. Newton 

Brighton Branch Secretary  




Above Gus Wright &

Left Vic Harris



Sandra Fleet Collection 

(Laurie Osman’s daughter)



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